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   Chapter 44 The Truth

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Autumn stared at Wendy in confusion. Wendy fixed her eyes upon Autumn and sternly stated, "Although you are Charles's wife now, remember, you are the substitute of Yvonne and a fake. You should have a clear estimation of yourself. Don't you dream of something you don't deserve."

Wendy laughed scornfully and continued, "You and Charles are from different strata. You must always keep that in mind, Charles is your brother-in-law. You should help Yvonne to win his love. Do you understand?"

Wendy's warning agitated Autumn.

Before she married Charles, she loathed him. But the longer she stayed with him, the better she knew him. He was not the kind of playboy as the media described him.

She tried so hard not to fall in love with him, but the more she tried to stay away, she found herself more attracted to him.

Autumn didn't respond. Wendy keenly perceived Autumn's unusual behavior and asked, "Are you... in love with him?"

"No!" Autumn immediately denied, but dodged Wendy's eyes with guilty haste, "How can I fall in love with him?"

"Well, you better not." Wendy sneered, "Remember what you said today. If I catch you lying to me, you would be really sorry."

Autumn finally calmed down. She stared at Wendy and asked coldly, "I've done what you asked me to do. Now, when can I meet my grandma?"

"What's the hurry?" Wendy picked up the teacup on the table and looked away. "I'll let you meet your grandma after Yvonne marries Charles."

"You..." Autumn suddenly stood up and questioned Wendy, "Wendy Ye, what the hell do you mean by that? You said I can meet my grandma after I did that. What have you done to her?"

"What can I possibly do to her?" Wendy answered indifferently, "She is in a stable condition in hospital. If you want to meet your grandma, help Yvonne get close to Charles. That's what you should really be doing."

"Wendy Ye, don't take this too far." Autumn's voice shook with anxiety. She had been worrying about her grandma for a long time now. If it were not for her grandma, she would have never married Charles.

But she was still unable to meet her grandma now.

"I haven't seen gran

is not Yvonne Gu." Mr. Zhang took out a document bag from his briefcase and handed it over to Charles. "I have an introduction of your wife. Please have a look."

Charles took over the bag and took out a document. He attentively read every single word of the document.

His wife was not Yvonne Gu, but Autumn Ye.

Autumn Ye had been brought up by her grandma. She had been accepted by a well-known foreign university for an excellent academic performance. However, she had chosen a local university because no one would take care of her grandma if she went abroad. She had gotten through university relying on scholarships.

She had joined Cloud Advertising Company after graduation. She had been promoted to the current position from a Planner Assistant.

Charles looked at a smiling photo of Autumn with a frown.

"She is not Yvonne Gu. Then why did she marry me?" Charles was inquisitive about what had happened to Autumn.

"That's what I was going to talk about next." Mr. Zhang took another document from the briefcase. "Have a look at this one. According to my investigation, Yvonne Gu had eloped with a man called Joe Zeng a few days before the wedding. Joe Zeng is a male prostitute, working at a bar. He disappeared a few days ago, and reappeared these days. He seems to have made a fortune as he spends money like water at the bars. I spent some money and bribed him. He told me something you should know."

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