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   Chapter 12 Precious Nick

Nick's Obsession By Shafira Sardar Characters: 11912

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Getting dressed in a loose-fitting sweater dress, I pulled on some tights and shrugged on a leather black jacket. Nick stepped into the bedroom confused to see me all dressed up and dolled up so early in the morning.

"You have plans, Em?"

I ran my fingers through my curls, loosening them, "Yeah, ."

He walked past me, entering the bathroom to check up on his hair, "Meeting Brandon?"

Standing in the doorway I watched Nick fix his hair, his eyes flickering to me, "Can I catch a ride with you?"

"Of course." He held my gaze for a minute, a smile spread across his handsome face before he focused back on himself, "You look beautiful."

It always surprised me when Nick complimented me like that. I was marrying that guy, but I still blushed whenever he called me beautiful. Stepping closer to my fiancé, I placed my hand against his back and leaned in, pressing a kiss to the corner of his mouth.

"Love you."

His face lit up, "You're being sweet this morning." He told me, turning around and wrapped me up in his arms, "It makes me want to keep you to myself."

"We could do that."

He laughed, his laughter echoing through the bathroom, "Unfortunately I have a busy day at the office. Dinner and a movie tonight?"


He pulled away from me and exited the bathroom, "I'll grab my jacket and we'll head out."

I grabbed a pair of ankle boots from the closet and met my fiancé in the living room. Holding onto the back of the couch I slipped on my boots and glanced up meeting Nick's worried gaze.

"You okay?"

I brushed him off, "I'm fine. Meet you back here around seven? Or you need more time?"

His frown told me he wasn't quite happy about that, "You going to stay at the club?"

"It's Brandon's day off. I'm going to spend my day with him."

Nick headed to the front door and held it open for me, "Wouldn't he want to spend his day off with his girlfriend?"

His reluctance made me glare at him, "What is your problem?"

He locked the door and followed after me, "I'm just asking a question."

I pushed the button to the elevator and turned to look at Nick who started to annoy me, "No, you're subtly trying to tell me not to spend my day with Brandon. What I don't understand is why you don't want me to do that."

Nick didn't seem fazed by me, "I just didn't know that talking to Brandon about the wedding would take all day. It surprised me that's all."

Once the elevator arrived I stepped in and still glared at Nick who stepped in after me. He pushed the button to the ground floor and stood in front of me, not facing my glare.

"Nick, you want me to come home after my talk with Brandon?"

"Just drop it, will you?"

"I just want to understand what's going on."

Nick sighed and spun around, facing me, "Fine, I'll tell you, but you tell Brandon you were being relentless. That I had to tell you because you weren't dropping the stupid conversation."

Now I was worried, "Nick, please just tell me what's going on!"

"Brandon wanted to surprise you tonight." Nick gently brushed his knuckles over my cheek, "Calm down. It twists my heart to see you so worried." He reached for my hand and brushed his thumb over my engagement ring, "Wanted to come over with Sacha and spend some time with you. He didn't think you'd plan to stay with him all day."

I let out a relieved sigh, "You scared me, Nick." I whispered, "I thought we needed to have a serious conversation. Maybe postpone the wedding."

Nick shook his head at me, "You can't threaten to postpone the wedding every time we're ha

t my fiancé I could tell Nick enjoyed talking to Sacha. He wasn't pretending. It brought so much relief to me I couldn't describe the feeling.

After dinner, we had dessert and watched our movie. It was getting close to midnight when Brandon and Sacha left. I freshened up while Nick cleaned up. While slipping into one of Nick's shirts I turned around and faced him when he entered the bedroom, closing the door behind him.

"What?" He asked, noticing the way I stared at him.

"I need you to take off your pants."

He frowned, "Excuse me?"

"We haven't done it in a while."

That made his cheeks flush for the first time ever. Nick never seemed taken back when we talked sex, he rather liked it. I think the fact that his pregnant fiancée more or less demanded sex from him got him all flustered. He probably thought it wasn't something he could do either. I wasn't letting it go though. I needed him. The tingling between my legs driving me insane.

"I know."

I stepped to him and reached for his pants, undoing his belt, "I need you, Nick. So much right now. I haven't been this wet, ever."

He stopped my hands, letting out a groan when I brushed up against his growing erection, "Emily, I don't know about this."

"You seriously not going to give me what I want?" I pulled my hands away, pressed them up against his firm chest instead and pushed him, pleased with myself when I made him fall on his back on the bed, "I can be on top, it won't be a big deal."

"Nighttime is Matthew's time to move around." He reminded me.

"So what? I have to wait for another three possibly four months before I can be together with you again?"

I startled him, linking my fingers with his as I watched him think about it. The look in his eyes told me he was considering it. The growing erection between his legs telling me he was game.

"Fine." He whispered, "But we'll take it slow. Tell me when you feel uncomfortable."

Smiling I let my hands wander, feeling up my fiancé. It got him in the mood fast. He gave me what I wanted for a while, making love to me. It felt great being together with him again. It made me feel loved and beautiful. Though Nick never made me doubt his love for me. He always told me one way or another. I didn't know what I had done to deserve him, but I'd hold on tightly. Never letting go of someone so beautiful. So precious.

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