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   Chapter 43 You Are Hopeless

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Autumn went to the Gu's villa with a box. As she entered the door, she saw Yvonne sitting on the couch in a huff. Putting down the box in her hands, she indifferently asked, "Why did you call me back?"

"Oh, do you even know where your home is?" Yvonne sneered and said, "Autumn Ye, you have no shame at all!"

"Shut up!" Autumn was a kind and sympathetic woman, but not a pushover. Her weak point was her granny. She always kept a straight face in front of Yvonne, "I didn't come back to invite any trouble. Anything else? If not, will you excuse me?"

Autumn regretted coming back now.

"Damn you, just stop!" Yvonne stopped Autumn, glancing at the box beside her, "What happened? You were fired because you seduced your client, right?"

Hearing Yvonne's words, Autumn frowned slightly, "What nonsense!"

"Yes, you did. How is it nonsense?" Yvonne sneered, "Autumn, listen! I am Charles' wife. You're just a substitution. If you dare seduce Charles, just wait and see how I'll punish you!"

"I don't understand what you are talking about." Autumn said with a grim face.

"Don't play the fool in front of me. You know it very well. I heard of what you have done." Yvonne said with disdain, "Autumn, shame on you! Taking advantage of work, dare you seduce Charles. Because of you, Charles wants to cancel the cooperation with the Cloud Advertising Company. In addition, I..."

Yvonne paused and continued to say, "I asked you to put in a good word for me with Charles to make me his secretary. But he made me the clerk. What will you get out of this?"

Autumn didn't expect that Charles had received the news of her resignation so soon and even cancelled all the dealings with the Cloud Advertising Company. She also didn't expect that all of these news eventually reached Yvonne.

She wrinkled her brows in disgust, "I don't know who told you these things but I have no guilt at all." "Do you mean that

You're being wronged by your colleague?" Yvonne sniffed.

"Colleague?" Autumn racked her brains, trying to figure out which one, "Do you mean Paula?" After thinking it over

colded her.

"Of course I do."

Autumn said. Wendy was also fed up with them constantly arguing, "Enough! Can you both just stop here?"

Wendy walked up to Yvonne and said, "You go upstairs first. I want to talk to your sister about something."

"Mom, what do you want to talk to her about?" Yvonne was reluctant to go.

"You shut up!" Wendy's harsh tone surprised Yvonne. She finally went upstairs. Wendy turned around and said, "Take a seat. Let's have a talk."

Actually, Autumn knew what Wendy had to say. Although she didn't want to stay here, thinking about her granny, she sat down on the couch, "I've got things to do later. Please make this quick."

"You can count on it. I won't keep you for long." Wendy poured a cup of water for Autumn and said, "Did you speak for Yvonne in front of Charles?"

"As I promised you, I would definitely did that. But Yvonne doesn't have the ability. This is not my fault." Autumn replied.

Wendy stared at Autumn but couldn't find any trace of guilt on her face. She nodded slightly, "Okay. I trust you. But... there is still one thing that I want to remind you of."

Yvonne's anxiety was understandable. Charles was handsome and rich. According to Wendy's observation, he was the man who deserved to spend the rest of her life with. Autumn got along with him very well. If they fell in love with each other, things would just go wrong.

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