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   Chapter 15 Fire Her

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"Well, don't come here if you don't want to see them. Out of sight, out of mind." Charles pointed out sharply.

"You…" Rachel felt wronged. Tears were running down her eyes. If this happened back in the day, Charles would stop everything to comfort Rachel.


She couldn't believe it!

Charles had never been so cold with Rachel.

Rachel gave an angry look to Autumn and took a deep breath. "Charles, I'm sorry. I know David works for you. I shouldn't have asked you to fire him in an impulse. But this woman insulted me! I just can't let it go if you don't fire her."

"She is right, isn't she?" Charles looked at Rachel straight in the eye and asked. His question choked Rachel.

"The truth is, I did marry someone, and you are being a mistress now." Charles said coldly, "Actually I don't care whether she is right or wrong. I can't fire her."

"You…" Rachel felt like she could see her entire life crashing apart.

What had happened?

How did Charles change in such a short while?

"Charles, what's wrong? Although we didn't get married, everyone knows why you married that woman. I am your real girlfriend." Rachel took Charles's hand and couldn't believe his harsh words.

She loved Charles dearly, and Charles used to pamper her.

Why did everything change after Charles got married?

Rachel constantly blamed the Mrs. Lu even though she had never met her, but she never thought her caprices had annoyed Charles since he got married.

"Miss Bai, I think you should leave. Miss Ye…" David didn't want things to get worse, so he tried to persuade her to leave, but Rachel wasn't ready to listen.

"Shut up, David!"

Rachel couldn't believe that Charles and David both defended Autumn.

"Charles, tell me, what is your relationship with this woman?"

"I…" Autumn wanted to explain as Charles and Rachel were fighting over her, but before she could say anything, Charles began talking.

"As I said, she is not my employee here. She is my wife." Charles calmly pointed out Autumn's identity. Rachel was suspicious, unwilling, angry, and laughing at last.

"So, it makes sense now?"

She finally understood

why a secretary dared to rush into Charles's office, why David defended her

and why Charles had eyes for her.

It was all because she was his wife. So, she was the reason why Rachel couldn't marry Charles.

Rachel looked at Autumn again. She was pretty in a simple dress with very light makeup.

No wonder Charles began keeping a distance from her after he married Autumn.

For Rachel, Autumn was a tease. She wished to rip apart Autumn's face, but she couldn't.

She had grown apart from Charles now. If she rushed to do it now, Charles would never come back

to her.

She knew she had enough time to seek revenge.

Autumn saw Rachel's expressions changing. She was surprised to see how she calmed herself down at last.

Well, Rachel must be a scheming woman, or she wouldn't have been able to stay with Charles for all these years.

Autumn didn't know why Charles pointed out her identity but she didn't have the final say, so she didn't care about it either.

She wanted to go now, leaving the plan and Rachel behind.

Rachel looked at Charles with a sad face and said, "Charles, I have to leave."

Before Charles could say anything, Rachel left in panic. Her cold glimpse scared Autumn.

She definitely was not ready to give up that easily.

After Rachel left, David also made an excuse to leave. When Autumn and Charles were left alone in the large office, Autumn got a little awkward. She didn't know why she dared to criticize Charles just now.

Charles joked about her stiff smile and said, "So now you're all shy? A minute ago, you feared nothing. Look at you now."

Autumn raised her head and saw the banter in Charles's eyes. Before she could say anything, Charles changed the subject and said, "Didn't you come here to show me the plan? Tell me about it."

At the mention of work, Autumn was no longer shy or awkward. She turned on her laptop and explained the plan page by page to Charles.

Charles heard the plan patiently, but the fragrance of Autumn's body distracted him.

Autumn had revised the plan, but she still proposed to hold a press conference. Although the plan was rushed out last night, it was still better than the previous one. The specific problems Charles proposed were revised right away.

After the presentation, Autumn turned her head and saw Charles's face.

Her heart raced.

"Well…" Autumn said something to avoid embarrassment, "Mr. Lu, do you have any other questions?"

"It's good. Let's do this." Autumn was stunned. She didn't expect Charles to agree this time.

"What's wrong? "You're not ready?"

"No." Autumn explained, "I thought..."

"You thought I would blame you for this Rachel thing?" Charles sneered and continued before Autumn could say anything, "Forget it. I have something to do now, so I can't have lunch with you today. Tomorrow is Saturday. Keep yourself free. We have to go to the airport to pick someone."

Autumn didn't say No although she was confused.

She thought Charles would blame her for offending Rachel, but he let her go. This was somewhat unexpected for her.

He wasn't someone to let go that easily.

She shook her head and forced herself to stop thinking about these things. On her way back, two men in black stopped her.

"Mrs. Lu, our boss wants to see you."

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