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   Chapter 26 Boyfriend Or Male Prostitute

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Yvonne was sitting opposite the entrance of the café. The bell on the door tinkled loudly as Joe in casual clothes entered the café.

Though she had been in a relationship with him for quite a long time, she still felt her heart racing whenever she saw his attractive face.

"Have you been waiting here for a long time?" Joe wore a smile and tightly embraced Yvonne as usual, "Why did it take you so long? I was worried about you."

Yvonne in his arms enjoyed his sweet nothings, she struggled with her feeling inside though.

Finally she decided to give up on Joe to be able to pursue Charles.

She pried his arms off her neck and coldly said, "Take a seat. I have something to tell you."

"What's wrong with you?" Joe asked as he thought, 'Spoilt girls from a rich family like Yvonne were gullible.' He never thought that after a visit to home Yvonne would put all his previous efforts in vain. He tried to reclaim the situation, adding, "Dear, no matter what you want to say, let's talk about this later. You have been gone for long enough. I miss you…"

Joe breathed in Yvonne's ear. His flirtatious words clearly indicated his intentions.

To his surprise, Yvonne wasn't lured by his gesture. She rigidly sat upright and moved farther away from Joe, saying, "Joe, stop acting like this."

After sipping her coffee, she continued, "I am here to tell you that we aren't compatible enough with each other. So, I want to break up with you."

"We aren't compatible?" Joe was shocked and soon realised Yvonne wanted to end their relationship. No doubt she was crazy. He still acted dumb and asked, "What do you mean? Yvonne, we have been together for so long. Why are you breaking up with me? I won't agree if you don't give me a fair reason."

"We aren't compatible enough. This is my reason." Yvonne replied impatiently.

Joe looked at Yvonne viciously.

n as you give me the money, we are done." Joe snuffed the end of the cigarette in his hand and spoke gently, "In fact, I don't want us to split. You are beautiful and libidinous in bed. I have never met a more generous customer like you. If you don't have enough money now, I don't mind continuing this relationship."

Joe didn't want to let go Yvonne so easily. He threatened her as he pinched her buttocks, "Freedom or money, what's your pick, Miss Gu?"

Joe seemed totally different from the image he had created all this while. Yvonne suddenly thought of Charles and hated Autumn even more.

"Okay, I give you the money, " said Yvonne through tightly gritted teeth. Then she added, "But I don't have so much money. Meet me here, at eight o'clock tomorrow morning, I will give you the money."

"Okay. … See you tomorrow!"

Since Yvonne was at loose ends now, she subconsciously went to the Shining Company. Standing outside the company office, she swore that she would soon be the mistress of this magnificent office.

At the same time, Charles took Autumn to a place. His behaviour seemed a little strange. When they arrived at the entrance, Autumn asked in surprise, "Didn't you say that we are going to the office? Why are we here?"

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