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   Chapter 27 About Mrs. Lu

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The place where Charles Lu took Autumn Ye was a famous Sichuan restaurant in the Y City. There always was a long queue outside this restaurant, but today, it looked empty.

"I remember you mentioned the other day that you like spicy food. Since I'm having my day off today, I thought we should try the food here." Charles said lightly, as if it was all normal.

It was then that Autumn understood that Charles didn't have any work at office rather he figured out that she didn't want to stay at the Gu's, so he made an excuse and brought her here.

Autumn was more than happy with Charles' considerate behaviour.

After the dishes were served, Charles continually refilled Autumn's plate but didn't eat too much himself.

She then recalled that the housemaid once mentioned that Charles had a weak stomach for spicy food.

"You..." Autumn looked at Charles in guilt and said, "We should try something else next time. I know you cannot eat spicy food. I don't feel good eating all by myself."

"Don't worry." Charles grinned. Autumn mentioned next time all by herself. Did it mean that he had slowly walked his way into her heart? "Have some more if you like it. I will get a Sichuan cuisine chef home later, so you don't have to eat outside."

"It's so embarrassing…" Autumn lowered her head, but felt warmth in her heart.

It was the first time that she and Charles were having such a peaceful moment, all thanks to Wendy Ye and Yvonne Gu.

They both desired for this peaceful atmosphere to go on all round the day but it just didn't work out that way. God always gives you a hard time whenever you are the happiest in your life.

Knowing that Charles couldn't stand spicy food, Autumn asked for the menu and ordered some dim sum. While waiting for it to be served, Charles got a call from Rachel Bai.

Since the day Rachel left the company, they hadn't contacted or seen each other.

Charles had wholeheartedly involved himself at home. Moreover, his relationship with Autumn too had eased down a bit, but it didn't occur to him that there were still some things left to be sorted out until Rachel called.

"Take it." Seeing Charles staring at the phone in a daze, Autumn who was seated next to him remin

something to tell me?" Charles asked lightly.

"Don't worry, have you had your dinner yet?" Rachel had some light makeup on. With that look of hers, she could attract any man, but it just didn't work with Charles this time.

"I have some off days, so I thought I should make a meal for you, but look at these... the dishes are getting cold." Rachel made a duck face and complained. She took this chance to not only show her affection for Charles but also complain for his changed behaviour.

"Let me heat the dishes up for you. Sit tight and wait. I'll be back in a few minutes."

Rachel took the dishes to the kitchen. Charles didn't refuse this time - he was indeed starving.

Rachel watched Charles eat. Her eyes were filled with smile. He ate very slowly, and his brows were knitted. She wondered what he was thinking.

"Drink some soup." She filled a bowl with soup. Charles shook his head, "No, thanks. I am full."

He reached for a tissue to wipe his mouth. Then he lifted his head to look at Rachel and said, "Rachel, I have been thinking about this for a long time, There are some things... that I should clear with you."

Charles looked quite serious, Rachel somehow perceived what he wanted to say.

"Charles, there are some things I think you should know too." Rachel interrupted Charles, "It's about Mrs. Lu."

The room went silent all of a sudden. Charles gazed at Rachel and his voice turned a little bit hoarse, "About her?"

"Yes. About Mrs. Lu."

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