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   Chapter 31 Sleep Together

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Wendy certainly would never ask Yvonne to pay back the money. She secretly took out her case-dough and gave it to Yvonne. She also warned her and said, "Yvonne, this is my own money. I didn't take it out even when your Dad's company was in trouble. Listen, after you give it to Joe, you don't ever see him again. Clear?"

"Yes." Yvonne tightly clenched the bank card in her hand.

Finishing the call on the balcony, Autumn saw Charles as soon as she entered the room. He just got out from the bathroom.

He took a shower just now. His body was only covered in a bath towel. His brown skin was shining under the light. His muscles were full of energy, seeming to unleash at any given time.

The water was dripping from his hair. The water slowly passed along the lines of his muscles, like glistening dewdrops.

Autumn was taken by surprise. Charles brought her back to her senses by asking, "Don't you have to take a shower too?"

Charles took a towel to dry his hair and lay down on the bed. Autumn was surprised and said, "Will... will you sleep here tonight?"

"Yes." Charles replied with a calm tone. Worried that Autumn might think of him as a pervert, he immediately explained, "Please don't get me wrong. I'm afraid that if Grandpa and Chris see us sleeping in different rooms, both of us might get in trouble."

Hearing his explanation, Autumn heaved a sigh of relief.

Ever since she married Charles, she had been keeping him at an arm's distance. She wasn't comfortable with sleeping in the same bed with Charles.

Charles obviously knew what was going on in her mind. He said, "From today on, we have to sleep in this room. But you can count on me. I won't force you for anything. Tonight, you sleep on the bed, and I will sleep on the couch."

"How can I?" Autumn frowned. Charles was her boss. How could she let her boss sleep on the couch? "I'll sleep on the couch and you can sleep on the bed."

They argued on this topic for a long time. The argument ended in a deadlock. At last,

several dishes. As Charles went downstairs, he could smell the flavor of the porridge.

"Smells good!" Chris couldn't help acclaiming. Since she had such a great sister-in-law who was perfect at cooking, she would probably have to worry about her weight.

"Yvonne, what are you doing?" Entering the kitchen, Chris asked Autumn.

"I am making the Preserved Egg and Shredded Pork Congee." Autumn said with a smile. She flushed as she turned around and saw Charles who was leaning against the door.

"Yvonne, you're really amazing." Chris looked at Charles with admiration and asked, "Charles, aren't there servants at our home? Why haven't I seen anyone since I got back?"

Although Autumn was a good cook, they couldn't ask her to do this everyday. Moreover, she wasn't married to Charles for this purpose.

Charles was a bit embarrassed. Clearing his throat, he said, "I gave them a holiday several days ago. They will be back today."

"Okay." Chris nodded. She said to Autumn, "Yvonne, I'll help you."

Since Chris and Gary were at home, the house was a lot livelier. In front of them, Autumn and Charles had to behave cordial too. As a result, their relationship had improved as well.

That evening, Gary asked Charles to take Autumn out for dinner. He said that their privacy shouldn't be hindered because of him and Chris.

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