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   Chapter 48 Get Framed

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Autumn pondered for quite a while before dissuading Leila, "Don't be impulsive. You are still young, you should stay here and work hard. Better jobs await you when you have gained enough work experience. Leaving with me now… is definitely not a good idea."

She got rid of Leila's grasp and said, "I've got to go now."

"Ye, Ye…" Yet no matter how hard Leila cried, Autumn left without looking back.

She had no idea though, that her declining Leila today happened to create an opportunity for Paula to fight her back in the future.

After Autumn left, Ryan was fuming with anger. But Paula still tried knocking on his door. He responded with a storm of scolding, "Buzz off! Don't bother me!"

"Mr. Zhou!" Paula clenched her teeth and pushed the office door open.

"I said go away. Are you deaf or what?" Ryan said with a grim-face. Other people could be scared away, but Paula decided to bite the bullet and enter.

"Mr. Zhou, I know you are upset. I am here to make amends." Paula said without batting an eye.

"Make amends?" Ryan smirked. "You seriously are something, Paula! My relationship with Autumn went sour, and I have to face all the mess here! Don't you think it is all because of you?"

"If that is the case, dismissing me won't help the situation, will it?" Paula sneered, "Don't you… ever think of revenge?"

"What exactly do you want to say ?" Ryan frowned.

Having seen how Ryan shouted at Autumn about making her regret everything, Paula knew that he would not let go of Autumn easily.

She went up and said in his ear, "Mr. Zhou, how about…"

After hearing Paula's words, Ryan calmed down a bit, but his face was still darkened.

"Are you sure of that?" Ryan asked with a cold face.

Paula nodded lightly, "Trust me with it, I will definitely drive her out of the advertising industry forever."

"Good." Ryan nodded and blinked, "But mark my words, if you screw it up again, I won't let you get away with it. You've been warned!"

"Please be assured. I won't let you down." Paula answered, with composure.

She swore to take revenge for all her past humiliations and today's disgrace.

Not knowing what they were planning, Autumn went to the shopping centre by the subway. She had been busy with her work and seldom went out shopping. What's more, Gary had been back for quite a long time, she felt like buying him some g

the Shining Company next week. She would then get plenty of opportunities to get along with Charles. Both she and Wendy wanted to make sure she looked her best in front of Charles. They had just entered the shopping centre when they came across this catfight.

"She's right. You shouldn't have tried it on when you know that you can't afford it. What a trouble now that you've torn it. You better pay the price. Don't make it too hard for that poor girl. She's been having a rough time. I can lend you some money if you need. Just pay me back when you have surplus." She said in a voice dripping with sarcasm. On hearing this, the salesgirl looked at Yvonne with grateful eyes.

Autumn remained silent, but her face was fuming with anger.

Yvonne pretended to be helping her out, but it was obvious that she only wanted to embarrass her.

As the number of onlookers increased, the salesgirl became blurted with arrogance. "Hurry up, or you will be sorry." She glared at Autumn and demanded.

The conversation got ugly, and the crowd began persuading Autumn. "Just pay for it. Don't take advantage of that poor girl. It is a big amount of money for her anyway." Some said.

"Have a heart." others echoed.

People around all took the salesgirl's side. Autumn could only squeeze out a bitter smile.

Even Wendy, being her own mother, did not defend her. How could she expect the strangers to stand up for her?

She took a deep breath and decided to speak for herself, when a steady voice of a man came from behind.

"Is there any evidence to prove she is guilty?"

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