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   Chapter 40 Paula's Blunder in Charles' Office

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After all these years of open rivalry and veiled strife, Paula was deeply pleased with herself. She was relieved that she had finally elbowed Autumn out. She drove her car to the Shining Company and called David to make an appointment with Charles.

David was surprised on receiving Paula's call. He learnt that she was here to discuss their cooperation, but he still couldn't resist his urge and asked, "Miss Ye used to be our contact person, no? Won't she be coming here?

Paula's good mood sank down with the words of David.

Miss Ye, Miss Ye, Miss Ye!

Why did she deserve the spotlight of every one? Paula had been trying for a long time, yet she was still overshadowed by Autumn.

Paula clenched her teeth, but she dared not speak bluntly to David. So she tried her best to control her anger and said, "She has resigned. So I'll handle the future cooperation matters with the Shining Company. Please be assured. I will handle everything with due care."

"Resigned?" David frowned slightly. 'Mr. Lu chose Cloud Advertising Company only because of her. Now that she has resigned, would Mr. Lu continue this cooperation?'

"Miss Pan, can you do me a favour and tell me why did she resign?" David was afraid that Charles would ask him these questions, so he made detailed inquiries to be able to answer Charles.

Standing across the building of Shining Company, with the vast French window reflecting her distorted face, she still spoke with gentle voice void of any dissatisfaction, "I don't know the exact reason. She solely needed consent from Mr Zhou. But I've heard… It was probably because of some financial issues…"

Paula gave vague remarks, leaving David perplexed.

Paula didn't hear a response from David on the phone, so she asked, "David, is Mr. Lu available right now? I want to make an appointment at…"

"… You may come up." Charles had already given orders in the morning that in case Cloud Advertising Company sent someone over, David should ask them to wait for a wh

erson if that person had made a prior apology with good manners.

Yet contrary to her wishful thinking, David immediately walked over and said with a frown, before Charles could vent his anger, "Miss Pan, I asked you to wait here for a while. It's not been a very long time. And who gave you the permission to rummage around the office of Mr. Lu?"

The photo was developed and brought here by Mr. Lu this morning. He even put it at the most conspicuous place on the office desk. Now David wanted to finish her given her blunder.

"I didn't mean to…" Paula looked at Charles with mournful eyes. But he still wore a cold face, and stared at David as he put away the photo and cleaned up the broken pieces of glass. David said to Charles, "Mr. Lu, I'll get someone to send over a new frame as soon as possible."

Charles gave no response. He didn't even give Paula a second glance, and said to David directly, "You told me the Cloud Advertising Company has sent over someone, didn't you?"

"Yes…" David frowned. When Charles walked out of the meeting room, David didn't know how to mention the subject of Autumn's resignation to Charles. So he simply told him that the Cloud Advertising Company had sent someone over.

Without further ado, Charles strode toward his office before David could tell him that Autumn had resigned.

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