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   Chapter 5 Cohabitation

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They opened the door of the room and got inside the room. Charles called room service to order some food, while Rachel went to the bathroom to take a shower. When Rachel came out of the bathroom, the hotel waiter was taking the food from the serving trolley and putting it on the table.

"It smells so good, " She smilingly said, "Shall we open a bottle of wine?"

"Okay." Charles was a self-controlled man. He seldom drank when he had to drive but today he agreed to drink some wine. Rachel was so excited about this.

"Have a sip." Rachel poured Charles a glass of wine and purposely dimmed the light of the room. The candlelight on the table threw light on her face. A bathrobe was loosely tied around her body, and the private parts of her body were shown indistinctly.

She believed that Charles could give in to such a temptation and be lured to her.

"How does it taste?" Rachel was barefoot and slightly rubbed Charles's leg with her own foot. Her smile was alluring.

"It tastes good." Rachel was frustrated with Charles's solemn answer.

But she didn't get discouraged and sat on the table in front of Charles, with a glass of wine in her hand. Charles understood her intention now.

He slightly frowned.

"Charles, we have been together... for about two years, right?" asked Rachel softly, while swirling the wine around in her glass.

"Hmm, " replied Charles flatly. Somehow, the thought of Autumn struck him.

Last night, Autumn appeared in front of Charles just like Rachel did today. She had a delicate and white face, and Charles was way more attracted to Autumn than to Rachel who was fascinating and flirty.

"In fact..." Rachel paused and slightly dropped her eyes. The light fell on her long eyelashes and the shadow fell all across her face.

She majored in acting, so she certainly knew how she looked the most attractive and how to captivate a man by her beauty. To successfully seduce Charles, she did everything possible.

"Charles, I'm willing to..." She lowered her head and blushed. It was pretty evident what she meant.

After seeing that Charles wasn't responding to her, Rachel daringly put down her wine glass and sat on Charles's lap, nestling in his arms. She drew circles on his chest with her finger, but Charles got hold of her finger.

"Rachel, don't..." He frowned.

He even thought if Autumn stayed with him in the hotel, she probably wouldn't ever do such a bold thing.

"Charles, I can." Rachel was in no mood to give up. It was not easy to get this chance, so she wouldn't give up so easily. "Charles, you've been restraining your sexual desire all these years just for me. I really appreciate that. But I'm now willing to make love to the man I love. I'm really willing to do that."

"No." Charles added, "I haven't done such a thing with you before. And since I'm married now, I can't do that. Rachel, I won't keep you waiting so long, believe me."

Although he was in the hotel room now, he wanted to rush to the Cloud Advertising Company.

"Charles!" Rachel felt a bit upset.

She had never been this disappointed. Charles always patiently reasoned with her before, but today he didn't.

He had certainly changed.

Rachel felt depressed as she realised this.

"Rachel, have a good rest today. I will see you tomorrow, " said Charles flatly.

"No. I won't let you go." Rachel wrapped her arms around Charles from behind. Charles smelled her pleasant fragrance, but he didn't feel the desire for her anymore.

Rachel tightly hugged him. She had a strong feeling that she was going to lose him now.

She was unwilling to give up on him.

So she began to passionately kiss him. In the beginning, Charles didn't react to her behav

iour, but later he actively kissed her back, He even dominated the kiss now.

They kissed by the table and then moved to the sofa while kissing. The bath robe dropped from Rachel's body. Rachel enjoyed Charles's enthusiasm and felt relieved.

She couldn't wait to stretch out her hands and unbutton Charles's shirt. When she was about to have sex with him, Charles stopped.

"What... What's wrong?" Rachel's lips were a bit swollen and her eyes were filled with tears. Possibly, any other man would be attracted to this delicate and charming woman.

"Nothing." Charles kissed Rachel on the forehead and quickly stood up. He buttoned up his shirt which was unbuttoned by Rachel earlier and adjusted his clothes. He then told Rachel, "It's getting late. You should go to bed early. I also have to go back home."

"Charles? Charles!" No matter how hard Rachel called him, Charles just ignored her and even picked up his pace.

Rachel lost all hope. She made every possible effort to stay with him. She even put her self respect and reputation at stake. But Charles just heartlessly left her. He had hurt her pride, making her feel helpless and heartbroken.

"Charles Lu..." She called his name in her head, looking enraged.

She couldn't tolerate what Charles did to her today. She decided to never let him live peacefully.

The news about the love affair between Rachel, the famous female star, and Charles, the Shining Company's CEO, would spread across the Y City in no time.

With this news doing rounds, his wife would be disappointed and leave her unfaithful husband.

Rachel always listened to Charles before. But now he was married to another woman.

This time, she would not be so silly as before.

Rachel put on the bathrobe and called someone with an expressionless face. "Leo, have you taken any photos of Charles and me? ... Okay, please help me do this thing. I will buy you dinner after this is done."

Rachel hung up the phone and looked out the window. The cold night stirred up her feelings. She felt bitterly disappointed and heartbroken.

She thought it was time to have an encounter with that 'Yvonne Gu' and let her understand that she only 'lent' her the identity of Charles's wife temporarily.

Autumn was busy at work in her office. She didn't come back home until midnight. Charles waited for her in his study and he felt relieved as he heard Autumn's footsteps.

After she came back home, Autumn set her alarm 20 minutes early so that she had enough time to take the subway tomorrow morning. But to her surprise, when she went down to the ground floor in the morning, Charles also woke up.

"Good morning." They would always see each other as they lived in the same house. Autumn greeted Charles and sat at the table to have breakfast.

Charles flatly looked at Autumn. The light of her bedroom was turned off at four o'clock in the morning, but she got up so early and still looked energetic. He wondered whether her job really made her so happy.

"You're very busy with your work, right?" It was the first time that Charles had shown concern on the daily life of his "roommate".

Autumn was a bit stunned by his words and slightly nodded. "Yeah. I had taken a few days off and now I have a pile of work to do. What's more, my boss accepted a really important case. So I have to work overtime these days."

When she recalled that it was Shining Company's case, Autumn cautiously asked, "Mr. Lu, if your company is going to have an annual meeting party, you will not hold this event as a wine party, right?"

Since she had to submit the proposal today, she stayed up all night working to complete her proposal. She only slept for about two hours last night.

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