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   Chapter 35 Give Me A Chance

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Charles was now also a bit shocked by his own behavior. He also didn't understand why he became so impulsive.

Maybe because Autumn was really attractive at that moment. He just complained about her reaction after he kissed her.

After this entire situation, Autumn didn't speak a word. She silently lowered her head and ate her meal. Charles then stood up. When their cable car moved down, Autumn still didn't say anything.

Perhaps Charles couldn't stand such an oppressive atmosphere, so he spoke,"Yvonne, I have something to tell you."

"Please don't say anything." Autumn turned her head away. She kept silent and was angry over whatever happened. She thought she shouldn't have done such a thing with Charles, but she was really attracted to him. "I will forget... whatever happened earlier."

"Why?" The narrow cable car slowly moved down. Only Autumn and Charles were in it. Autumn didn't have any room to escape from Charles and was forced by him to get to the corner.

"Let go of me!" Autumn pulled a long face and stretched her hands to push Charles's chest, but Charles didn't move and still pressed her tightly against the corner.

Autumn got angry. She raised her head, and had upset expression gleaming through her eyes. "Charles Lu, I will just believe that whatever happened between us was something that you acted on impulse. I will forget it as if nothing happened. We are still in a contractual relationship. I won't foolishly think that you are falling in love with me. I will try not to let Miss Bai misunderstand anything. And please don't do anything like this with me anymore. Otherwise we will be embarrassed about it."

With a bitter smile on her face, Autumn continued saying,"I'm not Miss Bai. So please don't do such sort of thing to me."

Charles pulled a long face, with rage burning in his eyes.

'Does she think that I kissed her just because I take her as Rachel?' thought Charles.

He indeed kissed her on impulse, but he knew clearly that the one he kissed wasn't Rachel.

"You think that... I took you for Rachel just now?" There was a gleam of ange

"What are you trying to say?" Autumn frowned and was completely confused about what Charles was saying.

"I have spoken so much today just to make you understand that Rachel isn't an obstacle. She can't stop us from taking this further. I like you, so..." Charles paused and then earnestly said to Autumn,"So can you give me a chance to chase you?"

After he finished talking, Charles didn't ask Autumn to answer him right away. Instead he said,"You don't have to answer me now. I will give you some time to think over it. We can let nature take its course. I just hope that you will not use Rachel as an excuse to refuse me. Got it?"

Somehow, Autumn nodded as she saw honesty in Charles's eyes. She didn't come back to her senses and realize what she just did until Charles delightedly held her in his arms.

When she saw that Charles was happy like a child, Autumn also smiled. After all, since she met him until now... She also didn't dislike him.

They went back home hand in hand. Chris keenly found that the air between them was little a different than usual. They seemed to be immersed in the romantic atmosphere, looking distinctively happy together.

"Yvonne, what is wrong with your lips?" Chris noticed that Charles looked very pleased, so he probably guessed what had happened between them. She couldn't help but jokingly say to Autumn,"They seem to be... bitten by someone."

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