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   Chapter 13 Busy With What

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Autumn had been waiting for a while now. When David, Charles's assistant, came to meet her, he saw her sleeping on the sofa.

Autumn was told that Charles's meeting would be done in ten minutes, but it had lasted for over thirty minutes. Since Autumn didn't get enough sleep last night, she unintentionally fell asleep. This made David feel awkward.

David knew that Miss Ye was actually Mrs. Lu. if he woke her up, she might get angry with him. He wondered, 'What if she decides to take revenge from me?'

Luckily, David didn't have to wait too long. An unexpected visitor appeared in the busy office.

"David." David was wondering whether he should wake up Miss Ye or not when he heard someone call his name. He turned around and saw a beautiful girl with a bright smile on her face. It was Rachel Bai. He then got worried and also awkward.

OMG, Charles's wife and girlfriend were under one roof. What worse could happen?

"Miss… Bai." David got very nervous. He began stammering. He really hoped that Mrs. Lu could sleep for some more time so that there wouldn't be any awkward moment in the office.

Unfortunately, hearing Rachel's voice, Autumn woke up. She stood up and tidied her wrinkled clothes with her hand and asked David, "David, is your CEO's meeting over now?"

"Well…" David, looked at Rachel and Mrs. Lu, feeling awkward.

Both these women were the people David couldn't dare to offend. 'OMG, is my boss a playboy?' David thought.

"Is she a new secretary?" Rachel was familiar with this company. She knew every staff member here. She thought Autumn was a new employee here.

Seeing how pretty Autumn was, Rachel got a little vigilant. She handed over a bag to Autumn and instructed her, "Go, distribute these tea cakes to the staff. I need to discuss something with your CEO and nobody is allowed to come in and disturb us."

Rachel ordered Autumn arrogantly. She intentionally asked her assistant to buy some tea cakes so she could bribe the staff here.

Seeing the bag in her hand, Autumn frowned.

"Hurry up!" Rachel scolded. Since that night, Charles maintained a distance from Rachel. As the news of their relationship spread, Rachel had to use this chance to take quick actions and improve their relationship.

But she didn't know a new secretary could ruin her good mood.

Rachel didn't know Autumn. But Autumn knew Rachel very well, because she was a public superstar.

Autumn got really angry as Charles had made an appointment with her first to discuss the plan but he asked Rachel to be present in the office at the same time.

"I am not…" When Autumn wanted to say No to Rachel, David who was standing right next to them took the bag from Autumn and said, "Well, I will distribute these cakes."

David looked at Rachel and said, "Miss Bai, you need to wait for a while because our CEO has an appointment with…"

"Who do you think is more important than me?" Rachel was confident and opened the door of Charles's office. But Charles didn't even look at her and said, "Don't you know that you should knock the door before coming in? Where are your manners?"

"Charles…" Rachel was familiar with this company so she acted casually. Charles had never treated her like this before. This new behaviour of him left her hurt and angry.

On hearing Rachel's voice, Charles raised his head and found out tha

t Rachel was standing at the door. He frowned and asked, "Why are you here?"

"Who else are you expecting it to be?" Rachel calmed down.

It seemed that Charles's anger was not directed at her.

"Never mind. Why are you here?" Charles asked Rachel lightly. His tone reflected less passion and more alienation.

Thinking of that night, Charles couldn't really be passionate to Rachel now.

"I was shooting in this area. I assumed that you might not have had your breakfast yet, so I got you something to eat." Rachel smiled as if nothing had happened between them. Showing off the breakfast in her hand, she said, "Come on let's eat, I bought these from the restaurant that you like very much."

Charles frowned. Since that night, he had tried to keep a distance from Rachel. He didn't know the reason why he did this, but he simply needed some time off to think about it.

"Never mind," Charles answered coldly, "I have had my breakfast already. If you don't have anything important to say then you can leave now. I have an appointment right now."

Rachel was standing with her back to Charles, putting the breakfast on the table. She paused at the words, and her eyes flashed with viciousness. Then she changed her facial expression quickly and turned around. She said smilingly, "I got up very early to buy this breakfast for you. Just to appreciate my gesture, could you take a bite of it?"

Rachel took a Steamed Crystal Dumpling to feed Charles.

Charles was hesitant. Just when Charles was trying to stop Rachel, the office door was opened up by someone angrily.

David had tried to stop Autumn, but it was too late for that.

Seeing that her time with Charles was interrupted by someone, Rachel's face became pale. She looked at Autumn angrily and shouted at David, "David, when did you become so unprofessional? Don't you know that your boss is busy right now? The new secretary is brainless and it is your responsibility to teach her manners."

When Rachel met Autumn for the first time, she didn't like her. It was a good chance for her to insult her now. So Rachel held Charles's hand with affection and said, "Charles, look at this woman. How irresponsibly do you hire your staff? In my opinion, you'd better fire her now to not regret later."

Autumn stared at Charles angrily but didn't say anything. This made Charles feel guilty.

David was nervous to look at Charles. He stood in front of Autumn and said, "Miss Ye, Our CEO is busy right now…"

"Busy? With what?"

Autumn asked with a calm expression on her face. But her anger couldn't be suppressed any further.

Because of Charles's negative comment on her plan, Autumn had to stay up for several days to modify it.

When she came to the office this morning, she was told that Charles was in a meeting, so she patiently waited!

But what was she waiting for?

It was a meeting with his mistress. She felt as if it was because of Rachel that she had to wait outside for a very long time.

Since their marriage was based on an agreement, Autumn could have ignored them if this happened in other situation. But this was about her work so she couldn't endure it at all.

Autumn angrily said, "Mr. Lu, you look very busy with your mistress. Having a leader like you, it really seems like a miracle that Shining Company could make it so far in the business world."

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