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   Chapter 24 Charles's Visit To His In-laws

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Charles didn't expect that he would get such a 'gift' when he came to his mother-in-law's house for the first time.

His wife's cousin... even threw herself at him.

He looked at the kitchen and wondered how his wife... lived together with her family members. For him, it was getting hard to tolerate their reckless behavior.

Yvonne was angry. Although she was doing everything in the world to look delicate and graceful, it was obvious that Charles simply ignored her effort. He didn't even help her get back up on her feet. So Yvonne had to grit her teeth and stand up on her own.

She shyly stood in front of Charles. Her eyes were watery. It looked as if she was about to cry. She said, "Charles, I'm sorry. It's my fault. I'm so clumsy that I can't even carry the tea cup properly. Did you get scalded?"

Charles looked at Yvonne and flatly said, "You better take care of yourself."

Yvonne felt resentful at Charles's indifference to her. But she thought that she shouldn't express her grievances to Charles, so she slightly lowered her head and said to Charles, "Charles, you can sit here for a while. I will go and prepare another cup of tea for you right away."

Yvonne turned around and went upstairs. She first cleaned herself and then changed her clothes.

This time she put on a revealing vest with a mini-skirt which showed off her mellow, smooth shoulders and long slender legs.

She looked at herself in the mirror and was impressed by her beauty.

Yvonne didn't really think if this was an appropriate thing to do or not. She went downstairs with confidence. When she saw that Charles was looking at her, she purposely stroked her hair to lure him.

She believed that all men were lecherous.

But Charles looked at her not because she was dressed so sexily but because he was confused as to how Yvonne was so familiar with this house.

He recalled when Wendy introduced Yvonne to him, she told him that Yvonne was one of her distant relatives and didn't come here so often.

After her clothes got stained, she quickly changed and came downstairs. The new, clean clothes that she wore fitted her body perfectly. It was obvious

chance to..."

"No." Wendy firmly interrupted Yvonne. When she saw that Yvonne was stunned, she immediately walked up to her and comforted her, saying, "Yvonne, I know that you're very anxious, but haste makes waste. We should deal with this matter carefully and thoughtfully."

Wendy sighed and added, "You also know that there is a crisis going on in your father's company. The only way to overcome this difficulty is to ask Charles for help. You shouldn't tell Charles that you have exchanged the identity with Autumn now. What if Charles gets angry and doesn't help your father to deal with the company's crisis?"

Wendy's words sounded perfectly reasonable, but Yvonne still felt annoyed seeing Autumn live happily with Charles.

"But what about me? Do I have to let Autumn and Charles live in the same house and sleep together?" She was sad and wondered why she had to be with a man who lived on her support, but Autumn got to enjoy a better life at Charles's home.

She couldn't wait to exchange her identity back with Autumn.

"Now the best way is to take no action and wait for the right time." Wendy pondered on it repeatedly and finally suggested, "At present, the most important thing is to help your father's company resolve the crisis. And during this time, you can try and get close to Charles. If Charles falls in love with you, he won't get angry even after finding out about the lie."

"But..." Yvonne hesitated.

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