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   Chapter 29 Gary's Fury

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Rachel had become embarrassed, but Charles didn't stop, "Now I'm here, so I think it's better for us to make it clear." Charles took Rachel by the hand and sat on the lounge with her. He told her, "I have been thinking a lot about our relationship these days. I used to firmly believe that you were the one that I wanted to live with for the rest of my life. At that time, I thought that you were a sensible woman who always thought about me before yourself. You may think of me as jerk, but I still want you to know that I seriously thought of you as the best person to settle down with."

"I don't want to hear more of it..." Rachel burst into tears. She looked at him innocently, and asked, "If you think I will be a good wife, why do you want to break up with me? Did that woman force you to do it?"

"No, she didn't." Hearing Charles's words, Rachel again began cursing Autumn. Charles stopped her and said, "Rachel, I used to feel comfortable to be with you because you never quarreled with me over trivial matters. Besides, you always let me make decisions, which used to make me happy. Given that, I thought you were the wife I wanted. But..."

"I asked for your permission before marrying her. I decided to marry her only because you agreed to it. And I also promised you that I would get a divorce from her and marry you after a year."

Upon hearing this, Rachel held him tightly in her arms and nodded in a yes. She said, "Yes, you promised me. So, Charles, you just can't dump me like this."

Charles didn't push her away. He sat there coldly in silence. When Rachel seemed a little calm, he continued, "You have always been paranoid and anxious ever since the day I got married. To begin with, you kept calling me every few hours. Then you directly came up to my company to meet me and you even deliberately leaked your whereabouts to the media. And now... you leave no chance to speak ill of my wife. I don't know what else you have been doing behind my back."

"You misunderstand me." Rachel didn't expect that Charles would know all of this. She said, "I thought I wouldn't mind you getting married to another woman. But now that you are married, I simply cannot take it. I am okay with the fact that I can only be your second wife once you divorce her. What really bothers me is that you live with her. You see each other every day. I'm scared that you might just fall in love with her. If that happens, what will I do?"

Rachel cried and complained, "Charles, you say that I have changed. But what about you? Haven't you changed?"

Rachel smiled coldly and continued, "Before you got married, you used to call me every now and then. You even stayed with me at my house. Moreover, if I asked for anything, you never said No. But everything has changed after your marriage. You have turned me into a paranoid and wretched woman."

"Yes, I know. This is why I don't blame you." Charles nodded slightly and continued, "I obviously take half of the responsibility for the change in your behaviour, so... tell me what you want and I'll compensate you in best manner possible."

Rachel laughed, and said, "Do you think I am with you for money? Charles, I have a job. I'm not as rich as you are but I can support myself. I won't leave you no matter what compensation you plan on offering me."

Charles frowned and said, "Think twice about my words."

Rachel gritte

d her teeth with hatred as if she was about to rip Autumn into pieces now. She cried, "It's all that bitch's fault. If it weren't for her, we would be just as good as before. She stole you away from me."

Hearing Rachel curse Autumn again, Charles lost his patience.

He pushed Rachel away, and said, "You don't understand my point yet. The reason I am breaking up with you has nothing to do with others. It's about us."

Rachel had pretended to be sensible all these years. But ever since Charles got married, she felt insecure and unhappy all the time. All of this unconsciously made her show true color.

It was at that time that Charles discovered Rachel's true self. He realised that Rachel had pretended to be a perfect girlfriend in his presence.

Rachel hysterically shouted, "No, you're lying." Rachel's behaviour was only adding up to Charles's anger. He said, "We are over but I owe you. So, you can come up to me whenever you have any trouble in the future."

After saying this, Charles left. Looking at the closed door, Rachel realised that this time she lost Charles forever.

She wasn't ready to lose Charles like this.

After he walked out of Rachel's house, Charles felt relieved. 'I finally conveyed my feelings to Rachel. After saying these words, I feel so much better but will Rachel let me go?

Rachel is right. If it weren't for Autumn, I wouldn't discover Rachel's shortcomings, let alone break up with her.' He thought to himself.

Now he was just interested in Autumn. As for Rachel, he clearly realised that they were not meant for each other.

Charles sighed, and then drove his car to the Dream Garden.

When he arrived, he saw Gary waiting in the living room. He looked angry.

"Grandpa, why do you look so angry? Who pissed you off?" Charles asked. When he saw the newspaper on the table, he suddenly understood why Gary was angry. But he pretended as if he knew nothing about it.

Gary laughed coldly and replied, "Who else dare to piss me off? You should ask yourself." Gary grabbed the newspaper on the table and threw it on Charles's face. He angrily asked him, "Explain it to me. What the hell is this?"

Charles didn't look guilty and flatly replied, "You already knew about it."

When Charles found out about this report, he asked David to try his best to keep it from Gary. Now that he broke up with Rachel, he didn't feel guilty about this.

"I'm old but I'm not blind. I know why you married Yvonne. But I warn you that you must show full responsibility towards her as you are now married to her. Otherwise, I won't ever forgive you." Gary was too furious to calm down. 'I always think that Yvonne's attitude towards Charles is a bit strange. Now I know the reason.' He mused.

"Grandpa, calm down." Charles grabbed Gary's hand and seated him on the sofa. He got a tea for Gary and said, "It's not like what you think."

"What I think isn't important," Gary continued, "I told you to break up with that woman before you and Yvonne got married. But you ignore my words and still maintain contact with her. Chris and I both like Yvonne. If she gets angry and divorces you, I won't ever forgive you." Hearing this, Charles promised to Gary, "Don't worry about it. It will never happen."

He got married to Yvonne because he didn't want to let Gary down.

But now he wanted to keep Yvonne with him forever.

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