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   Chapter 4 Emily’s Issues

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Yesterday I had a conversation with my brother, things didn't go as he planned, but I stayed polite and saw him out when we wrapped it up. When I joined Nick in the bedroom he looked curious about our conversation, it told me he didn't eavesdrop on me even though I would have done it on him, probably. But I didn't feed his curiosity either. I pretended the conversation didn't even happen, taking a long bath to soak. He was patient with me, not asking me about it, waiting for me to bring it up first. I appreciated that. Nick always pushed his own agenda, but since we got together he became much more understanding. As Evan would say, more human. I didn't think that was true though, I think Nick always had been very caring, he just didn't feel like people deserved that side of him.


I was getting dressed for our breakfast date out, focused on doing my make-up while Nick tried to get my attention.



Putting my powder brush down I glanced over my shoulder, "What is it, Nick?"

His lips curled up when I met his playful gaze, "Your bra is showing. I'm sure you don't want to go out with your neon colored bra showing."

Glancing in the mirror I blushed realizing he was right. Pushing my top up, I also fixed my straps, shifting my gaze to my boyfriend.

"I do love your neon colored underwear, but I'd appreciate if I'm the only one seeing it."

He sounded amused, it definitely brought back memories. Back then I didn't think Nick found it all that amusing to see me rushing, flashing him my bra because I was late for my first class. If he hadn't pointed it out I'd have gone out in public like that.

"I never knew that." Getting up, grabbed my jacket and shrugged it on, "You looked kind of pissed when you showed up at my front door unannounced."

He raised an eyebrow at me, "I wasn't pissed about your bra choices." I smirked when I noticed his eyes wandering to my chest, "It had more to do with the fact that some asshole tried to get money out of me and getting away with attacking a woman."

I let out a shaky breath, hating that my mind went there again, "I don't want to think about that."

"Sorry." I didn't want Nick to apologize for those drunk guys either, "I didn't mean to bring that up." He stepped to me, grabbed my chin and made me look in his smoldering blue eyes, "I'm always here for you, Emily, no matter what."

I knew that promise had a deeper meaning to it. He wasn't just referring to that one night those drunk guys attacked me. He wanted me to know whatever was buried in my past, he'd still be here. I needed to know that because things were that pretty. I thought I could start over, have a new family, a family I chose. That wasn't how things worked though. My past caught up with me, Max showed up and started things. Nick got along well with him, so I wasn't sure about what I could share with my boyfriend. Things weren't supposed to be that way. I was glad Nick reassured me he'd be there. Always.

"Let's talk over pancakes."

Nick's eyes danced with amusement as he let me go to retrieve my bag, "I'm not eating pancakes for breakfast. I think I'll go with bacon and eggs this time."

Pushing the strap of my bag onto my shoulder, I held my hand out to him, smiling when he took it, "That's fine. You can have your bacon and eggs and I'll drown my pancakes in syrup."

Nick made a face at that, "Let's go. I do have to be at the office around noon."

We went to the small restaurant around the corner, Nick was close with the guy because he usually had dinner there. He didn't visit the restaurant as frequent anymore, but they were still friends. I loved the place since it felt homey. It was a good place to have breakfast and talk about the things my brother told me yesterday.


"So?" Nick asked as he sipped from his coffee.

I stabbed a strawberry, raising the fork to my lips, "He wanted to talk about my dad."

Eating the strawberry I watched Nick process what I told him which only added to his confusion, "You have a dad?"

"I'm pretty sure we're too old for the stork story." I glanced down at my belly, "Otherwise we need to have the awkward conversation about where babies come from."

Nick glared at me, "You're so funny, Ha Ha." He was back to pissed off Nicolas Woods again, "You know what I mean. So Max came to look for you because of your dad? Are there more family members I need to know of? Maybe your whacky aunt shows up tomorrow?"

"No, it's just Max and dad?"

"And your mom?"

The fork slipped from my fingers, clattering loudly against the floor. It caused a few people to stare, but I didn't care. I didn't want to tell Nick about my family, but I told him we would talk. We couldn't go backward in our relationship, not when little Matthew Evan was on the way. I needed to push myself to talk about it. It was Nick, he wouldn't judge.

"She has been out of the picture for years." I told him, flashes of my mom walking out on us coming back to me, causing my heart to beat faster and my breathing to actually hurt, "She met a younger guy and left, never heard from her since."

"So it's only been Max and your dad?"

It confused me how Nick talked over it like I hadn't even said it. I guess he did it because he knew how sensitive the subject was to me. I was ten when she did that, but Max and I never mentioned her. She was a sensitive subject in our house, especially when my dad got drunk and complained about her. He was ambitious, the same as Nick, but strict and very traditional. He was fucking proud of Max, never shutting up about him. I was the one who walked away and never looked back. I wasn't worth it, he didn't contact me. I had to make the first mov

e so I didn't bother. I wasn't Max so dad didn't care. He would never admit it, but I'm pretty sure he was glad I was gone. I reminded him too much of my mother, so not having to look at me helped him move on.

