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   Chapter 4 Rachel Bai's Plan

The Substitute Bride By VERONICA DAY Characters: 5612

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After hanging up the phone, Autumn decided to have lunch. Her colleagues had already left the office. She felt a sharp pain in the cervical spine as a result of years of hard work.

She stood up and stretched a bit. Hungry, she went downstairs to grab a quick bite. When she reached the ground floor, she saw a hazy yet familiar silhouette. It was Yvonne holding a man's arm tightly.

Didn't Yvonne run away from the wedding? What was she doing here?

Just when Autumn came forward to see who the lady was, someone grabbed her into a tight embrace. A giant truck whizzed past her.

"Do you want to die?" Charles shouted in an angry yet concerned tone. Autumn pushed Charles away only to find that the lady across the street had disappeared.

"I'm talking to you, lady. Do you hear me?" Charles was boiling with anger. He came all the way from his office to have lunch with Autumn, only to see her desperately run into the middle of the road. He was still a little scared of what could have happened to Autumn.

If he didn't pull her over, she would…

"What brings you here?" Autumn asked Charles.

She would be able to get back her identity only if she found Yvonne. She didn't want to live in Yvonne's name any more.

Charles looked grim.

He had just saved Autumn's life but she looked so cold.

Shouldn't she throw herself into Charles's arms and thank him for being a saviour?

"Hey. I saved you, but you…"

"Thank you." Autumn's thanks subsided Charles's anger. But he didn't know what to say.

"Thank you." Autumn thought Charles didn't hear what she said clearly, so she repeated it, "If it weren't for you, I might have died."

"So you do know the ways of the world." Charles said tauntingly.

Autumn bit her lip and didn't say a word.

"Did you eat?" As Autumn was mum, Charles decided to change the topic, "How about having a lunch together?"

"No, I don't think so." Autumn shook her head, "I have already had some food. Go back. I have to work overtime today and might return late tonight. So, don't wait for me."

Then she turned around and left. This irritated Charles.

How dare Autumn say no to him?


Very good!

Autumn had to pay a price for it!

Autumn didn't bother to think why Charles came here. All she wanted was to go up and wrap up the Shining Company's plan. After coming back to the office, she got busy reading Shining Company's information, hoping to find some useful information.

It was time to leave even before Autumn realised it. She was still buried under the piles of work.

Charles wanted to punish Autumn for her rude behaviour, but he still drove to her office after work. The employees of Cloud Advertising Company came out one by one, but he couldn't see Autumn anywhere.

He locked

his car and walked inside the building.

Autumn was occupied completely in reading the information displayed on the screen of her computer. She took no notice of Charles's arrival. He stood at the door for a long time patiently. Suddenly, he received a call from Rachel Bai.

Rachel just finished work. Last night, when she woke up, she found Charles had left without informing. She was so angry and mad at him.

She knew very well that Charles surrendered only to the weak and not the strong. If she lost her temper in front of him, he would leave. But he couldn't refuse her gentleness, so she was always meek and polite.

If she shed out some tears, Charles would satisfy all her demands.

Charles picked up the phone and heard Rachel's soft voice, "Charles, where are you? I just finished work. Do you want to have dinner together today?"

"Sure." Rachel's voice simmered down Charles's anger. With the thought of Rachel's magical powers, Charles ignored Autumn. He walked out of the building and asked Rachel, "Where are you? I'll pick you up, maybe."

"I'm at the…" Rachel told Charles where she was and patiently waited for Charles.

Charles's grandpa Gary didn't like her, but he was old and didn't have too many years in his kitty.

Besides, Charles had promised Rachel that no matter who he got married to, he would always keep his integrity. All she needed to do was try harder to keep him on her side forever. Then she would be his wife one day.

Rachel didn't have to wait too long. Charles was here. After getting in the car, she kissed Charles on the lips and asked him with a sweet smile, "What's for the dinner?"

"There is a new fancy French restaurant nearby. Would you like to go there?" Charles tilted his face to ask Rachel for her opinion.

"Well, listen to me tonight." Rachel blinked innocently and laughed merrily as Charles nodded.

Rachel led Charles to a hotel. Charles frowned in the elevator.

"This is the place you want to come?"

"Yeah." Rachel tightly held Charles' arm and said, "Charles, I'm really tired after work. I want to stay with you at some place quiet without being intruded by others."

Rachel leaned her head on Charles' shoulder and continued, "The food here is delicious. We can order room service, okay?"

"Okay." Charles agreed with a nod. He doted on Rachel despite his cold tone.

Rachel was satisfied. She knew Charles was always emotionless.

They didn't have sex for these two years even after they went steady with each other. But now Rachel was anxious as Charles was married to someone else to please his grandpa.

She was eager to have sex with Charles tonight. She thought, it would be better if she got pregnant and had a baby boy. If this didn't work out, she had another plan ready too.

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