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   Chapter 46 Autumn's Back in the Office

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The next morning, Charles got up silently to avoid waking up Autumn. After getting dressed, he went to work. As Autumn didn't have to go to work today, he let her sleep a little longer.

Soon, Autumn got a call from the HR Department. The call woke her up.

When she went downstairs, she saw Gary watering the flowers alone in the garden. She cried out gladly, "Grandpa." Hearing her passionate greeting, Gary said, "Why did you not sleep a little longer?''

Autumn replied, "I got a call from the office. I have to go to the company to finish some procedures of resignation."

Gary frowned and said, "Chris can give you a ride as she is also going outside." 'Every time Autumn went out, she had to take a subway. It's not very convenient. I must talk to Charles about this next time.' Gary thought to himself.

Autumn declined immediately, "I'd rather not give her any trouble, grandpa."

Hearing their conversation, Chris came and said, "That's fine.". Chris took her by the arm, and said, "Let's go. I'll take you to the office."

While they walked out of the house, Gary asked Autumn to get things done quickly so she could come home early. After she got in the car, Autumn told Chris the address of her office. Thinking of Gary's words, she asked curiously, "Where are you going today?"

"Few days ago, I got an offer from a hotel. Today, I will go there for an interview." Chris said smilingly, "I learnt hotel management at college. I think that hotel is perfect for me, so I plan to work there if I pass the interview."

"Why didn't you ask your brother to get you a job?" In Autumn's eyes, Chris had been a protected child ever since her childhood. She was a spoilt princess. Autumn never imagined that Chris would find a job on her own.

"I can't always rely on my brother." Chris tried to smile and said, "It's not easy for him to run such a big company. As his sister, I can't lag behind him. So I want to see how far I can go and whether I can support myself without my brother's help."

Hearing this, Autumn began admiring Chris. She thought the two of them were very alike.

Chris drove the car to the Cloud Advertising Company and said, "Autumn, I can


Upon hearing this, Paula got more angry. Her face turned red. She stammered, "You..." 'She is right. Since she isn't an employee of the company anymore, she didn't have to listen to Mr. Zhou.' Paula thought to herself.

Paula overcame her anger. 'It's a bad idea to piss Ye off at this moment. I can't be the laughingstock in the company.

I should try and convince her instead.' She told herself.

"Autumn, I'm sure that you have already known why I am here. You've worked for this company for years. Now our company is in trouble, you're supposed to offer a helping hand even though you left this company a while ago." Paula softened her voice and continued, "Now, Mr. Zhou is waiting for you in his office. We have been companions for years. Can you do me this favour and come see him?"

"Do you a favor?" Autumn laughed coldly and said, "Did you treat me as your companion when you framed me in all this?"

Paula looked perturbed and replied, "I didn't." 'Did she find out what happened yesterday?

How is it possible? If Mrs. Lu knows Ye flirts with her husband, she wouldn't let it go so easily.' She wondered.

"Come on." Autumn said with a grim face, "You're right that we are companions for years. That's why I know what type of a person you are. Don't you remember what you said to me at the exit gate yesterday? Now you're desperate, so you come to me for help."

"Don't you hate me the most here? So why come to me for help?"

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