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   Chapter 20 Drunk Mess

The Substitute Bride By VERONICA DAY Characters: 6599

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"She is fine." Paula sneered, "She is pretty, so she will always be fine. As she is drunk, her escort has taken her home."

Paula walked up to Ryan and whispered in his ear. Hearing what Paula said, Ryan was shocked, his hands were trembling.

Autumn was really involved with Charles.

How ironical it was. Ryan originally thought Autumn was other-worldly, but it turned out that she didn't like him only because he wasn't rich enough.

Autumn didn't know what happened after she left. After getting in the car, she fell asleep because of the alcohol in her body.

Although Autumn was drunk, she wasn't out of line. She just slept peacefully.

When the car stopped at Dream Garden, Autumn was still asleep. Charles sighed and gently carried her upstairs.

He really wanted to help Autumn in the restaurant, but he didn't know how she would react.

When Autumn woke up in the morning, she found out that she was in pajamas. There was no servant at home. The pajamas…

To be honest, she was grateful to Charles because he took her away from the restaurant.

She didn't want to stay there any longer, but she couldn't find an excuse to leave.

"Morning." Autumn was sitting on bed in a daze when Charles spoke. He originally thought that Autumn wouldn't be in a drunken fit, but after they got home, she started to go crazy and vomited all over the floor. Moreover, she kept chatting with Charles and vomited in his arms.

The drama was annoying yet amusing. Charles took Autumn to the bathroom to give her a bath. He helped her put on comfortable pyjamas and even cleaned up the room after she fell asleep on the bed.

Charles regretted. He should have kept at least one servant at home.

"You… What are you doing here?" Autumn was shocked. She knew Charles helped her change her clothes, so she was embarrassed in front of him.

Charles didn't leave last night. He spent the night on the sofa. After Autumn woke up, she looked down at her pyjamas and got really angry. He really couldn't stand it anymore, so he interrupted her.

"You were drunk last night. Now, hurry up and make some breakfast for me." Charles ordered.

Then he went on to take a shower. When he came out of the bathroom, Autumn had got the breakfast ready. She didn't have enough time, so she quickly boiled some dumplings. Seeing Charles come out, Autumn greeted him, "I had no time to cook anything fancy. Hope you like the dumplings." Autumn asked with an embarrassing smile, "Did I make a fool of myself last night?"

"What do you think?" Charles gave an ambiguous answer. He took a bite of the dumpling and thought of something. Then he raised his head and said, "Leave your job if you don't like it there. You can work in my company."

"Pardon?" Autumn was struck. Was it an invitation?

"I need a planning director. If you want, you can join me whenever you want." Charles said casually. For him, it was a tiny little thing.

Autumn was suddenly enlightened. She finally knew why Charles offered her the job. He was afraid that she might suffer from injustice at the Cloud Advertising Company.

"Thank you, but I don't want to resign right now." No matter how Ryan treated her, she had been working in his company for three years, and she liked working there.

"Remember, you are my wife. No one can make you suffer, except me." Charles was overbearing yet considerate.

Autumn lowered her head and replied, "Okay."

"Hurry up. Have your breakfast quickly and get dressed. We have to go to the airport to pick up someone." Charles said in an emotionless tone.

Autumn recalled what Charles told her yesterday. Ever since she married Charles, she had never seen his grandpa Gary as he was travelling somewhere. Was Charles going to pick up Gary from the airport?

Autumn had tried really hard to make Charles believe that she was Yvonne, but now that Gary was coming back, she was afraid that her real identity might be exposed.

Autumn braced herself to go upstairs. Putting on a light yellow dress, she wore a high ponytail, revealing her defined collar bone. The simple yet elegant golden high-heeled shoes made her already long slender legs appear longer.

On the way to the airport, Autumn was silent. Charles glanced at her and asked, "What's wrong? You're nervous?"

"Yeah." Autumn nodded. She was nervous as she would be meeting Gary for the first time, "Your grandpa…"

"He's also your grandpa now." Charles interrupted her, "Don't be nervous. He's a kind man. It's not going to be as scary as you think."

"Well…" Autumn hesitated, "I heard he is in poor health. The oily food from outside is bad for his health. After we pick him up, you can drive him back, and I will go to the market to buy some vegetables. Let's have dinner at home this evening."

"Okay." Charles smiled merrily.

He was now getting more skeptical of Autumn's identity.

Gary came back with Chris. Upon seeing Charles and Autumn at the exit far away, Chris ran over and threw her arms around Charles, "Charles, did you miss me?"

"Hey, don't do this." Charles affectionately looked down at Chris, "My wife is here. Behave yourself."

Chris then realized that Charles was now a married man. She stuck out her tongue at Charles and released him from her embrace. Then she turned to Autumn with a smile, "Sorry, no offence. Charles and I have always been like this."

"It's okay." Autumn smiled tenderly. To be honest, she really envied their closeness.

"Grandpa, let me help you." Autumn took the luggage from Gary.

Gary was happy with Autumn's grace and beauty.

"Let me do it." Just after Autumn took the luggage from Gary, Charles took over the luggage from her and clasped Autumn's waist with love. Chris exchanged a look with Gary and let out a sweet smile.

Charles finally got married.

"Chris," Gary smiled at Chris, "What do you think of your sister-in-law?"

"I like her. She is pretty and good-natured with impeccable manners. She is a real lady. Charles must take good care of her as they are married now."

Gary nodded, "I also think she is really nice. She is much better than Rachel."

"Grandpa," Chris frowned, "Why do you mention Rachel?"

"Fine. I won't mention her." Both Chris and Gary didn't like Rachel. They felt relieved as Charles got married to Autumn.

"What are you doing?" Autumn asked Charles in a low voice. She didn't like Charles holding her like that.

Charles looked at Autumn and said, "Don't forget our agreement."

Charles played his trump card, so Autumn had to bear it.

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