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   Chapter 49 Fight in the Shop

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The man said those words flatly, but his voice was familiar to Autumn.

Autumn was surprised and stood still with a straight back. She didn't even dare turn her head around to look at him.

Yvonne and the salesgirl turned their heads to see who the man was. Wendy also did the same and when she saw him, she was surprised first and then sneered.

The man, with dark skin, wore a set of ETRO business suit. He looked like a well-dressed gentleman. He had a pair of bright piercing eyes and a calm expression glimmered in them. He also had a handsome, straight face, which made him look more aggressive.

Yvonne became jealous of Autumn again. She wondered how Autumn was so lucky to be helped by others whenever she got into trouble.

"Who are you?" Yvonne asked the man discontentedly. She believed that Autumn must be a bad woman who always hooked up with other men. Otherwise, there wouldn't be so many men who were willing to try their best to help her.

"The evidence is here. And all of us present here are the witnesses." Yvonne got the people around involved in this matter and they all began to echo her words.

"Right. We saw that this lady tore the dress."

People always did things like these. They never saw things happening, but insisted on saying that they saw what happened.

Perhaps this was why the false rumours or messages were so easy to spread.

The man behind them got close to them and said to the woman who just spoke, "Did you personally see this lady tear the clothes?"

Before the woman got a chance to say anything, the man continued saying, "Think twice before you tell me anything. If you give false evidence, you will be liable for what you say."

"I..." The woman looked embarrassed and said with hesitation, "I didn't see it personally, but... they all saw what happened here. Since they say it is this lady's fault, I believe it to be true."

"So you mean to say that you didn't see it yourself." The man sneered and continued, "Does any one of you dare to admit that you personally saw the lady tear the clothes?"

The people around went silent. They didn't dare to speak anything because they feared that they might be held liable for their words.

The sales clerk began to get anxious as she

r niece. "Mr. Lin, I'm so sorry. The surveillance camera of this shop has been out of order for a few days. I haven't had a chance to hire people to repair it, so I..."

Mr. Lin slightly frowned but Yvonne grinned while standing there. She said, "It doesn't matter. After all, it is just one dress. I can help the lady pay for it."

When Yvonne was about to take out her money, Chris suddenly appeared and grasped Yvonne's hand. "You don't have to pay for it. If my sister-in-law likes this shop, my brother will buy the entire shop for her."

When he heard the word 'sister-in-law', Mr. Lin slightly clenched his fists.

He wondered whether Autumn got married when he lived abroad these years.

"Chris, why are you here?" Autumn was surprised to see Chris in the shop. Chris was supposed to go for a job interview today. But she was here now.

"I will tell you what happened after dealing with this matter." Chris sneered and pushed Yvonne away. She then said to the manager, "Miss Yi, you know me, right?"

"Yeah, Miss Lu, you are our regular customer. I know you, of course," said the manager obsequiously.

Mr. Lin has just been transferred back from abroad and wasn't familiar with the domestic affairs of the company. The manager boldly said those words to Mr. Lin earlier because she believed that Mr. Lin would support her and wouldn't blame her in front of a stranger.

But she didn't expect Chris to come there.

She couldn't dare to offend Chris as she had a powerful brother.

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