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   Chapter 47 She Wouldn't Come Back

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On hearing what Autumn said, Paula tried hard to suppress her impulse to smash her face into pieces. But she had to hold it back, even though Autumn's words had pissed her off.

"What do you want me to do in exchange for your help?" Paula asked Autumn.

Autumn didn't say anything. To be honest, she was determined to ignore whatever happened to Cloud now. After all, even if she did a great job, she could still get nothing out if it. Why bother then?

"Ye, I'm sorry for what I've done to you in the past. I would like to extend my apologies to you. I really have no idea how to deal with the problem now. Please help us out." Paula was rarely courteous to her. Accountant Li also tried to persuade Autumn. "Ye, you are a generous girl, please accept Paula's apologies. You are colleagues. You've fought together. Moreover, Mr. Zhou has always treated you well. You should lend a hand."

Paula had done Accountant Li a favor before, so it was reasonable for him to say a word or two for Paula.

But Autumn felt disgusted.

A famous talk show host once said, "I hate it that some people persuade others to be generous, even though they don't know the whole story. Keep away from such hypocrites. Be careful not to get hurt when they are being struck by lightning."

To be honest, you don't have to listen to them or try to be generous at all. These hypocrites only think of themselves to be good. And if we let go of these despicable ones, who the hypocrites thought to be innocent, we would be indulging immoral behaviors.

"What if I refuse to help?" Autumn sneered. Then Ryan interrupted from outside.

He had been waiting in his office. But he couldn't wait any longer since Autumn didn't come to his office. So he came here.

In order to save the big client, he was ready to do anything. Compared to the opportunies Shining could give Cloud in the future, his self-esteem was nothing at all.

"Are you so cold-hearted?" Ryan asked, staring at her.

Paula rushed to him the moment she saw him. "Mr. Zhou, you just heard it all. No matter how hard I tried to convince her, she just didn't seem to budge. I..."

"Cut the crap!" Ryan shouted at her. "If you hadn't sown discord between us, things wouldn't have e


"That'll be fine." Autumn nodded. "I should get going now."

Since her relationship with Ryan Zhou had reached a deadlock, she had nothing to do with Cloud now. But she would still pursuade Charels to give Cloud a new chance so as to extend her gratitude to the company.

"Autumn Ye!" "You'll regret! I swear I will make you regret!" Ryan shouted at her when she reached the door.

She hurried to leave.

Leila followed hastily. "Ye, don't you want to give it a second thought?"

"No need. I've made up my mind." Autumn put on a smile. She felt a sudden relief. "I have been working hard all these years. It's time for me to take a break. I would like to go traveling for a couple of days. I'll think about the next step when I come back home."

"I would miss you if you are not here." Leila held her arm intimately. "What if...I quit the job and leave with you?"

"Are you insane?" Autumn gazed at Leila surprisingly. She had no idea why she came up with such a stupid idea. "You did a great job here. Why do you want to resign?"

"Since you are leaving. I see no point in working here." Leila said seriously. "Ye, you are my best friend in this company. I am sure, with your talent, you will find a new job very soon. When you find a good job, you can take me with you."

Autumn felt Leila was acting strange, so she couldn't help but guess what her true intention was. But, looking at her enthusiastic and passionate face, she didn't have the heart to refuse her.

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