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   Chapter 11 Rescheduling The Talk

Nick's Obsession By Shafira Sardar Characters: 11341

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Nick and I were leaving Tokyo tomorrow so Chris set up a dinner date so we could meet his new girl, Hikari. She was a dainty looking girl, shy and very respectful. Different from Anna, totally different. Meeting her once told me Chris found the one. He was cautious about it, he told me he wasn't going to rush. I understood that after the pain Anna put him through.

We were seated in a private room, a hot pot in the middle of the table while we had small plates filled with delicious foods around it. Picking up my chopsticks I let Hikari fill up my bowl with broth and chicken.


She smiled at me, "It's really good."

"I've only been eating this trip, " I confessed.

Chris chuckled, "That's the best kind of holiday, is it not?"

"It is." I agreed, "The thing is I need to work out hard after having the baby if I want my figure back." Beside me, Nick shook his head, "Well if it doesn't matter to you, I don't care about being chubby either."

"I would be a jerk if I would hold it against you. You were carrying my child."

Leaning in I kissed his cheek, forgetting we weren't alone in the room. Chris smiled at us while Hikari looked down, avoiding looking at us. Apologizing I went back to my food, trying hard not to let Nick affect me. We chatted over delicious food while they had sake and I toasted with a cup of green tea. After dinner, I said my goodbyes to Chris and Hikari. Hugging Chris tightly because we were leaving tomorrow morning so I wouldn't see him in a while. He hugged me back and kissed my hair.

"It was good seeing you." He whispered to me, "I'll be in the states soon. I don't want to miss meeting Matthew." He told me.

"I'll be waiting."

Pulling away he walked me to my cab. I was going back to the hotel where Evan was waiting for me while Nick, Chris, and Hikari were going to the club. I didn't have the energy though, I wanted to settle in bed while watching TV. Evan told me he'd join me so I wasn't going to be alone the entire night. I asked about Zoey, but he told me she was good. Glad she wasn't the jealous type because I knew not a lot of people would be okay with their boyfriend spending so much time with another woman. Pregnant or not.


Evan and I were propped up against the headboard of the big bed, focused on the TV show while occasionally sipping our tea. It was peaceful, way better than the loud club Nick was visiting. I knew he had to because it was his freaking club. He needed to check on his properties occasionally. Evan sighed when the girl who was supposed to be the love of the main character's life just walked out of his life. I had no details about the show because I didn't understand a word they were saying, but it looked like a really sad moment and seeing that girl cry made me cry as well.

"It's just a show, Em." Evan sounded amused.

I wiped the tears away, "I can't help it okay, she is heartbroken."

Evan brushed my comment off, "They'll be together eventually."

"Yes, but I won't be here to witness it."

"I'll let you know if it happens while I'm still here."

My eyes widened at that, "You think this drama is going to last that long?"

"Don't know." He glanced at me, "Zoey is really into this though. She watches a lot of dramas and animes so I'll ask her. She'll update you."

"Sounds good to me."

Evan eyes flickered to my stomach, "Can't wait to go

rning and eventually, I drifted to sleep. I did feel Nick help me settle in. But everything after that was just a blur.


Once we got home I took a shower while Nick ordered us dinner. I dried my hair and Nick took a shower as well, freshening up and getting into comfy clothes which consisted of a black tee and gray joggers. I finished off moisturizing my face, running my fingers through my neatly blow-dried hair and got up.

"Food got here a few minutes ago."

"You didn't have to wait for me."

I walked with Nick to the living room, settling in while Nick plated up dinner, "I just wanted you to serve me."

He chuckled handing me my plate, "Oh really?'

Smiling I glanced down at the delicious food, green steamed veggies with grilled chicken and mashed potatoes. I knew people would call me crazy I craved this, but I just couldn't wait to dig in.

"No, it's boring to eat alone."

Nick settled beside me and reached for the remote control, "I need to catch up with work after dinner." He told me, "So don't wait up for me, okay?"

So no talk about our non-existent sex life. I knew Nick had an empire to take care of, he was slacking off because of me. It made me feel bad for dragging him with me to deal with my family and also with my sudden urge to see Evan. Nick caught onto my sudden change of mood and placed his hand on my thigh.

"Don't worry about it, okay? My team took care of most of it while I was away. I just need to get some minor things done. It's nothing to worry about." He reassured me.

"You sure?"

"I'm sure, Em." He told me.

We finished dinner and I went to bed, trying to catch some sleep though I couldn't. I had napped a very long time on the plane and now I was wide awake. Instead of going right to bed I reached for my laptop and send Max an email. Updating him about my life like I did before I decided Max wasn't worth my time. I also texted Brandon to let him know we were back home and I wanted to meet up with him. He immediately responded telling me to come over tomorrow. I knew he'd agree even though it was rather unusual. Even if I fixed things with Max I would never forget about Brandon. He was there for me when I felt like I was all alone. He'd always be like a brother to me.

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