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   Chapter 18 The Dinner

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"What do you mean?" Autumn looked at her suspiciously.

Leila was pretty, but she got jealous easily. Moreover, she had a big mouth so she could spread any information to every corner of this office. This is why no one liked her here.

Autumn had no complaints about her, but she felt that Leila might get into trouble one day because of her habit of gossiping.

"Before you came back, I saw Paula sitting in Ryan's office for a long time. I don't know what they were talking about exactly, but she looked very happy when she walked out. I guess that Manager Zhou must have promised her something and tonight's party is to celebrate that." Autumn cast a glance at Paula, who was clearly in a good mood.

But did Ryan's promise to Paula have anything to do with her?

"Ye, Paula was talking about the title of planning director. That position has been vacant for a long time. You've just completed a big project, so I am sure this position is yours but I learned from Paula that..." Leila knitted her brows when talking. She noticed that Autumn's countenance changed.

Autumn didn't meddle in other people's affairs. The position was no big deal for her. It wouldn't change her mind of working here. Leila tried to make Autumn feel that she was trying to protect her from the injustice that was about to happen. However, others might not think so when they heard her. They would think that she was only trying to alienate her from Paula.

"Leila." Autumn stopped her seriously.

"No matter who is promoted to that position, we all work for Cloud. Moreover, the selection of the planning director is beyond our control and I believe that Ryan will make the best choice. So stop saying that again. Don't get yourself in trouble." Autumn stared at Leila, whose face turned sour. She then softened her words," Leila, the last thing you should do at work is gossiping with me. I know your intentions are good, but..."

"Ye, I understand..." Leila forced a smile on her pale face and said, "I'll keep that in mind."

"Fine, go back to work." Since Leila knew her mistakes, there was no need for Autumn to say anything any further. So she watched Leila walk out of her office.

Leila closed the door, with a trace of hatred in her eyes.

Ryan walked out of his office before the knock-off time. "Everyone, go pack your stuff. let's now go out and celebrate."

"Thank you, Manager Zhou." The whole company reverberated with happiness.

Ryan knocked on the door of Autumn's office. "Let's go, Ye."

When they got out from the office, it was pitch dark and probably about to rain. Autumn was arranged to seat on the front passenger seat in Ryan's car. It was hard to tell whether this arrangement was on purpose or not.

She was not much of a talker, so she didn't say a word. Ryan spoke to her first. "Ye, I remember you mentioned that your grandmother isn't keeping well these days. How is she now?"

A strange trace flashed through her eyes.

She found it really absurd that she herself had no idea about the health of the closest person in her life.

"Thank you for asking about my grandmother. She feels much better now." Autumn replied with a forced smile.

"Congratulations." Ryan drove the car carefully, and his white fingers clinging on the steering wheel turned pale. "You've been working here for many years, huh?"

"Yes. It's been three years already."

"Yeah, three years." Ryan smiled and said. "How time flies so quickly. When I interviewed you, you were this newly graduated little girl. Your

eyes were as clear as crystal at that time. Ah, time... Frightening makes some people better and better, while others become greedier and greedier..."

"Mr. Zhou, what do you mean?" Autumn turned her face to him and asked.

She was not a fool. It was certainly not a praise for her.

"Nothing." Ryan smiled again. "Over these years, you have helped me a lot. I really appreciate how you have helped me finish several big projects. But..."

He stopped for a little while, and then continued. "Ye. If you have any difficulties in your life, you should tell me instead of..."

"Mr. Zhou!" Autumn stopped him seriously. She knew that some of her colleagues suspected that she had taken money from the Shining Company. She even knew where this gossip came from. But she was upright, and she even didn't bother to deny it. It never dawned on her that Ryan would believe this too.

She took a deep breath to calm herself down. "All these years, I have been working hard to help you. I thought you knew me well. I don't care about what other colleagues' suspect about me. But how can you..."

"I don't want to!" Ryan pressed the horn out of impatience. "But, Ye, everything that has happened proves that you took money from them. You knew I wanted big money from this project, but you overthrew the original plan all by yourself. In this way, you did save a lot of money for them. Isn't that enough evidence? Or... Do you have any special interest in their boss?"

"That's because..." Autumn wanted to explain, but Ryan interrupted her. "Here it is. Let's all get off the car." He said and pulled over at a music restaurant.

Autumn followed him quietly. She had been focused on her job ever since the day she joined the company. She stayed here only to repay him for his kindness. She appreciated that he gave her the job when she needed it the most.

But now she realised that in his eyes, all her efforts had a selfish motive.

Her face turned sour with the very thought of that.

When they reached the restaurant, other staff members were already present. They began teasing them. "Mr. Zhou, Ye, you two were the first ones to leave the company. What took you so long?"

"Yeah. Did you two do something behind our back?"

"The first day I came to our company, I thought they were a couple. Mr. Zhou, if you really love Ye, you should express your love to her. Otherwise you'll regret it when some other boy takes her away."

Autumn didn't take all this seriously. Ryan cast a glance at her. A lot was said in this glance. "I'm afraid she doesn't have that kind of interest in me because she has already fallen in love with some rich guy."

His words embarrassed everyone.

Back in time, when Autumn started working for Cloud, Ryan even chased her for a while. But Autumn didn't reciprocate. So he gave up.

When he said that in front of the whole company everyone became quiet.

Leila broke the ice. She held Autumn's hand and took her to the seat next to her. "Ye, please sit down. You are our hero today."

"Sure you are." Paula was happy to see the tense vibe between Ryan and Autumn. She handed the menu to Autumn. "Ye, what would you like to have?"

Autumn had lost her appetite because of Ryan's words. She forced a smile and said. "I am not really particular about food. You all please order whatever you like."

Ryan just sat aside, smoking. He wished what Paula told him was not true, but what Autumn had done really disappointed him.

Paula was right. He should take the edge off her.

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