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   Chapter 14 Rachel or Autumn

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Charles opened his mouth to explain. But he had no idea what to say. Rachel couldn't bear it any further.

Hearing Autumn call her "the mistress", Rachel was fuming with anger. Her words hit her like a sharp knife ripping her soul.

Rachel walked up to Autumn with a pride of a peacock. She was not taller than Autumn, but since she wore high heels, she looked down at Autumn from a height.

"Dare you say that again." Rachel said angrily

The entire incidence had shaken up David. If these two ladies had a fight, he didn't know which one to support.

He prayed in his head, 'Mrs. Lu, please hold back your anger, then this could be the end of the story.'

But Autumn looked at Rachel straight in the eyes and fearlessly asked, "Am I wrong? Rachel Bai, please conduct yourself. Charles is married. You let the media hype the scandal between you and Charles and now you are here at his office too. Do you want everyone to know you are Charles's mistress?"

Autumn could be persuaded by reasons but not cowed by force. If Rachel talked to her in a polite tone, Autumn wouldn't have argued with her.

But now she was pissed with Rachel's attitude. She continued, "Well? Did you come here to wish Charles a happily married life?"

"Bitch! You are screwed!" Rachel was used to being an arrogant celebrity. Her assistant and agent always treated her with utmost respect. Even Charles doted on her.

Rachel couldn't bear being mocked by a nobody like this. She raised her hand to slap Autumn right in the face.

David shut his eyes with fear.

Autumn had no time to react. She helplessly watched Rachel's hand come closer to her face. But her hand never hit her.

"Charles. what are you doing?" Charles grabbed Rachel's wrist, his face fuming with anger. David was relieved. "Let go of my hand! I must teach this arrogant secretary a lesson today." Rachel yelled.

"Enough!" Charles shouted impatiently.

Autumn went blank for a moment. It was too late when she realised that she had offended Rachel.

She didn't expect Charles to protect her.

Rachel had been dating Charles for a long time now. But this was the first time she saw Charles getting mad at her like this. She was shocked for a moment and started wailing bitterly.

Autumn rolled her eyes secretly.

Anyone who wasn't present in the room might just think that it was Autumn who bullied Rachel.

If the paparazzi got to know and posted about it, Autumn would be cursed by Rachel's countless fans.

Rachel didn't care about what Autumn thought of her. She felt as if she had been wronged by Charles. She cried and poured out her bitterness, "Charles, I know I shouldn't have lost my temper two days ago. I know I was wrong and this is why I came here today to apologise t

o you. We've been together for years and gone through thick and thin together. I don't want to give up on our love."

Rachel gave a vicious look to Autumn and continued, "Charles, I know your grandpa dislikes me and you had to marry the other woman. I accepted that. But ever since you got married to that woman, you've changed. You are a totally different person now. We've grown apart. Even your secretary can bully me now. Tell me, have you fallen in love with that bitch?"

Rachel cried and urged Charles to reply back to her.

Autumn could see that the relationship between Charles and Rachel wasn't stable. Rachel didn't have enough faith in Charles.

Autumn was sure that it wasn't because of her that their relationship was going bad. Charles always had a bad public image since he had dated innumerable women in the past.

Among his numerous girlfriends, only Rachel had been with him for such a long time.

When Autumn thought about this, she couldn't help but feel sorry for her.

Autumn only had to get through this year and then she would be free for life. But Rachel had devoted her mind and body to Charles.

"What are you looking at? Want a taste of my hand?" Seeing Autumn's sympathetic expression, Rachel couldn't control her anger. She pounced on Autumn, yelling.

But this time, David stepped in front of Autumn to protect her.

He persuaded, "Miss Bai, you are a celebrity. Why lose your grace by fighting with a nobody? Am I right?"

Although Charles gave no reaction at the moment, David clearly saw that Charles was protective about Autumn.

So, David stepped forward to protect Autumn from Rachel's anger. After all, Autumn was the real Mrs. Lu.

"David, are you going to set yourself against me?" Rachel stared at David ferociously as she sneered, "Great! Charles, see this is how your staff behave with me now. You must give me an appropriate explanation for this today, otherwise, I won't spare anyone."

"What kind of explanation do you want?" Charles asked Rachel coldly. He was relieved when he saw Autumn was fine.

Rachel looked at Autumn and David and said, "I want you to fire these two. I don't want to see them in this office after today."

Autumn was shocked at Rachel's arrogance.

Rachel was only offended by Autumn. David had always been the most capable assistant of Charles for several years. Charles would never fire David for such a petty reason.

Autumn believed Rachel was an idiot.

As expected, Charles rejected Rachel's request without consideration.

"If you don't want to see them in the Shining Company, do not come here again."

Rachel widened her eyes in shock. She couldn't believe what Charles just said so she wanted to re-confirm it.

"You... can you say that again?"

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