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   Chapter 28 The Breakup

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A trace of evil could be seen in Rachel's eyes. Soon after meeting Autumn, she hired some people to investigate about her. As a result of the investigation, she found out a lot of things.

She intended to reveal this woman's true nature to Charles today.

"What exactly do you want to say?" Charles frowned and asked impatiently.

"Just calm down." Rachel took Charles' arm and made him sit on the sofa. She passed on a bowl of neatly cut fruits to him and said, "I got to know this by chance. I hope that you don't get angry about it."

She then said with a sneer, "I know someone who's a good friend of Yvonne. She told me that Yvonne was having an affair with another man before marrying you. She also confessed that she married you only for the benefit of the Gu Family."

Rachel read Charles' expression while she continued, " Charles, I know you married her only to please your grandpa, but… her improper words will have a bad influence on you, won't it?"

"So this is why you asked me to come?" Charles frowned again. He and Autumn met for the first time on the day of their wedding. So he was certain that there wasn't any affection involved in this marriage.

Although in just a few days post the wedding, he got really attracted to her, He was well aware that she didn't like him.

So, It was useless for Rachel to speak ill of her in this manner.

Charles' face darkened. For the first time, he realised that Rachel too enjoyed gossiping just like the other ordinary women.

Rachel was quite complacent about her tactic to wreck Autumn's reputation. She was certain that no man could stand this kind of misbehaviour of his wife. Charles' displeasure became an encouragement for her.

"Few days ago, after we met in your office, we had a chat. She said it herself that she didn't like you. Moreover, she admitted that she was with you for a specific reaso

"Yes." Charles nodded without hesitation.

She thought he would at least comfort her but Charles's bluntness surprised her. Since they had been together for long, Rachel was well aware about his reserved nature.

This was why she never expected him to admit it all at once.

"Rachel…" Charles wanted to strike while the iron was hot, but Rachel certainly did not allow it. She stood up and said, "You… Please don't. It's late. I have to go to bed."

She tried to escape from the situation. She was not ready to end this relationship. It was hard for her to be eliminated from Charles's life.

Charles grabbed her arm, "Rachel, running away is not the answer."

"Enough!" Rachel replied back with anger, "Charles, it's been two years. You are very well aware of my love for you. And what about that woman? You met her just a few days back and now you feel certain that you are in love with her? How ridiculous is that!"

Rachel said all this with tears in her eyes, "Go back and I will forget everything you just said. I can even turn a blind eye to it if you two are not serious about each other. But you have to divorce her after one year. Now, it's late, you should go home."

"I am sorry." Charles said, feeling like a real asshole.

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