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   Chapter 19 Who Will Be The New Planning Director

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Ryan selected a music restaurant where the delicious food was integrated with soothing music. The atmosphere there was excellent with singers singing on the stage. It was a famous place for artistic youth in the Y city. Those people who had never experienced night life must definitely come here. It was great fun enjoying a show while eating.

The colleagues went on chatting and gossiping. They talked about everything from celebrities's scandals to the skin care products that worked well for them. However, Autumn was not interested in all these topics at all, so she just stared at the singer silently.

His voice was husky and soothing at the same time. People would unconsciously indulge in it.

Autumn's eyes were fixated on the singer. She didn't even notice that a tall man walked in through the door. He looked around the restaurant and finally cast his eyes on Autumn. He finally stepped forth and sat down at a corner of the restaurant.

He saw that she was sitting there silently regardless of the noisy environment around. Though she looked interested in the music, her mind was preoccupied. She was not willing to blend in with the surroundings. This was why she became a unique existence to be seen at the first glance amongst the crowd.

As soon as the dishes were served, Paula poured a glass of whisky for Autumn. "You have to drink it. If it were not for you, we wouldn't have got the case from Shining Company. So I have to propose a toast to you on behalf of everyone in the company. You have made sure our efforts do not go in vain." Paula said with a smile.

Autumn frowned slightly and replied, "But I can't drink."

After hearing this, Paula smiled and said, "Nobody is born with the ability to drink. You are our leading lady tonight. If you refuse to drink, how can we enjoy the meal? "

"Yes, she is right, Ye." Leila also echoed. "Why not drink? We will take you back home if you are drunk. "

Autumn looked at the glass of whiskey in hand and hesitated for a little while. "What's wrong? Why are you reluctant to drink?" Ryan said in a voice full of sarcasm. "

Hearing Ryan's words, Autumn was suffused with sadness. So she raised her head and emptied the glass of whiskey in one shot. She soon felt a fire in her belly.

Seeing this, the man sitting at the corner of the restau

d been discreetly watching all her movements till now. He knew that she wouldn't be comfortable to disclose their relationship in public. Therefore, in order to avoid any unnecessary trouble, he didn't come to her even when she was forced to drink."

He waited for a long time until Autumn went to the toilet, so he hastily followed her.

"Go home?" Autumn looked at Charles surprisingly. " Didn't David tell you that I have dinner plan with my colleagues? I can't go home with you now."

"Why? You are drinking here." Charles got close to Autumn. Her face was flushed because of all the alcohol she had consumed. She looked so adorable at that moment. "Don't forget that you have a husband now. And I am your whole life, so how can you leave me alone at home?"

"But......" The party was not over yet and if she just left like this, what would people think about her?

"Don't hesitate. Hurry up. Let's go." Before Autumn could react, Charles took her away.

When Paula walked out of the toilet, she saw Autumn leaving with Charles.

She clenched her hands. She got even more jealous of Autumn. Her heart was burning with anger.

'Why?' She thought.

'Why Autumn Ye is so lucky? How could she lure Charles Lu who just got married recently?' Paula wondered.

Muddleheaded, Paula walked back to the dining-table. Leila cast a glance at her and asked, "Paula, where is Ye? Why doesn't she come back with you? Is she fine?"

She asked in a tone that was neither too loud nor too soft. Everyone could clearly hear what Leila just said.

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