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   Chapter 50 Truth Wins

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"That's more like it." Chris sneered. "I just came now. Can anyone tell me what happened exactly?"

"Shelley, hurry. Explain it to Miss Lu. She will deal with the case in a fair and just manner." Manager Yi clearly forgot that Chris addressed Autumn as "sister-in-law".

"Well, the thing is..." Shelley told the whole story but with a lot of exaggeration. Autumn just stood there, without saying a word.

She believed that facts speak louder than words and people have a sense of justice. She was not afraid of being framed at all because she knew she was honest.

Though Shelley now knew that Autumn was not any random girl, she had no option but to continue playing along.

"Miss Lu, please help me out. If every customer acts like her, how will I handle my work?" Shelley pretended to be the victim.

Chris cast a cold glance at her. She was nothing like Autumn when it came to being bullied.

"You think that she didn't admit tearing this dress because she can't afford it?" Chris asked coldly.

"Can she?" Shelley scorned and continued. "Why didn't she buy it if she can afford it? If she would have bought it, then we wouldn't have been debating here."

Chris said to Manager Yi with contempt. "Manager Yi, didn't you hear about my brother's wedding?"

"Of course." Manager Yi flattered her by saying, "I so wish I could attend the wedding, but it's a pity that I wasn't really invited. I heard that Mrs. Lu is a beauty. Why don't you bring her here the next time you come so we can get to know each other better..."

"Sure." Chris held Autumn's hand and took her in front of Manager Yi. "This is my sister-in-law. What will happen if Charles finds out how your staff treated his wife..."

Chris didn't say anything explicitly, but Manager Yi, who now knew Autumn's identity, was scared. She helped her niece find a job here. But it never occurred to her that

corned. "Though I've just come back, I know everything about HKind Group. You take bribes from people while on job. Do you think... that I came here for no reason?"

"I..." Manager Yi was speechless.

Seeing that problem was solved, Autumn took Chris's hand and hastily walked forward to leave. Chris was confused. She asked, "What happened? You are acting as if someone is running after you."

"Nothing. Let's rush home. I've hung out too long and wasted a lot of time here." Autumn left at a fast pace. She tried to not look at the man. Now that the problem was solved, it was time to go.

She had no idea how should she greet him when she saw him after such a a long time.

"You handle the rest. I don't want to see the manager and this salesgirl any more." Seeing that Autumn was leaving, Mr. Lin quickly left a word to his assistant and ran after her.

The assistant hurriedly reminded him, "Mr. Lin, you have a video meeting in half an hour..."

"Cancel it!" Mr. Lin chased after Autumn.

When Autumn was about to leave the plaza, he finally caught sight of her. He shouted loudly from a distance, "Little Ye!"

This nickname sounded like a deafening thunder and directly struck her mind. She stopped, but she dared not turn around.

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