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   Chapter 30 Lend me One Million

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Gary gazed at Charles who was standing in front of him. He was relieved because it seemed that Charles was not lying to him.

Charles took a glance at the newspaper on the desk and asked, "Grandpa, where did you find this newspaper?"

As far as he was concerned, he had asked David to destroy all these newspapers and magazines in market. And even the news on the internet had been withdrawn by Charles. What's more, even the reporter who wrote this news was forced to resign. But now there was such a newspaper at his own house. What was going on?

"I found this newspaper when I went out this morning. It was placed at the door handle. I am not sure who sent it here." Gary frowned and told him. It was not until Charles asked him did Gary realise that someone did this deliberately.

But who could it be?

And what was the purpose to do this?

"Where is Yvonne?" Charles couldn't help but ask since he had been back for a while, but didn't see her.

"She went out with Chris." Gary replied indifferently and then added, "She has also read this newspaper, but she explained it to me for you without any hesitation. She said that all these reporters are good at making baseless accusations to sell their news. Moreover, she also explained that Rachel is just your good friend."

Gary took a sigh and then continued. "But in fact, Chris and I are very clear about the relationship between you and Rachel. Even Chris cannot bear to see this since Yvonne spoke sincerely for you. This is why Chris took her to shopping. Charles, Yvonne is a good girl. If you lose her, you will regret it in the future."

After hearing this, Charles frowned. He understood who could send this newspaper here.

No one could do this except for Rachel. She was the only one Charles could think of.

Autumn came back with Chris at around nine o'clock at night. Chris's hands were filled with shopping bags while Autumn only bought a box of some health product.

Autumn had been married to Charles for some time, but she was always worried about her grandmother.

She went upstairs and took a shower. After that, she hastily made a phone call to Wendy at the balcony even without drying her hair. "How is my grandma?"

"Are you worr

st say it. Don't hesitate." Wendy was in a good mood which was in sharp contrast to Yvonne's mood.

After hesitating for a while, Yvonne said. "Mom, I met Joe today, because I want to break up with him, but......"

"What happened? Did he cause any trouble to you?" Wendy furrowed her brows and added, "If he bullied you, you have to tell me and I will take care of him."

"No." Yvonne stuttered since she didn't know how to give this news to Wendy. Finally, after the repeated inquiries from Wendy, she told her that Joe asked for one million as compensation for the breakup.

"How could he ask for one million as compensation? Has he gotten no shame?" Wendy frowned and said, "Take me to meet him tomorrow. I have to ask him the reason for his demand for the compensation."

"Mom, I think it will be better for me to meet him myself." Yvonne frowned and kept persuading Wendy, "I know you care about me, but I am going to get married to Charles in the future, and now...... We have to pay him this sum of money to hush him up. Otherwise, I am afraid he might gossip in front of Charles. And if he does that, I......"

Wendy was able to understand Yvonne's worries, so she also furrowed her brows.

"Do we really have to give a million to Joe?"

"Or what?" Yvonne smiled bitterly. "Mom, it is all my fault. I trusted the wrong guy. But don't worry. As long as I get married to Charles, it's all worth it.

But the money...... Well, could you lend me one million first?"

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