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   Chapter 37 Office Banter

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That night, Charles embraced Autumn in his arms and the two fell asleep together peacefully.

But they only held each other without doing anything further.

Autumn felt a bit strange at first. But when she thought of her promise of giving him a fair chance, she didn't push him away. She used his arm as a pillow and fell asleep soon.

Both of them got a sound sleep that night.

When she woke up, it was a new day and the sun was shining bright. Autumn began looking for her phone to check the time. When she saw the time, she was suddenly wide awake. "Oh my god, I over-slept!"

She quickly got up to complete her chores. Since Charles slept beside her last night, Autumn slept so well that even alarms couldn't wake her up.

When she got downstairs, she saw Charles having breakfast at the table. He looked at ease.

To not bother Autumn any further, Charles cancelled the servants' holiday yesterday. When she saw the table being laid with a lavish breakfast, Autumn felt powerless and frustrated.

"It's gonna be late. I won't have breakfast." Autumn said.

"Wait!" Charles immediately handed her a sandwich and a bottle of milk and said, "I'll drive you to work."

Autumn hesitated but then agreed immediately since she was running out of time. If she wasted time arguing with him, she would be late today.

He parked the car at the same corner. Autumn finished her breakfast in the car. As she was to open the door and get off the car, Charles pulled her back and forced her to look at him.

Charles' face was in close proximity to her nose. Autumn was taken aback. She didn't know what to say, "What... what are you doing?"

Although they were still a little far from the Cloud Advertising Company, there was a risk of her colleagues passing from there and seeing them. If they saw them together in the same car, she would probably be abused again.

Charles didn't say anything but drew her even closer. Autumn thought he probably wanted to kiss her and hence close

t Leila and said, "She is right. I did leave with Mr. Lu. I was drunk that day. Mr. Lu happened to pass by and he dropped me home."

"Really?" Leila looked at Autumn with curiosity. Obviously, she didn't believe Autumn.

Autumn looked up to Leila and asked, "What? Do you have any problem?"

"No, no." Leila hurriedly shook her head. She said, "Miss Ye, please relax yourself. I'll leave now."

"Okay, thanks." Autumn casually said.

Not long after Leila left, Paula opened the door and came into the room. She looked at Autumn and said, "Ye, we were talking about going out for a barbecue at noon. Will you join us?" Paula crossed her arms on the chest, waiting for Autumn to answer.

"Don't you know that you should knock before coming in?" Autumn raised her head and said with a tone of attitude.

Paula didn't care about it. She smiled and directly sat down opposite Autumn, "Ye, you're always so antisocial. It was such an important dinner last Friday and you left alone. You have no idea how angry Mr. Zhou was."

Autumn pulled a long face, "If you hadn't get me drunk, I wouldn't have to leave."

Paula didn't get annoyed. She sneered, "You know, I really admire you. Though Mr. Lu just got married recently, he didn't have any issue being seen with you in public. What exactly did you do to lure Mr. Lu?"

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