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   Chapter 12 Entering Shining Company For The First Time

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The new street market was cramped with people. The market alley wasn't wide enough to accommodate a car. So Charles stopped his car at the market entrance and walked in with Autumn.

He walked a step behind her to block out the crowd and protected her with one of his arm staying a few inches beside her waist.

"What do you want for dinner?" Autumn suddenly turned her head to Charles. His gentle protectiveness deeply touched her.

For the first time in her life someone had treated her so well.

"You can buy whatever you like." Actually Charles wasn't really particular about food. He only wanted to spend some more time with Autumn.

"What about... Lily Fried with Celery, Fish Braised in Soy Sauce and Rib Soup with White Gourd?" Autumn asked casually. Charles immediately nodded in agreement and Autumn then made her way to the vegetable stall. "Granny, how much is the celery?"

"Miss, how have you been?" The woman smiled at her. She also took notice of Charles, and then she asked, "Is this... your boyfriend?"

"I am her husband." He replied with a smile, nothing looked like the arrogant CEO back in his office.

Autumn was blushing. She quickly picked up some vegetables and hurried to leave. When they were about to leave, the woman generously gave them some scallion and told her, "Miss, you have an eye for a good life. It'll take some load off your grandmother's mind."

Most people in the market knew she had always been good to her grandmother. Now that she found a good, caring husband, everyone was happy for her.

Thinking about her grandmother, Autumn choked with emotions. She hurriedly bought some other food ingredients and went back home with Charles. When they got home, she tied her hair in a neat ponytail and began cooking the dinner.

She firstly cleansed the ribs in boiling water and put them in a stewpot. Then she worked on the rest of the food items. In just a little while, three delicious dishes were ready to be served.

She took off the apron and called out for Charles to eat. "Time for dinner."

He, sitting on the sofa, put down the newspaper. His eyes hadn't been on the newspaper. All he had done was observing her all the while. He was more curious about her now.

Autumn served a bowl of rice for him. Seeing him stare at her, she couldn't help but ask, "What happened? Does my face look dirty?"

She wiped her face with her hands.

Charles shook his head. "No, nothing. Come let's have dinner."

Autumn didn't push too much. She quietly finished her dinner and cleared the table. Then she went upstairs to revise the plan.

Charles knew it was because of him that she had to keep revising the plan again and again. But he wasn't satiated only because he wanted to stay with her longer. He knew if their relationship went at this pace, they might just end up as "normal roommates".

Charles kept thinking about their relationship post dinner. The more he thought, the more whiny he became. So he called his grandfather for help.

His grandfather was considerate enough to leave the newly wed alone in the house. He went to America to visit his granddaughter. He was about to go fishing when Charles called.

"Charles, how have you been? Do you get along well with Yvonne?" From his cheerful sound, Charles could tell that he felt quite comfortable.

"Grandfather, when will you come back?" Charles asked him.

"A couple of days later." His grandfather continued, "Why did you call? I'm actually busy right now with fishing."

Charles hesitated for a while and then said, "No big deal. It's about Yvonne. She just..."

"What happened to my dear daughter-in-law?" His grandfather was shocked. He hadn't seen her before but he liked her very much ever since

the wedding day. On that day, Charles acted rather inappropriately, but she dealt with the mess without even a single complaint. He really appreciated her patience.

Charles' vague narrative got him a little worried.

"What happened, grandfather?" Over the phone, Charles heard the voice of Chris Lu, his sister. Chris shouted at him and said, "Brother, I've packed up my luggage. We'll come back soon."

Charles was delighted to hear that.

The next morning, when Charles went downstairs, Autumn had already left for work. But she had prepared a rich breakfast and left a note with it on the table. She made sandwich today. Charles ate it with milk and then went to his office.

Autumn spent all night working on the plan. Despite that, she left for work early in the morning via subway. When Autumn reached the office, it was still early. So she made herself a cup of coffee in the pantry. She heard Paula's voice outside when she was about to leave the pantry. "Did you hear that? Mr. Lu lost his cool yesterday, because Ye tried to seduce him. I don't understand how this slut had the nerve to do that?"

"Paula, don't gossip behind her back. She is not that type of a girl." On hearing someone stand up for Autumn, Paula sneered. "You may know her for a long time, but you are too naive to see through her true self. I saw through this slut's mind the moment I saw her for the first time. She pretends to enjoy working here, but she only wants to find a rich husband, get married and settle down. Just wait and see whether Charles will fall in love with her or not. In my eyes, it's simply impossible."

Paula couldn't help but think about what happened yesterday. The more she thought about it, the more it made her angry. So she cursed her without mercy. Autumn, on the contrary, didn't bother to quarrel with her. She just took her coffee and headed straight back to her office, without paying any attention to them.

Paula certainly noticed her. She sneered again. "We all work here. It is important to teach someone to behave right. One shouldn't cross lines just to get male attention."

Autumn went ahead and closed the office door to avoid the noise.

She sent her plan to David Fan via email. A while later, she received his call. "Miss Ye, our CEO thinks the plan still needs some improvements. I'm afraid you will have to come here. I'll send a car to pick you up."

"No need. I'll take a subway and go there."

"The car is already on the way. You'll see it at the entrance of your office in ten minutes." David had been working for Charles for years. He could easily see through his mind.

How could the wife of their CEO come to their company by subway?

Autumn told Ryan about this. Ryan agreed, though he didn't think of her as highly as he did before. He was expecting that Shining Company could give them another chance to plan some important activities.

When she came downstairs to the entrance, she saw a car as expected. The driver got down the car and greeted her the moment he saw her. He then opened the door for her.

She didn't speak a word on the way to the Charles's office.

The car stopped at the entrance of the Shining Company. The grandeur of the office amazed her

The Gu's Group was big too but it was nothing compared to Shining Company.

David was keenly waiting for her. When she arrived he took her to the sitting room outside Charles' office. "Miss Ye, please wait here. The CEO will finish his video conference in another ten minutes."

"Okay." Autumn nodded. From the glass door, she saw Charles. He looked more attractive while working.

Noticing how everyone walked at a fast pace with a serious look on the face, Autumn couldn't help but sit up straight.

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