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   Chapter 10 Front Page News

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"Don't get me wrong. Something happened to Rachel, and I only went to help her." Charles explained.

Autumn didn't expect Charles to explain it to her. She smiled in embarrassment, "You don't have to explain it to me. We are only partners. I don't care about your private affairs. But please be careful not to be caught by the paparazzi."

"Okay." Autumn's serious expression annoyed Charles and he suddenly had no appetite left. He dropped down the chopsticks and said, "I'm full."

Autumn went blank for a moment. She thought Charles was in a bad mood because of Rachel. She cleared away the bowl and chopsticks and went upstairs.

As the servant was away, Autumn got up early the next morning. There were eggs and wheat flour in the kitchen. She mixed the flour and water to make dough and then made some omelettes. Charles woke up in high spirits this morning.

The house was full of the smell of omelettes. Charles glanced at the kitchen, his eyes softened.

He suddenly felt the warmth of home because of Autumn.

"Come and have breakfast." Autumn greeted Charles. The omelettes and freshly ground soybean milk gave Charles a good appetite. He felt he would be more picky about food because of Autumn.

"Charles..." Charles was about to go to work after breakfast, but Autumn timidly stopped him, "I'll go to work by subway. You don't have to drive me to work."

"Did I tell you I would drive you to work?" Charles glanced at Autumn and thought, 'Other ladies want me to drive them so badly.

Fine! Why should I show excessive passion to such a cold person?'

Charles left the house, without looking back. Autumn stayed still. She was dumbfounded. 'Did I say anything wrong?

Charles looked upset.' Autumn thought to herself.

Charles arrived his office with a straight face. This made everyone jittery. David Fan hesitated at the door of Charles's office for a long time. He dared not knock on the door.

"What are you doing there? Come in or get going!" Charles shouted. Although Charles was unable to clearly see the person through the frosted glass door, he could see someone walking up and down at his door. This infuriated him.

"Mr.... Mr. Lu." David stood in front of Charles nervously and thought, 'I'm screwed. Mr. Lu is in a bad mood today. But something bad happened and I have to report to Mr. Lu.'

"What is going on?" Seeing David's blank look, Charles shouted angrily.

"Have... have you seen today's Y City Morning Post?" David asked cautiously.

Morning Post?

Charles spent the whole morning being at odds with Autumn. He had no time to read the newspaper.

"What happened?" Charles furrowed his brows.

David took a deep breath and was prepared of the upcoming storm, "Mr. Lu, you are on the front page news."

David carefully presented today's Morning Post. Charles saw the headline on the front page at the first sight, "CEO of Shining Company Met Female Celebrity Rachel Bai at Midnight, Leaving Behind His New Wife."

Charles was uninterested in the article, but he clearly saw the picture of him and Rachel entered the hotel together.

"Mr. Lu, the news has provoked much discussion. If your grandfather finds o

ut..." David shivered at the very thought of it. The powerful Mr. Lu was only a little lamb in front of his grandfather.

"Check who had the courage to cook up this story and spread it around. I want him to disappear in media circle forever." Charles was enraged. He added, "Don't let my grandfather know about this."

"Yes." David wrote these down and asked, "Mr. Lu, what are you going to do about this? Are you going to hold a news conference to explain this?"

"Not necessary." Charles shook his head. A new product of Shining Company was about to go public. This news somehow helped the company to attract much attention from the public.

"Anything else?" Charles raised his eyebrows as he saw David staying still.

"Mr. Lu, Ye from Cloud Advertising Company called and said the revised plan had been finished. She asked for an appointment..."

"Now!" Charles interrupted David.

"Wh... what?" David had served as Charles's assistant for many years, and felt he knew him well. However, he suddenly discovered that he didn't know Charles at all.

For instance, he didn't understand why Charles was out of control when Cloud Advertising Company was mentioned.

Or... was it because of his wife?

Despite the confusion in his mind, David immediately arranged the car and went to Cloud Advertising Company with Charles. After all, David was a professional assistant.

Autumn had revised the plan according to Charles's requirements. Even David thought it was a perfect plan, but Charles was not yet satisfied.

"Bullshit! Redo it!" Charles was upset because he remembered Autumn's indifferent attitude, and couldn't help creating difficulties for her.

"Mr.... Mr. Lu?" David frowned as he finally realized Charles was using his power to get back at Autumn.

Charles cast a cold glance at David, and the latter closed his mouth and lowered his head.

"Mr. Lu, I said a news conference is not appropriate. I think a wine party is better..." Ryan was overjoyed.

"Mr. Lu." Autumn had worked hard on the plan for a long time. Charles was satisfied with the plan before. Why was he unsatisfied with it now after she had revised the plan in accordance with his requirements? She was angered and asked, "Which part are you unsatisfied with? Please tell me."

"I'm unsatisfied with every part of it." Charles answered coldly. Autumn was red-cheeked with rage.

She was not a fool. She realized that Charles was taking revenge from her.

But Autumn didn't know when and how she had offended him.

Seeing Autumn's face, Charles thought she would come to him privately and ask him to spare her. But Autumn raised her face stubbornly and looked at him in the eyes, "Fine! I'll redo it."

Charles went blank as he didn't know how to respond.

Paula Pan was elated with Charles's moves as she disliked Autumn. She finally found the opportunity to mock Autumn this time. After leaving the meeting room, Autumn heard Paula's sarcasm, "Someone is so shameless. If I were her, I would be ashamed of staying here and leave the company."

Autumn didn't care about it at all, but Charles, who followed her out, raised his eyebrows on hearing Paula's unkind words.

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