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   Chapter 32 Extra Photo-taking

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Three days after the incident...

"We need a chat group."

Three heads turned to me at once, and I stared back at them. The four of us were seated on a park bench, and it was past midnight. My parents would freak out if they realised I wasn't at home at this time, not that I would blame them for doing so. Well, they were busy packing their stuff up to prepare to shift out from the penthouse. Hence, I wasn't worried since they would be sleeping like a log.

"Why?" Kim asked, a frown on her face and she seemed exhausted.

"Yeah, why?" Thomas repeated after her, stifling a yawn.

"Why do--man, I'm so sleepy." Nathan started to say, only to be cut off by his yawn as he mumbled to himself.

"It's more convenient that way, and it's to prevent a repeat of that again." I explained, blinking sleepily at them before looking away.

"That's because we were idiotic enough to be lead around by him...damn, I'm tired." Kim retorted, yawning at the last part as she pointed towards somewhere. A man laid unconscious, tied to a tree trunk with a rope around him.

He was dressed in an atrocious spandex costume. Moreover, his mask just screams flamboyant he is.

What is with villains and their horrible sense of fashion?

I sighed, turning back to the three of them. "That's why, we need a chat group...oh great, now it's my turn." I repeated my point and a yawn escaped my lips, making me mutter the last part to myself.

Kim and Nathan had already removed their masks a long time ago. Thomas just couldn't be bothered to get a mask, since he believes he could handle anyone that goes after him, or his loved ones. Nathan was still dressed in his iconic outfit though, unlike Kim and Thomas who didn't have any special outfit.

"Ugh, whatever. Let's just get this over with." Kim grumbled out and I tapped rapidly only my phone.

"...why are the four of us squeezing on a single bench? Man, all of you have fat butts." Thomas asked, grimacing as he finally noticed that we were all being squashed by one another.

"Find another bench for yourself if you wanna complain." Kim barked at him, and he made a face in response.

"Almost done setting up a chat group..." I said, trailing off and a peaceful silence ensued, until Nathan started speaking.

" did we end up in this situation again?" Nathan questioned in a tired voice.

"Well, this guy tied to the tree, made us chase him down for over three freaking hours." Thomas answered, sounding irked.

"Yeah, his damn cloning ability is annoying." Kim added on, her tone similarly annoyed.

"It didn't help that he caused trouble in multiple cities, simultaneously. I was even brought in as extra help. How does he not have limited range for his clones?" I pulled a face, glancing at the unconscious man

ne closer to me.

Thomas was laughing at me and Kim sighed, shaking her head. Before I could even stop the video and switch modes, sirens pierced through the air.

"Nooo! I just lost such a good chance to take a perfect photo!" I wailed in agony, rather depressed at the missed opportunity.

"Shut up about the photo, let's just get out of here!" Kim barked at me, dashing the other way, avoiding the sirens.

"Jean never fails to be a genie." Thomas remarked in amusement, dashing past me as he joined up with Kim.

"Shut your mouth, Thomas!" I growled in annoyance.

"Uh guys, don't forget about your bags!" Nathan hollered at us, heading towards the bench where we left our belonging at.

"Take them for us, Nate!" Kim yelled back at him.

In the end, the police arrived at the scene me apprehended the troublesome Apeiron we managed to capture. Also, the photo was never properly taken until this day. Thus, our group icon was empty and when we finally managed to get a wasn't a particularly good photo either.

When the countdown began from ten seconds, everyone was smiling at the camera except Kim. All was peaceful until Thomas decided to irritate Nathan, which I had no idea why, and it escalated within seconds and Nathan grabbed at Thomas' shirt.

After knowing each other for a month or more, we knew that Nathan had a slight issue with taunts and provocation. We also knew that Thomas had a hobby of aggravating others, even with Kim.

The fight ended when Kim, who couldn't tolerate it any further, raised her hands and slammed down on their heads, like doing a karate chop.

"Stop it, you childish idiots!"

At that moment, the photo was taken, with an angry Kim and the two men holding pained looks on their faces. Whereas, I was glancing back halfway towards Thomas, shocked yet irked at the same time.

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