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   Chapter 34 Playing Goody-Goody After Receiving Gains

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"Yvonne, it's your first time here, I assume that you are unaware of the specials here. So I ordered some dishes for you. I don't know if they would suit your appetite." As Eric cordially introduced the restaurant to Autumn, Charles put on a more and more grim face.

Autumn was suddenly taken aback by the awkwardness, for she couldn't accustom herself to Eric's gentle behaviour.

Luckily, Eric just stayed there for a while, for he knew very well that Charles would definitely teach him a lesson if he continued being the third wheel. So when their order was being served, he made up an excuse and left.

Autumn and Charles were left alone in the box. Autumn sensed the awkwardness that slowly permeated the entire room. But Charles was finally at ease, for he could enjoy his meal quietly now.

"You…" Autumn gave a gentle cough to break the uncomfortable silence.

With Eric's jokes and banter before, she didn't feel awkward. But now, when she was left alone with Charles, she felt that even the air around him was frozen.

"Miss Bai…" Autumn only meant to ask him if he had brought Rachel Bai here before. But even by the mention of her name, Charles frowned.

"Yvonne, are you sure you want to bring up that person and ruin our romantic evening?" Just one sentence of Charles, and it could stop her from speaking her mind.

She was embarrassed, and took a glance at Charles. She didn't speak a word further.

It was truly a romantic setting - the restaurant, and the ambiance. As a matter of fact, it would be truly a waste to talk and think about anything else.

The waiter brought a bouquet of beautiful roses while serving their food. He presented the flowers to Charles and said, "Mr. Lu, the roses are provided by Mr. Guo as a friendly gesture. He also urged us to put this meal on his account."

Charles' face darkened even more. Why didn't Eric know that he was not welcome at such an occasion? After all, Charles only took Autumn out once in a while.

A frosty silenc

w he managed to stand in front her. By the time she was back from her trance, Charles had already positioned himself by her side with his hands on her shoulders and his black eyes reflecting how surprised she was.

"You… What do you want to do?" Autumn stammered out of nervousness.

"Has anyone ever told that you have very beautiful eyes?" Charles said those words abruptly and bent over towards her lips almost violently. She was still in a confused state.

Autumn started wondering -

Why did he kiss her?

With her eyes wide open, She could clearly see his face in front of her, even his long and warped eyelashes. The light had marked on his face with some beautiful shadows.

His lips were tender like a thick cloud that could embrace the whole world. She couldn't think for she was surrounded by a moist and sweet feeling, and she could even see stars twinkling when she closed her eyes.

She should have pushed him away. But she was also completely lost in the kiss.

Autumn wanted to hold onto his tenderness. When Charles stood back straight, her face was red as a beet and she couldn't speak a word.

"And also, has no one ever told you to close your eyes while kissing?"

Autumn was now caught in a dilemma. How could she perceive his behavior?

Was he playing goody-goody after receiving his gains?

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