"When I finished high school I searched for a school away from home, like a few states away from home. Dad first complained about it, but he was glad I left. I stayed in touch with Max in the beginning then that stopped. He didn't try to reach out either, things were fine the way they were."

"And I messed it up?"

"It isn't you." I thanked the waiter who picked up the fork and gave me a new one, "I just don't want you to get your hopes up. Max has his own agenda."

Nick narrowed his eyes on me, "What does Max want?"

"He wants me to go to Florida and talk to dad."

Nick didn't say a word, he finished his coffee, giving me time to catch my breath while he processed things on his own. He was a smart guy, without much info he could piece things together. I knew he was also good at reading me.

"So your mom cheated on your dad and left with the guy. I imagine you look like your mother so you reminded him for her all the time. His reluctance made you think he didn't care, that Max was the only kid he cared for so you left. You stayed in touch with Max and I'm pretty sure Max told your dad how you were doing, keeping him updated."

"That's the short version." I nodded.

"It's been months though. So why is Max suddenly pushing you to go see your father?"

I played around with my food, feeling awful for being the way I was. I should care, but I told Nick before. I didn't care much for them. I had my own family now, they were people who were actually close to my heart.

"He is sick."

Nick thought I was awful too, he didn't voice it but his eyes told me that much, "Emily."

"You think I'm awful for not wanting to go see him?"

Nick leaned back against his seat, "I don't think you're awful. You were the one living with Max and your dad, of course, you know best how the situation was. The things they made you feel is not something I can ever imagine. But he is family, Em, I can't make you do something you don't want to do. But just really think this through. You might regret not going to see him five years from now."

I couldn't help but pout, "Why are you so perfect?'

He smirked at me, "No clue, some people are just born this way."

"That's funny, Ha Ha." I threw his words right back at him which made him chuckle, "You should head to the office, I don't want you to miss your meeting."

Nick reached out to me, holding my hand tightly in his, "Promise me you'll think about this."

I nodded, "I promise."

Nick paid the bill and walked me back to the apartment. I thought he'd leave straight away, instead, he pushed me inside the apartment, wrapped his arms around me and kissed me. His kiss was wet and harsh, pushing his tongue right in my mouth. I didn't know what turned him on like that, but I wouldn't complain. Dropping my bag on the floor I wrapped my arms around his neck and pressed myself up against his firm chest. My belly got in the way, but Nick didn't seem to care. He ran his hand through my locks and gripped it, tilting my head back as he deepened the kiss. Pulling out of the kiss Nick trailed his lips down my throat, my breathing hitching in my throat as I felt his fingers slip inside my shirt. Closing my eyes I focused on his soft kisses and the feeling of his fingers leaving a hot trail against my sensitive skin. A gasp left my lips when I felt him push my jacket off my shoulder and made my bra strap snap.


He pulled away, chuckling at me as he leaned down to pick up my jacket and bag, "Just a little something to get me through my day." He handed me my things, the grin never leaving his face.

"I'm glad my bra is able to do that." I muttered, shrugging my jacket back on, "Now if you excuse me I'm missing my meeting with Evan. We have lots to discuss, your obsession with my underwear is one of the topics."

"I love that your taste never changed. Another confession, I couldn't get that neon pink bra out of my head the entire day. I'm glad I was the only one to witness that."

That made the butterflies in my stomach go nuts, "You'll forever be the only one to see me in my crazy colored underwear."

"That's the plan, " Nick confirmed on a serious note.

The change in his voice made me question what was going on in his head, I was about to ask him about the sudden change, but he suddenly stepped forward and kissed my head. Turning on his heels he left, leaving me with questions and confusion. I'm pretty sure he walked away because he wasn't ready to be questioned. I hated being left like this though. Not wanting to worry on my own I kicked off my shoes, headed to the bedroom to grab my laptop and installed myself on the couch to rant to Evan. Evan always made time for me. It was good to see his face again and hearing his voice. I told Evan everything. I told him about my past and Max suddenly showing up. I also told him about Nick being all weird about it and him leaving me so confused a few minutes ago. That's when Evan told me something which threw me off my game completely. I didn't think about it because we discussed this before. We both agreed to let our relationship stay the way it was.

"I'm just saying that maybe he changed his mind, maybe he does want to make things official."

"Things are official." I reminded Evan, "We signed papers and everything."

"Emily, I know a lot of women would have jumped at the thought of Nicolas Woods wanting to marry them. Why does it make you want to jump off a building?"

"Because marriage ruins everything."

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