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   Chapter 25 Yvonne wanted Charles back

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She tried tempting Charles just now but he seemed to have no interest in her. It was going to be very difficult to make Charles fall in love with her.

Thinking about the fact that she gave up Charles who was so excellent to Autumn, she was not happy at all. She nodded, "Mom, be assured, I will make Charles fall in love with me at all cost."

When she imagined Autumn being abandoned by Charles, Yvonne couldn't control her excitement.

"Okay. Good girl." Seeing Yvonne's determination, Wendy smiled, her eyes filled with love.

She completely forgot that the other girl involved in this complicated entanglement was also her biological daughter.

"Yvonne, what about Joe..." When Wendy mentioned his name, Yvonne frowned. "Now that you've decided to stay with Charles, you should cut all your ties with Joe. In case Charles finds out about your relationship with Joe, all of us will get in trouble."

Yvonne knotted her brows. She wasn't ready yet to break up with Joe for Charles.

She met Joe in a bar. Though he was poor, he was very handsome. He looked like a mesmerizing new star. Above all, his affection and concern for Yvonne made her fall in love with him.

However, in comparison to Charles who was both handsome and rich, Joe was nothing. Yvonne finally gritted her teeth and made a decision. She said, "Be assured, Mom. I can deal with it well."

Wendy went out of the kitchen holding hands with Yvonne. Autumn and Charles were sitting on the couch and having a conversation. Their intimacy drove Yvonne crazy. She pushed away Wendy's hand and rushed to them, "Yvonne, Charles, what are you talking about? You seem to be very happy!"

Autumn turned away her face in silence. Charles asked Wendy, "Mom, I just got a call from my office. I have to go. I'm sorry. I can't have lunch with you today."

Without giving Wendy a chance to speak, Charles pulled Autumn up and said, "I have asked some people to look after the problems faced by the Gu's Group. In case Dad lacks funds, you can let me know. We have to go now."

Autumn had just now been talking to Charles about the plan. And the next thing she knew was Charles pulling her to leave. Though this surprised her, it was exactly what she wanted.

Looking at Wendy's and Yvonne's hypocritical faces, it was impossible for her to have a good lunch with them.

"Why... why are you two leaving so fast?" Wendy paused. Though Charles promised to help the Gu's Group get over the crisis, Wendy wasn't satisfied. She looked at Autumn who was standing besides Charles and rebuked, "Did you get Charles angry?"

"Mom..." Charles frowned, "She is my wife now."

His words shut Wendy's mouth.

Yes, she was. Autumn was married to Charles. She couldn't just punish Autumn for every little thing now.

"Let's go." Charles gently said to Autumn. Yvonne was unwilling to let them go. She stopped them by standing in front of them. "Yvonne, Charles, since you are already here, why n

ot have lunch with us before leaving? You are not in a hurry, are you?"

Yvonne said with a forced smile.

She wanted to spend more time with Charles.

But Autumn didn't like playing dirty game.

She smiled, "Your brother-in-law is in a hurry."

"Haha!" Charles burst into laughter. It was his first time to discover her bluntness.

"You..." In anger, Yvonne's face turned pale. Walking up to Charles' side, she hooked his arm and said coquettishly, "Charles, look at my sister..."

"Miss Ye, please behave yourself." Charles looked at Yvonne, his eyes filled with coldness. He extended his other hand to get rid of Yvonne's hands. The disgusted look on his face made her feel like trash.

Yvonne clenched her teeth in anger.

"Alright, alright." At last, Wendy came to Yvonne's rescue, "Autumn, that's enough. Charles has important things to do..."

Wendy turned around to look at Autumn with a smile, "Yvonne, I understand Charles is busy. But today is weekend. Since you rarely come back home, why don't you have lunch with us before leaving?"

"Yes..." Yvonne said in a sarcastic tone. "Is that okay with you?"

When Charles left, she would definitely teach Autumn a good lesson.

However, Charles didn't give them the chance. He put an affectionate arm around Autumn's shoulders. "No, thanks. I want Yvonne to meet one of my friends this afternoon. Mom, please say sorry to Dad for us. We'll make up for this next time."

"But..." Yvonne still wanted to say something. Wendy stopped her, "Okay. You should take good care of yourselves. You can come back whenever you have time."

Taking Autumn's hand, Charles left with Autumn. Watching them leave together, Yvonne clenched her fists, "Mom, why do you always protect Autumn? If you let her stay here, I would have taught her a good lesson. I don't want her anywhere close to Charles. He is my man!"

"Come on, my girl. If you don't keep a check on temper, you'll bring trouble on you even if you marry Charles." Wendy sighed, "For Charles, Autumn is his wife now. You are simply a distant relative. Moreover, you should first cut off your relationship with Joe. I heard that the Shining Company is recruiting a secretary. You should go for it so that you can stay together with Charles. He will probably fall in love with you if you spend more time together."

Wendy's words seemed to make sense. Yvonne smiled with satisfaction. She suddenly got a call from Joe. She frowned and went aside to answer the phone.

Since Yvonne had taken a lot of time to bring money from home, Joe was worried and made the phone call, "Honey, why haven't you come back? I am worried about you."

Hearing such an intimate nickname, Yvonne was supposed to be very happy. But today, she felt nothing but disgusted, "Joe, I have something to tell you. Let's meet at the Blue Bay Cafe half an hour later."

Yvonne drove to the Cafe. When she arrived there, Joe didn't appear until a few minutes later.

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