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   Chapter 6 Moving Forward

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Nick left it to me to contact Max and discuss our trip which I did, but I wasn't looking forward to the most awkward lunch in history. I was sure Max wouldn't gloat, he never did before. I just hated that in the end, he got what he wanted because he had Nick on his side. I was also aware that talking about sides here was freaking childish of me, but I just didn't give a fuck. I felt like I had the right to be a little bit pouty and grumpy.

Entering the restaurant where I was supposed to meet Max, I easily spotted him. I greeted the hostess who asked me if I was meeting someone or if I needed a table for one. Making small talk with her I stalled a bit to prepare myself for the awkward conversation I was going to have with my brother. I could feel Max' eyes on me like I thought, he didn't judge. Walking past the hostess I headed to his table, taking a seat across him.

The place was busy since it was lunchtime, but Max still got a good table by the window. I suppose Max did fit into the category of successful, good-looking men. I mean I was grumpy about the fact that I was giving in to his demands, but I could still admit that my brother fit into the same category as Nick, Evan, and Chris. He didn't have a wife yet, but I also assumed that it was his choice, he just didn't find the right girl yet.

"Thank you for meeting me, Emily."

If he was being polite I couldn't snap at him so instead, I flashed him a smile. I wasn't a completely horrible person when someone showed me kindness I showed them kindness in return. At least I tried not to let my emotions get the better of me.

"No problem." Reaching for the menu I flipped it open, using it as a shield so I didn't have to look at him, "I assume since you didn't reply to my email immediately that it's okay for us to visit dad over the weekend? We're heading straight to Tokyo after so we need the confirmation."

"Ah, Nick opened a business up in Tokyo. I think I read about that somewhere." Max sounded more like he was talking to himself which I didn't mind at all, "It's fine though. Are you going to stay at dad's place or a hotel?"

"A hotel." I quickly told him, I might have agreed to finally meet my dad after years, I wasn't ready to stay two nights in his house. That was a bit too much.

"Do you have the schedule or does Nick have it?"

"Nick." I placed my menu down, "Why?"

"I figured we could head back together."

I guess that worked out for everyone, it also meant that Max was finally leaving New York. I didn't own the place, but I loved the fact that we all had our own town which we lived in. I couldn't have Max around in the city I loved. It would ruin things, mostly because I knew Nick wouldn't let the guy stay out of my life.

"I'm sure Nick would love that."

A genuine smile spread across Max' face, "I'm really happy for you, Emily. Nick is an amazing guy, but I'm sure you know that. He has his life figured out, you know. Intelligent and well taken care of. It's not so bad either that he is a genuinely nice guy."

I knew Max was complimenting Nick and he didn't mean any harm with his words, but it still rubbed me the wrong way. It was then that I realized that it probably had a lot to do with my emotions being all over the place and me not being in control of them. That frustrated me more.

"I'm not together with Nick because he is well taken care off." I told him, my voice slightly raising, "You're right about him being a genuinely nice guy. When Nick gives a crap about the people around him he never lets them down." I placed a hand on my swollen stomach, just the thought of my now fiancé brought a smile upon my face, "He is amazing

in a relationship had been hard on him, but now he was the one telling me he approved of us. That he imagined me walking down the aisle to marry Nick. I knew Brandon well so I also knew when he was being sincere. So his words made me cry. I didn't mean to, but lately, I was more emotional than usual and now I just let the tears stream down, not giving a damn. Brandon reached out to me, wiping the tears away.

"You're being silly."

"I'm not." I muttered, "You saying that to me means a lot to me."

Brandon pulled me off my chair and pulled me in his lap, holding me tightly as he let me cry, "Yeah, you're totally being silly here."

Once I calmed down Brandon and I walked out of his office to get a drink. Sacha poured me a glass of water while Brandon got himself a coffee to get him through the day.

"You feeling better?" He asked me, sounding amused.

I sipped from my water, "A lot. I can't help it okay."

He smiled at me, "I know. You think it's a good idea to go to Tokyo?"

"I'll be fine. I still have four months to go."

His eyes lingered on my swollen stomach, "I can't wait to meet the little guy."

I clutched the cold glass in front of me as the topic of family came back, I had to tell Brandon what was on my mind. It was why I came to meet him in the first place.

"I'm going to pay my dad a visit this weekend."

That made Brandon's mood drop, I didn't even have to look up to see it, "I thought you said you were never going back there."

I nodded, "I did say that." I confirmed, "But I've been talking with Nick about it then I talked to Max about it and I figured that I might have to push some grudges aside to move forward in life." I looked up to meet his gaze, "I'm becoming a mother, I shouldn't let my child think it's okay to live that way. Life is way too short to keep upset about things that happened years ago."

Brandon stared at me for a long minute, his eyes searching mine. His face was void of any emotions, it even felt like I could hear the wheels in his brain turn. He was analyzing me and I feared for the worst. I didn't expect his face to light up and his lips to curl up in a grin.

"You're all grown up, Em." I was tearing up again seeing the proud look in his eyes, "You'll be a great mom to that little boy." He reached for my hand and gently squeezed it, "I love you."

I wiped my cheeks, trying to get rid of the tears as I smiled back at him, "Love you too, Bran."

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