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   Chapter 16 Rachel's Warning to Autumn

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Autumn frowned a little. Obviously, she had no choice but to go with them. From the limo across the street, she had already guessed the identity of their boss.

By the look Rachel gave her when she left the office, she knew something was going to happen, but it never occurred to her that it could happen so soon.

"Move." The men in black pushed her forward. Autumn quietly walked towards the limo.

The men in black opened the door, Rachel was sitting inside with a pair of sunglasses on. Even though Autumn couldn't see Rachel's eyes, she could feel a trace of contempt in her eyes.

She got in the limo. The door was closed from behind, leaving her and Rachel alone in this spacious limo.

Rachel took off her sunglasses and began speaking. "Mrs. Lu. Nice to meet you."

She looked at Autumn. There was hostility in Rachel's eyes.

Autumn remained calm. Although she admitted that she didn't show Rachel her respect back in the office, she didn't feel guilty or fearful. She knew she had not done anything wrong.

She looked at her watch to see the time and coldly said, "Miss Bai, you are a superstar and I have to get back to my office now to resume work. Time is precious for both of us. Why don't you cut the long story short and tell me why am I here?"

Only two of them were seated in the limo, so Rachel didn't feel the need to be thoughtful or considerate. She threatened to her by saying, "Ms. Gu, though I addressed you as Mrs. Lu, I have to remind you that you are only temporarily playing this role for me. You must clearly understand why Charles married you."

"Sure." Autumn nodded casually. "We are just under an agreement. There is nothing happening between us. You don't have anything to worry about."

"Bullshit!" Rachel cursed Autumn, which made Autumn frown. So Rachel soon realised she had been rude. Then she cleared her throat to shift Autumn's attention. She continued saying. "Yvonne Gu, don't you dare think that I can't see through your mi

! How dare this ordinary girl lecture her like this? How could she play around in the entertainment industry in the future?

She was determined to teach her a lesson.

Autumn didn't care about what Rachel thought. She just couldn't wait to tell Ryan about the good news that her plan was finally accepted by Charles. So she called him while she was still on the subway. Strangely, Paula answered the call.

"Why did you answer the phone?" Autumn frowned when she heard Paula's voice.

"Ryan is busy right now. What do you want to say? I'll leave him a message." Paula said with arrogance in her tone. Ryan stepped into the office the moment she finished her words. "What are you doing? Who allowed you to answer my phone?"

Ryan then picked up the phone. He was happy to hear that the plan was accepted. But when he thought about the amount of money he could have earned from his previous plan, he got upset. He then coldly replied back to her, "Well, I see. We'll talk about it later when you come back."

After he hung up the phone, Paula was still standing there. "Do you have something to say, Paula?"

"Yes, Ryan." The office was quiet enough for her to overhear what Autumn said on the phone. And she clearly noticed the change in Ryan's facial expressions.

She knew that Ryan was unhappy with Autumn.

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