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   Chapter 17 Paula's Afternoon Tea

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"Mr. Zhou, I want to tell you something, but... I don't know if it is appropriate to say it or not." Paula aroused Ryan's interest, and before Ryan got a chance to speak, she continued saying, "I know that Ye is competent and she has helped you a lot in all these years, but she has also brought many troubles to you and the company. For instance, she knows that you want to gain more profit from the Shining Company's case, but she still took the liberty to change the wine party into a press conference. Naturally now you will make a lot less money than you were hoping for.

Paula saw that Ryan wasn't too happy with her words but she still went on to add, "You're the boss of this company. She gets her salary from you but she keeps helping the client's company save more money. Although she works here, she is only seen helping other companies. You'd better rethink on your decision to employ her."

While listening to Paula's words, Ryan recollected Autumn's performance in the company over the years.

In all these few years, Autumn had completed several big cases on her own. She was highly praised by all the client companies. Ryan, who was her boss, seemed to be a nobody in front of her.

Paula continued saying, "Mr. Zhou, I've heard that... she secretly takes bribe from the clients. She seems to work for you, but in fact, she takes a lot of advantage of her position to feather her nest."

"It's impossible!" Ryan suddenly raised his head. He didn't believe that Autumn was such a person. "I've seen how Ye grows into an excellent worker in this company over these years. She is absolutely not that kind of a person, " he said.

"Mr. Zhou, are you sure about that?" Paula was certain that Ryan didn't trust Autumn any longer. So, as long as Ryan remained suspicious of Autumn's behaviour, she might have a chance to get promoted and replace her. "Do you think that she is still the same person you hired years back? I've heard that her grandmother is seriously ill, so she just made forgivable mistakes of accepting others' money, right?"

"What do you want to say?" Ryan couldn't help but frown. Although he was unwilling to believe that Autumn could change so much, he couldn't find any reason to retort Paula.

What's more, he just got to know that Autumn's grandmother was seriously ill, so she definitely was in need of more money.

"Mr. Zhou, please know that if you continue putting Ye in such an important posit

ke some more time. If you have anything important to say, you can leave a message. I will tell him as soon as he finishes the meeting."

"Nothing important. . .." Autumn then stood up, stretched and looked at the busy street outside the window. "I just want to tell him that Mr. Zhou is taking us out for dinner tonight. I didn't get a chance to refuse, so I won't be able to get back home early and prepare dinner for him."

"Okay. I will tell him once he comes out from the meeting." David thought in his head, 'no wonder Mr. Lu quickly leaves the office these days after he goes off work, someone waits for him at home.

He even makes Mrs. Lu personally cook for him. He is such a bossy man.'

"Mrs. Lu..." After Autumn finished talking to David, she was about to hang up. But she heard David speak again, "Could you please tell me where you are going for dinner? If Mr. Lu asks me about it later, I can tell him."

Autumn told him the address and then hung up the phone.

Since they had just bagged the Shining Company's case and they were all going to have dinner together in the evening, the atmosphere in the office was more relaxed than usual. Paula bought her colleagues the afternoon tea. She even asked Leila to bring one for Autumn.

"Ye, Paula bought this for you." Leila smilingly put the food on Autumn's desk. Autumn smiled and thanked Leila, but she didn't intend to eat it.

She was unwilling to eat Paula's food.

Autumn looked up at Leila and asked, "Anything else?"

Leila got close to Autumn and mysteriously said, "Ye, do you know why Paula is so nice to buy us the afternoon tea today?"

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