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   Chapter 2 Agreement

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"I…" Autumn answered with her eyes wide open. She looked innocent at the moment.

Before she could finish, Charles interrupted and commanded, "Yvonne, I took you as my wife only to please my grandpa. If you think you'll get to sleep with me to be able to consolidate your status, you better drop that thought because that's only going to happen in your dreams."

'I chose Yvonne from thousands of candidates simply for two prime reasons. Firstly, it is the talk of the town that Yvonne is a spoilt girl from a rich family. The innocent and stupid girl has been goofing off. Secondly, only one helluva bait will satiate the cunning Simon Gu. Moreover, Gu's company won't ever pose a threat to me.

But see what happened? Yvonne Gu tried to lure me with her beauty by broadcasting her seminude body as soon as I reached home. Can't believe they say she's stupid!

It's clear that she knows how to seduce me by using her body as a bait.'

Autumn was dying to speak to Charles about an agreement, so she calmed her down. When Charles insulted her with his poor judgement of her intention, she was enraged.

She got up from the bed and sat straight on the heels to look at Charles bravely in the eye. His dark eyes made it clear to her that he didn't think high of her.

Autumn's anger reached its zenith.

"Mr. Lu, you have the beautiful Miss Rachel Bai as your girlfriend. I am sure my ordinary looks are not good enough for you," Autumn smirked.

"I know my capabilities well so I will never hope to ever receive your love. However, I just wish you do me a small favor and sign this, Mr. Lu." Autumn with one hand tightly gripping the towel, used the other hand to take out a file from her bag. Then she showed the file to Charles.

"Mr. Lu, I am nothing. You wanted me to marry you and I did. I know I am a mere distraction for you. But can you please let me go when you don't need me? I will appreciate your kindness," Autumn spoke sincerely. There was no mockery, no pretence, in her tone.

Charles was astonished to see her courage.

There were only two sentences written on the agreement.

First Term: Party A (Charles Lu) will help Gu's Company to sail through this crisis.

Second term: On no account should Party A and Party B share an intimate relationship.

Autumn had signed under the head of Party B. Charles found her signature to be naturally written in one stroke. The ink was well-distributed just like clouds or fumes of smoke.

She must be tender and firm.

"Mr. Lu, hurry up, sign it please," Autumn said as she handed him the pen.

He was still in shock. He believed she was only playing tricks.

He had felt guilty about using Yvonne, so he wanted to tell her the truth. He would make up to her for not loving her. The agreement just left him too confused.

"What are you planning?"

"Mr. Lu!" Autumn shouted at him, for an answer. She thought, 'Why are you so arrogant with me? I am not planning any conspiracies. In fact I want nothing to do with you. Hence this agreement. Do you understand?'

"You must have met innumerable people in your life. It must be easy for you to assess whether I am bluffing or not. Besides, it does no harm for you to sign this agreement, does it?"

Charles kept staring at Autumn without batting an eyelid. Her innocent eyes hinted she was not bluffing. So he agreed to sign it after adding a new term to it. He said, "I will sign this on a condition that you do this."

Autumn scanned the agreement and saw the term Charles had written. 'Party B Yvonne Gu should behave like a good wife as Party A seeks.'

Charles didn't sign it until Autumn nodded with careful consideration.

Autumn felt relieved to see h

im signing under his name. She quickly fetched the agreement before Charles might decide otherwise. She decided she would frame it when she was free from here.

She was too focused on the agreement that didn't notice that the towel covering her was lying flat on the ground.

Charles looked gloomy and let out a blank expression.

Her eyes looked crystal clear, simply as bright as stars. Her long eyelashes were fluttering; her flawless skin was white with a careful hint of red; her lips were delicate like rose petals.

Charles was kind of obsessed with her body.

Her figure to him… was super charming!

Her face was pretty elegant. She had perfect curves completed with big tits and buttocks, just the way Charles admired. Her skin was soft and looked very well moisturised.

Charles couldn't help but stare at her.

It was only after a long time that Autumn realized she was stark naked in front of Charles. An embarrassing silence covered the room. She raised her head and looked for Charles. When she realized he was staring at her, she blushed but immediately picked the bath towel from the ground to cover herself. She was embarrassed.

She thought, 'Will he think I dropped the bath towel on purpose to lure him?'

She shyly looked at Charles who was standing right next to her. He seemed calm and rational. From his face, it looked as if nothing had happened.

She was obviously a little disappointed.

She always thought she didn't have a perfect figure or even a perfect bottom. She was always unsatisfied with her body. But Charles' reaction only brought more disappointment.

Sadly, she would never know how bad Charles tried to restrain his expressions. He didn't want to lose control in front of this young girl.

But he couldn't ignore the flash of disappointment in her eyes.

Charles didn't have a physical relationship with Rachel in the two years of their togetherness. Even when they slept on the same bed, he acted like a complete gentleman. Of course, the nights they spent together were few.

Rachel was the one who knew him best. According to Charles, she was the most considerate girl. He didn't want to take her virginity before marriage.

He respected her and respected their love for each other.

Charles kept staring at Autumn, his thoughts kept running back to Rachel though.

Since Autumn could no longer bear his stare, she said, "Mr. Lu, it's late. I think you should go to bed."

She long stressed on the word "go".

Autumn flashed this attitude to Charles as she didn't want to sleep in the same room with Charles. Thus, she reminded him to leave.

The reality dawned upon Charles. He immediately rushed back to his study after responding with an okay to Autumn. He barely could resist the impulse to kiss her and hold her. To overcome this thought, he went on to take a half-an-hour's cold shower. There was no other way to relieve his ignited urge. For years he hadn't ever experienced an uncontrollable urge for intimacy despite sleeping with Rachel in his arms.

The next morning Autumn was waked up by an alarm. The realization of being married and being Mrs. Lu dawned upon her. But deep down, she knew her position would be replaced by Charles' girlfriend Rachel sooner or later.

She was on a three-day leave for Yvonne's wedding ceremony but now had to go to work.

After freshening up, she went out of the room and saw Charles sitting in the dining room.

It was a busy wedding ceremony yesterday. Moreover, she couldn't see his face clearly in the dim room last night. It was until then she watched him on the sly.

She had to admit that she was indeed married to a man who was breathtakingly handsome.

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