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   Chapter 45 I Can Afford You

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"Yvonne eloped with Joe, and after a while, the two came back. Yvonne has now asked to break up with Joe, but Joe wasn't in favor of same. After he blackmailed her for a large sum of money, he agreed to leave her alone." Mr. Zhang drank some water, and then proceeded further, "Joe told us that Wendy didn't stop her when Yvonne decided to elope from home in order to escape marrying you. After she left, Wendy threatened Autumn to marry you. She blackmailed Autumn with her grandmother. But as for her grandmother's whereabouts... Mr. Lu, I need some more time to investigate."

Mr. Zhang gave Charles a momentary glance, and then continued, "Mr. Lu, now Autumn's photo is in your hand. As for the real Yvonne... the Gu family must have destroyed all her photos, so I didn't get any photo of her."

Charles laughed coldly, and said, "You don't have to investigate about the real Yvonne." 'The real Yvonne... must be the one bearing Autumn's name.

Now, all my doubts have been erased. I finally understand why she always looked unhappy. She probably.. was worried about her grandma all this while.' Charles pondered.

Noticing Charles' concerned expression, Mr. Zhang continued, "What else do you want me to investigate?"

"Nothing more for now," Charles replied. Charles put these papers away, and said to Mr. Zhang seriously, "Get your pay from David and you can leave. By the way, I don't want others to know about this."

"I assure you that I will keep it to myself. It's my duty." Mr. Zhang stood up and said, "Mr. Lu, I have to leave now. Please give me a call if you need my help any further."

Charles nodded and said, "Okay, I will." After Mr. Zhang left, Charles called Autumn again and she answered the phone this time.

"Hello..." Hearing her voice on the phone, Charles felt relieved. He asked in a serious tone, "Where are you right now? I called you many times. Why didn't you answer the phone?"

"I..." Autumn had planned to lie to him that she was in the office. Although she was fired, she didn't want to bother him with it. Then she gave up on that thought. She guessed that Charles already knew about her leaving the job which is why he cancelled the cooperation with Cloud Advising Company. "I'm on the street," she continued.

She carried her baggage and walked aimlessly on the streets. She didn't know where to go.

"Tell me the exact place, and I'll come and pick you up." Charles said, "Send me the address right away and I'll come now."

Charles received Autumn's message i

n with Cloud Advertising Company. I proposed this case, and you liked it. As for the implementation, Paula can do it well..."

Charles shook his head and said, "I never wanted to cooperate with Cloud Advertising Company. I gave them a chance only because you worked with them. I don't care who will be handling this case now, but the woman Cloud Advertising Company sent... I don't like her at all."

Charles calmly said, "Don't worry about it. I know what to do. Don't bother yourself."

Hearing his words, Autumn didn't say anything further. She stayed in Charles' arms silently, enjoying this pleasant and peaceful moment that she had stolen for herself.

Later, Chris asked them to come downstairs and have dinner. Learning that Autumn had lost her job, she comforted her and said that Charles could afford her anyway and she has nothing to worry.

Hearing this, Autumn grinned and said, "How do you both say the exact same words? Your brother already said this to me before."

Chris laughed and said, "Becasue we are a family."

Being around such loving family members drove away all her sadness. Their comfort and encouragement did cheer her up.

'I just lost a job. It's not a big deal.' Autumn thought to herself.

While having dinner, Charles received a call from Yvonne. Having known her real identity, Charles became more sick of her. Yvonne told him that she would come to the company tomorrow in a soft tone over the phone. Charles just coldly said that he knows about it and then hung up the phone.

Autumn heard their conversation. 'Perhaps Wendy managed to persuade her to work.' She reflected. She lowered her head and ate without saying a word.

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