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   Chapter 39 Resignation

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"Ye, I am sure that you know who took you away that night, right?"

Ryan Zhou said with a sneer.

"It's Mr. Lu." Autumn replied frankly. "Charles is my husband, so why can't I go with him?" Autumn thought.

Though she thought like this, she did not answer this way. "I am sorry, Mr. Zhou. I have to admit that it is my fault since I did not inform you before leaving. But...... It's my personal affairs, isn't it?

Autumn looked face to face with Ryan without fear and asked, "Do you come for me for this matter today, Mr. Zhou?"

"Personal affairs?"

Ryan laughed grimly. "You are really hypocritical.

Well, are you looking down on my company, so you are anxious to find another big company? But I have to remind you that Charles Lu has been married and I am afraid that you will regret if you insist on keeping an ambiguous relationship with him."

"Mr. Zhou!"

In fact, Ryan left much freedom for Autumn in this company, so Autumn was always grateful to him.

However, Ryan went too far recently. Though Autumn understood that it was Paula who cast a bone between them, Autumn was still disappointed in him. Therefore, she also turned gravely.

"If you come to talk about this matter with me today, then you can get out now." Autumn had never thought she was inferior to others since she worked at Cloud Advertising Company, not to mention that she had no qualms about this matter. So it was naturally she was not afraid of Ryan's accusation.

"Ye, don't forget who you are talking to!"

The quarrel between them in the office caught the attention of everyone outside. The door of Autumn's office was open, so people could clearly hear their argument. "Why are you doing this? Did I do anything wrong to you?" Ryan asked.

"I have told you that I feel no qualms about this." Autumn replied with an expressionless look, "You are out of competent to work out the case of Shining Company and it is me who helped you to handle that. But now why are you blaming here?"

"How did you help me?"

Ryan kept sneering and then continued, "Are you going to consider Charles even if you still haven't married him yet? Ye, I have trained you for so many years, but I have never expect you are such an ungrateful and vicious person."

Autumn was irritated, so she also laughed scornfully. "Mr. Zhou, you said re

taying here since Ryan had made up his mind.

Going back to her office, she packed up her items and finished the resign process. She felt relieved when she walked out from Cloud Advertising Company.

In these years, Autumn felt heavy in her heart, because she always thought how to repay Ryan. But now she was finally freed from such a burden.

Autumn looked back at the office block of Cloud Advertising Company and then walked out without hesitation.

When she was waiting for a taxi at roadside, Paula drove by her side and rolled down the window triumphantly. "Do you need me to send you back?" She asked deliberately.

Autumn ignored her. But obviously Paula was not going to miss such an opportunity to humiliate Autumn. "Ye, anyway we have been working together for such a long time. You are the most forceful opponent I have seen in this company. But now you have resigned and I will miss you." Paula said sarcastically.

She giggled and added, "Get into the car. I am going to Shining Company now, so I can take you there by the way."


But I think I am not on your way." By no means would Autumn get in the car with her.

"Don't put on a show of politeness. After all we have been in the same company for so many years." Paula reached out and adjusted her sunglasses and said with a smile, "Well, then I am leaving. Oh, I almost forget.


After finishing her words, Paula drove away arrogantly, only leaving tail gas to Autumn."

After finishing her words, Paula drove away arrogantly, leaving Autumn behind.

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