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   Chapter 3 Getting Back To Work

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The black suit gave away the outline of his masculine body. And his intense fair and chiseled face, made it hard for her to move her eyes from him.

"Can you stop staring at me? Sit down for the breakfast." Charles said without even casting a glance at her.

Autumn was embarrassed to have him see through her mind. She quietly took the seat on his left.

The breakfast was sumptuous but Autumn was full after having a bowl of porridge. She put down the bowl and spoon and found that Charles was looking at her. He spoke, "Why don't you get more sleep? You don't need to get up so early."

"No, it's enough." Autumn shook her head. She realized that Charles' behaviour was quite different from yesterday. Though he still acted distant, he was more polite now. So she too decided to have a sensible talk with him. "I asked for a leave for three days. Now, It's time to get back to work."

"Work?" Charles was confused. He had no idea that this ignorant lady had some real job, because his men didn't tell him anything about this.

"Yes, Work!" Autumn looked at the time and said, "I'm running late. I should get going now."

"Wait." Charles stood up and buttoned up his suit. He said, "I am going to work too. We are going in the same direction. I can stop by your office to drop you."

Same direction? He didn't even know where she worked. How could he stop by?

She was full of distrust, but he insisted on giving her a ride. After getting in the car, she gave him the address. She leaned on the seat to take some rest.

Charles didn't say anything, but a lot was going on inside him.

The address Autumn told him was of a very famous advertising company in Y City. Though it was a small-sized company, it was quite promising.

As far as he knew, this company had nothing to do with the Gu family. He wondered, why would a Lady of the Gu family work there?

His company happened to cooperate with that company now. He wanted to see what she wanted to do exactly.

Autumn "woke" up just in time when they were about to reach her office. She asked him to pull over at the corner of the street.

She knew what could happen if her colleagues saw her getting down from a limo.

Charles didn't ask much then and stopped the car as she instructed. She got down from the car in a cheerful mood and waved goodbye to him before she hopped into her office building.

It was the first time for Charles to see someone feel so happy about going to work.

The three-day leave made her a little lazy. She cheered herself on at the door of the Cloud Advertising Company.

Though she was now Mrs. Lu, she was determined to work as hard as she could. No matter what changes happened in her life, she swore she would not give up her job. This was her only source of financial security and stability. After all, she had to pay the medical fee for her ill grandmother.

"Ye, you finally came back!" Manager Ryan Zhou greeted her the moment she stepped in. Three years ago, she was just an unknown assistant, but now she was the best advertisement planner of the company.

She was not the most educated, neither the most obedient. But she was definitely the most capable assistant of Ryan Zhou.

Autumn was shocked to see the man in front of her. His face was covered with the stubble from days. She had been gone only for three days but looking at him it seemed

, she had been gone forever. He looked painfully exhausted.

Ryan Zhou held her and begged sincerely, "Ye, you must help me out this time."

From his incoherent narrative, Autumn understood that he had taken a huge project. Although the entire company had worked as one and revised the plan five times, but the client just couldn't be satisfied with the plan. Everyone in the company felt frustrated and Ryan felt the most frustrated.

His company was established a long time ago. But this was the first time he experienced failure.

"Who is this client?" Autumn frowned.

"Who else could it be? It's the Shining Company..." Ryan sighed and continued. "Its anniversary celebration is going to take place on the 8th of the next month and we are planning a wine party for this company."

"Shining Company?" Isn't that Charles' company?

"Did they ask for a wine party?" Autumn was amused.

Most enterprises chose to celebrate their anniversaries in this manner. For one, it conformed to the usual convention. And two, a good dinner was a treat to the staff who had worked really hard for the company. But she just felt strange simply imagining Charles in a suit proposing a toast to one group of staff after another.

That's why she asked this question.

"Oh, no. They didn't." Ryan carefully recalled. They had just asked for a plan for the celebration, but they weren't limiting it to a wine party.

"All right, give me the documents of the company. I'll give it a try." Ryan said thanks to her a thousand times. If his most talented planner couldn't find a solution, then he was definitely screwed.

So on the first day itself, Autumn was all occupied with this banquet. She was so busy that she even forgot to have her lunch. Wendy Ye called to remind her of the same.

But her reminder was more like a dun.

"Autumn, have you had your lunch?" Wendy pretended to play the role of a concerned mother.

If she hadn't urged her to marry Charles yesterday, Autumn would have been really touched by her concern. But now...

She had lost all her love and respect for Wendy Ye.

"Save it. What do you want? I'm busy with this plan right now."

"What?" Wendy shouted, "You go to work the next day after your wedding?"

"Shouldn't I?" Autumn sneered. "Do you think Charles will give his money to me?

"It's obvious for him to do that since you are his wife now..." Wendy murmured. But Autumn had no time to hear her nonsense. So she interrupted. "What on earth do you want from me? I'm hanging up the phone."

"Wait, wait, wait..." Wendy stopped her. In reality, Wendy had no concern for Autumn. What she wanted to know was how was Charles' promise going. "Autumn, now that you are married to him, ask my son-in-law about his promise. When will he fulfill his promise? Your grandmother... is waiting for another medical bill to be paid..."

Autumn clenched her fingers, whose tips had turned white. She managed to control her feelings without lashing at Wendy. "Trust me, I will keep my promise. But if anything happens to my grandmother, I swear I will destroy everything you cherish. You have my word on that."

Wendy responded in a flattering sound. "Don't worry about her. After all, she was my mother-in-law..."

Autumn decided to cut short their talk.

She had once dreamed about the family bond to improve, but now she wanted nothing.

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