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   Chapter 11 The Protective Husband, Charles

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"Mr. Lu, don't worry. I will supervise the plan and it will be satisfactory," Ryan said, smiling slyly. When Charles suddenly stopped walking, Ryan behind him almost ran into him.

"Mr. … Mr. Lu, what's the matter?" Ryan didn't hear what Paula had said because he fell behind. When he saw Charles staring at Paula without winking, he was surprised.

'Hasn't he selected Autumn Ye already? Why is he interested in Paula now?

Paula is a pretty lady, but compared to the young and vigorous Ye, she was nothing. After all, Paula is much older.'

Then, Ryan beckoned Paula forward. Paula went up to him with grace and said shyly, "Mr. Lu…"

Even her voice had a captivating lure.

"Mr. Lu, this is another planner of our company. Her name is Paula," Ryan introduced Paula smilingly as he pulled Paula towards him. Paula pretended to fall down, expecting Charles would hold her. Her wish didn't come true. Charles moved away and Paula almost tumbled forward.

"Mr. Lu…" Paula grumbled as she stared at Charles. She thought, 'He comes from a blue blooded family. Although I can't marry him, I will live a rich life if I become his mistress.'

Paula, totally different from Autumn, had been pursuing a life goal that she would get into a relationship with a rich man.

"Mr. Lu, Ye is not qualified for the plan. She made such a huge mistake. I can take over this plan if you trust me with it. I will give you a satisfactory plan," Paula gave Charles her firm and solemn promise.

Charles glanced at Paula indifferently and jeered, "Are you qualified?"

"Mr. Lu, Paula is one of the best planners. She …" Ryan held a grudge against Autumn because she planned a conference instead of a wine party against his will. He thought, 'Charles too suspects Ye's ability now. It gives me a good chance to replace Ye with others.

Compared to Ye, Paula is way more meek and mild.

All these years Ye has made tremendous progress, which has made it difficult for me to affront her. But this event would let me cut her down to size.'

Charles interrupted Ryan before he finished, "Mr. Zhou, when did you allow any random guy in your company to make plans?"

"What… What?"

"I warn you today, Ye is to handle everything about the plan for the Shining Company. Stop bad-mouthing her. Anyone who says anything against her will have nothing but regrets," Charles commanded as he ran his eyes over Paula who was quivering with fear.

She realized Charles was here to support Ye.

She remained calm but she could feel waves of anger surging inside her.


Why does Ye get all the benefits in the company? Even Charles thinks highly of her.

However, what about me?'

"When the plan is finished, ask Ye to send it to my company," Charles ended the conversation and left the Cloud Advertising Company directly. David followed him.

'I have come here twice for this small plan. I should rather behave like a real CEO and stop coming here again and again. That naughty lady should know I am not good-tempered.'

Autumn was focused on modifying the plan. She didn't know what happened outside. Leila Zhang told her when she brought a coffee for Autumn, "Ye, you didn't see Paula wear a long face? The hyaluronic acids she injected two days ago

to remain young and beautiful would be non-effective because of the anger." Paula was mean and difficult to get along with, while Autumn was more popular because of her innocence and humble nature. The people in the company were mocking Paula's setback.

Autumn was surprised at the news and suspected Charles' motive.

'He embarrassed me and then supported me in front of the others. Why?'

"Ye, how is your plan going on? Do you need my help?" Leila didn't leave after bringing in the coffee and gossiping about Paula. Instead, she got close to Autumn, asking whether she needed any help or not.

Autumn refused her kindness by shaking her head, "Thank you for the coffee. By the way, don't gossip about Paula. I don't mind it, but it's not good to say words like this in public."

'Paula will seek revenge for even the smallest grievance. If she knows what Leila said, she would do something crazy to take revenge from Leila.'

The kind-hearted Autumn reminded Leila to be careful. However, it took her a long time to realise that some people would even take others' good will as malice.

After Leila left, Autumn worked for quite a while. She thought, 'Charles is a real fault-finder. But I have no choice because he is my client.' She could do nothing but work on the plan again.

Her thoughts were interrupted by a call.

It was from Charles.

He enquired straightly, "It's so late. Why are you still working?"

Autumn looked up through the window and found out that nearly everyone at office had already left. She replied, "I have something to do. I will come back a little late."

"No!" Charles wasn't going to take a "No!" from her. "You have five minutes to pack up. I'll wait for you outside the building of your company. Let's go home so that you can cook supper for me."

"Don't we have servants?" Autumn frowned, complaining. But Charles had already hung up, staring at the entrance of the Cloud Advertising Company happily.

He saw Autumn coming out in a short time.

"Let's go to the new street market first," Autumn suggested as she got on the car and fastened her seat belt.

"Why are we going to the market?"

"Didn't you say you want me to cook you a supper? I can't cook because there are no vegetables at home." Autumn took shopping in the new street market for granted.

New street market was a place where various kinds of people gathered. With that in mind, Charles narrowed his brows hard and intended to advise shopping in a supermarket instead. But Autumn was in no mood to listen to him, "New street market is remote, but the products are cheap and fresh. It's a good choice to shop there."

"Do you go shopping there often?" Charles pretended to ask casually.

"Yes." Autumn grew up with her grandma. She used to walk thirty minutes longer to go shopping in this street market. It happened to be a very economical way to save money for them. But she soon recalled she was pretending to be the spoilt Yvonne from the affluent Gu family, so it was impossible for her to bargain her way with the market vendors there. She then immediately took back what she said, 'Well, I always hear my servants talk about this market, so I'm pretty familiar with it.'

"Is it true?" Charles asked absent-mindedly.

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