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   Chapter 14 Controlfreak Nick

Nick's Obsession By Shafira Sardar Characters: 12175

Updated: 2018-10-09 12:03

We were getting closer to our wedding date, just three more weeks and Nick and I would make things official between us. Matthew was close to hitting three months, his face slowly taking form. His eyes and nose reminded me of his father, those beautiful eyes always shining with happiness. What I adored most about little Matthew was seeing his eyes shining with so much adoration. He recognized our voices and his face always lit up when Nick came home at night and his father picked him up. I also started to notice that he seemed to recognize Evan, mainly because Evan was coming over whenever he could. Wanting to spend time with Matthew rather than Nick and me. It was cute, it also meant that I got the opportunity to get closer to Zoey, his girlfriend. I wanted her to feel part of our family and she reassured me I didn't need to put so much effort into it, she loved coming over whenever she could. She loved our little family and wanted to be part of it too.

Matthew was laying on his blanket on the floor, playing around and making noises. Letting me know he was also in the room. Smiling I picked up my cup of tea and went through the list of things my wedding planner told me to check and either giving her green light to go ahead with it or tell her to revise. Zoey was sitting beside me, scanning through my guest list to make sure I didn't forget anyone. It was fun to have a girlfriend to talk about boys and weddings with. Brandon was there, but it was different with him. I couldn't tell him everything because in the end, he was still a guy, he had a dick and couldn't quite appreciate Nick the same way I could. Zoey, however, knew exactly what I was talking about.

"Your wedding planner is freaking amazing." Zoey told me, "You need to give me her number."

My lips curled up to a smile, "Planning ahead?"

"I've made up my mind." She told me, "Evan is the guy I want to marry."

"You two make a good couple."

"We're no Emily and Nick."

I laughed, my laughter causing Matthew to stir and be even louder. It made Zoey laugh and shake her head at him.

"Trying to catch our attention?" She called to him, "We know you're there, sweetie." She got up and picked up the little boy holding him close to her while she kissed his hair, "It's hard to ignore you."

I loved how the people close to us adored him, Matthew had a lot of people around him who loved him without restraint. He was blessed.

"He'll be a charmer like his dad." Zoey told me, "I'm not sure women are ready for another Nick."

"By the time Matthew is old enough to think about girls that way his father's good looks must have worn off."

Zoey laughed, the sound causing Matthew to place his chubby hands on her face as he watched her. He looked fascinated by her laughter making both of us smile.

"Please let me tell Nick that."

"I'll tell him myself." I smiled at Zoey.

Zoey sat down beside me again while she talked to Matthew, the little boy listening to her while it seemed he tried to respond with noises. It was cute.

"I'm trying to convince your parents to go on a honeymoon so uncle Evan and I can keep you to ourselves for a while." She made Matthew face me, "Tell your mommy to go have some fun. Uncle Evan and I will take really good care of you. We are your godparents."

The last part was to remind me of their role in Matthew's life.

I smiled and sipped my tea again, "It's not me you need to convince. Nick is the one who decided we're not going on a honeymoon. I'm okay with leaving Matthew in your care."

Zoey sighed and made Matthew face her again, "Your daddy is such a control freak it's not even fu

the right decision for us. I have no intention of meeting my mother, not wanting to get hurt by whatever she has to say because I know it's not sincere. She hasn't been in my life for years, with her I can definitely say it's about you and your billions."

Nick let his hand travel over my bare leg, letting his hand slip between my thighs. The soft touch made my body burn up with anticipation. Nick leaned closer, his lips brushing against my neck while his hand traveled further, pushing into my panties.

"I'm glad my billions is not why you want me." He whispered, "It's all about my body and the orgasms I give you."

I pushed against his shoulder, laughing quietly, "Don't be that cocky, who says I haven't faked an orgasm or two?"

He leaned up, his eyes narrowing on me, "I can feel it when you come. You tighten around me, squeezing me so hard you make me come too."

"Zoey called you a charmer." I whispered, brushing my fingers over his lips which were pulled up to a smirk, "If only she could hear you now."

"She'd still find me charming enough."

I cupped his face and pulled him closer, brushing my lips against his, "Someone is amazingly arrogant tonight."

He chuckled, pressing his lips harder against mine. We kissed, his hand in my panties making me wet and needy. Letting my hands travel over his firm chest I slipped them underneath his tee and felt up his abs. I pulled away from the kiss, biting into his shoulder to keep my moans down when he slipped his fingers inside me, moving them around. He was slowly bringing me to the edge when a baby squeal caused both of us to freeze.

"Dammit." Nick whispered in my neck, pulling away to glance over his shoulder, "I'll get that."

He pulled completely away from me, heading to the bathroom. I heard the water run, rolling to my side as I tried to calm my breathing down. I felt empty without him, but thankfully he was checking on Matthew so I could gather my thoughts.

"You okay?" He asked me as he moved to the door.

"I'm fine, " I told him.

"Don't get yourself off." He warned me, "I want to get you there."

Smiling I agreed, "Fine, I'll keep my hands to myself."

He laughed, walking out and leaving the door ajar as he took care of Matthew. I stared at the ceiling, closing my eyes and listening to Nick and Matthew. Matthew's noises were slowly fading, I tried to stay focused on it, but along the way, I drifted away.

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