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   Chapter 10 Outing Them

Nick's Obsession By Shafira Sardar Characters: 11408

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We arrived at our hotel quite late, but Chris and Evan were there to welcome us. I released Nick's hand and crossed the lobby quite fast and wrapped my arms around Evan, pulling him in for a hug. Beside us Chris chuckled, muttering something about feeling left out. We ignored him both, focusing on our little moment.

"I missed you, " I told him because that was exactly how I felt.

Evan squeezed me gently, "Missed you too, Em."

Pulling away I smiled, holding onto his hands, "Looking good, Evan."

His eyes scanned me from head to toe, his lips curling up to a smirk, "Is that a ring I spot?" He raised my hand to view it up close, his eyes shifted to Nick, "You didn't tell me about this, Nick."

"It took a while to convince Em to marry me."

Evan dropped my hand, looking very proud, "That's my girl. Making him work for it."

Nick rolled our suitcases with him and stopped beside me, "Since when did Em became your girl?" He asked, but we all knew he was joking, "And as my friend, you're supposed to be on my side. Telling her she was being a fool for not wanting to marry me."

Evan stepped forward and brought Nick in for a man hug. They didn't care about people staring, it was cute to see their little bromance. While they were clapping each other's back and catching up quickly I greeted Chris.

"How have you been?" I asked.

"Good." The gleam in his eyes told me he as telling the truth, "I'll introduce you to Hikari soon."

"Yes, I'd like to meet the girl who stole your heart."

Chris laughed at that, "I don't know about that." He was being cautious, but that was a good thing after he fell hard for a girl who didn't feel the same about him, "But we're getting serious about our relationship. So you know, maybe it's heading that way."

"Taking your time." I nodded, "That's a good thing." I glanced at Nick.

We fell hard and fast, which could have been disastrous. We could have been hurt so bad neither one of us could move forward. Our relationship turned out to be real though, which was a blessing. Not a lot of people found the one they wanted to spend the rest of their life without having any regrets.

"Where is Zoey?" Nick asked, scanning the room.

"At home." Evan told him, "She had to catch up with work."

"We'll talk tomorrow then." Nick didn't seem too upset about that, "How is she doing?"

We all knew that question meant a lot more than it sounded at first. Nick was asking something personal, but I knew Evan wouldn't answer it. Not when we were all present. Evan's eyes actually shifted to me before he glanced back at his friend.

"She is fine."

The look he gave Nick told me enough. They'd talk when I wasn't there. No matter how close Evan and I were, the bond Nick and Evan shared was something between them. In the end, Evan was Nick's best friend who'd have his back no matter what. I was glad Evan would at least share his burdens with Nick. I think sometimes you needed someone to confide in to keep you on the right track. When I started out with Nick I had Brandon. He disliked Nick for personal reasons, but he also reminded me not to rush things. I didn't listen to him, but his voice was definitely always in the back of my mind.

"We'll let you go to check in and get some rest." Evan told us, "We'll meet up tomorrow morning."

"Yes, " Nick confirmed.

We bid our goodbyes and headed off to check in. Once everything

on Evan's and Zoey's faces.

"Ready to go?" Nick asked, stepping to me and kissing my hair, "See you at home."

"Have fun, " I told him, watching the guys leave.

Zoey needed a minute to put herself together, but once she did we rushed out, ready to explore the city and bond a little. We didn't mention the elephant in the room, Nick had already done that. We had fun though and I didn't mind spending more time with Zoey. She was cool and great company. I didn't have many female friends, but I think Zoey and I were getting on pretty well. Maybe soon we'd be friendly enough to have movie nights in and gossip moments like the guys had.


Nick and I had dinner together in our room, both too tired to be social and have dinner at the restaurant. We were propped up against the headboard with a pillow behind our backs, sitting side by side while eating dinner. I was sipping from my miso soup which I enjoyed very much, Nick was finishing off his udon noodles.

"This is so good!" I told my fiancé who chuckled, "I had a very big lunch with Zoey, but who can say no to Miso and noodles?"

"I'm sure there are a lot of people who'd disagree with you on that one."

"Yeah, the crazy ones!"

Nick shook his head at me, "I'm glad you had fun."

"How about you?" I asked curiously, "Did Evan get pissed at you?"

"No, Evan knows this was going to happen. It just surprised them we caught them before they were ready to admit things to us. They're still figuring things out, but he tells me they're both thinking of making things official."

"So it's not official yet?" I asked confused.

"I guess neither one of them wants to say it first."

I rolled my eyes at that, "Are they both too proud? They're wasting time."

Nick's lips twitched, "I told Evan that, so maybe I convinced him to make the first move."

"I hope you did."

We finished dinner, freshened up and settled in bed. Like always Nick held me close while I drifted off. This felt like our own little peaceful moment. I knew once we were going back home that peaceful moment was gone. My mom was coming to see us and I dreaded it. I knew it was easy to tell her to fuck off, but facing her would bring back memories I really didn't want to get unleashed from the box in my mind.

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