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   Chapter 30 Finale, Part 3.2

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The three of us, upon hearing the announcement were speechless. It didn't help that the announcement kept ringing repeatedly in my head, especially the two words 'twenty minutes' echoing profusely in my mind.

"...twenty minutes?! Are you freaking kidding me? TWENTY DAMN MINUTES?!" Thomas blanched, the colour of his face reminding me of paper.

"Urgh, I'm sorry, I don't think I can help much at this point." Nathan spoke up beside us, he suddenly stumbled, like a wave of dizziness had just hit him.

"Nat-Omni!" I nearly called out his name yet again, I was too lost in the moment previously that I couldn't help but scream his name. I hurried to his side to support him, alas, trying to support a man that was a head taller than me proved to be difficult.

"That's what you get for sacrificing yourself like that, idiot."

"Yeah, he's a big idiot, definitely." Thomas nodded in agreement, smirking in amusement.

"It's not like you are any different, Kim..." Nathan coughed in his sentence, heaving a tired sigh. "You were sacrificing yourself earlier, doesn't that make you an idiot too?"

" this really the time to be throwing insults at each other?" I commented, shaking my head at them.

Thomas snickered, giving Nathan a hard slap on his back. A groan escaped Nathan's lips as he narrowed his eyes at Thomas through his battered mask. Fortunately, his voice modulator wasn't damaged.

"Don't worry, don't worry. Just stay here with Genie, and leave the rest to us."

"Exactly, just like what Thomas said."

"Surround them! Don't allow them to move an inch from their spot!" Alexander demanded fiercely, his gruff voice booming via the speakers.

"So...where's the switch to shut it down?" Thomas questioned and his words instantly hit me, all colour draining away from my face.

"...wait a minute. Didn't Faviana say that once it starts the launching process, there's no way to shut it down? Aren't I right, Genie?" Kim said and I turned towards, knowing my face would be telling her the answer.

"Ye-yes...she did say that." Nathan coughed, his exhausted voice holding a hint of anxiety.

"Shit!" Thomas cursed out loud, smacking himself on the forehead.

"Damn it." Kim clicked her tongue, biting on her lower lip.

Currently now, the guards have already completely surrounded us. They had no way of climbing up to the roof, hence, they could only aim their guns at us. Since Alexander didn't give the command to shoot, they didn't make a move to shoot at us with their guns.

"So, what are we gonna do now?"

"Launching sequence will begin in nineteen minutes, please proceed-"

"Ensure that they don't move in the next nineteen minutes! Not even an inch!" Alexander barked out.

I inhaled shakily, glancing around while still supporting an exhausted Nathan. My mind tried to brainstorm for any possible ideas we can do to prevent another catastrophe from happening.

"Omni, can use your strength, even for a little while?"

Nathan forced an amicable smile on his face, removing his arm around me and collapsing to the ground. "As much as I wish I could, I really can't. I'm sorry."

"What are you planning to do?" I looked at Kim, concern written all over my face.

"Go invisible and punch the cube."

All of us stared at her, speechless. In that moment of hesitation from us, Kim just turned invisible in front of us and we couldn't find her anywhere.

"No! What the heck is she doing? Do they think they will just leave the cube unguarded like that?" I exclaimed in horror at Kim's reckless action.

She's normally composed and won't do any reckless movement!

What the heck is wrong with her today?

First, Nathan and now her? Jesus christ!

"One of them disappeared! Find her!"

"How the heck do you expect to find her when she's goddamned invisible?!"

The guards surrounding us began to separate, glancing around wildly and trying their best to pick up on any strange movement around them. Suddenly, I felt a hand pulling me backwards, and I realised it was Thomas, disbelief and frustration evident in his eyes.

"Not you too, what the hell do you think you are doing?!" Thomas chastised me, and I noticed Nathan was halfway standing up, before he collapsed to the ground, relieved.

I glanced down, realising I was close to dropping off the edge off the roof, right into the throng of guards below me. I gasped, noticing that I wasn't conscious of my actions, I was rather desperate to stop Kim or to even help her in some way, that I moved on my own without knowing.

"One after another! Shit, just trust in her, alright? If she comes into danger, I'll charge in there to safe her, no matter what." Thomas fumed, clearly annoyed at Kim's actions too.

"She's...awfully reckless today." Nathan commented, and I could see his furrowed eyebrows through his broken mask.

Thomas looked at the two of us, suspiring heavily. "That's best friend, which is her brother was one of the victims that passed away from this incident."

The atmosphere around our group took a sudden turn, it was almost as if our surroundings disappeared into the background. I could only hear the sharp intake of my breath, my eyes growing wide at the revelation.

" have to ask the details from Kim herself, it's not my place to say it. But at least, this will give you some insight as to why she's reacting this way."

Before we could even utter any response back, a commotion was heard via the speakers of the entire area. Alexander was shouting incoherent words, sounding utterly surprised.

I furrowed my eyesbrows, glancing towards Alexander's direction.

What has gotten him so surprised?


Just then, a guard groaned loudly in pain, falling backwards as he collided with the guard behind him. Chaos seemed to happening everywhere. Glancing back and forth between Alexander and the cube, I didn't know where to focus on.

A few guards stumbled and fell, causing the others to fall along with them. The direction of the commotion was leading towards the cube, with seemingly nothing protecting it other than the guards that began to scatter.

"What are you doing here? Guards, guards! Apprehend these two, quickly!" Alexander was telling at microphone, making me wince from the piercing noise.

The guards were quick to react, splitting into a huge group that was marching towards different parts of the area. Some of them headed towards the emergency staircase, while the others stormed to the doors that were opening itself.

They have probably gained back control of the control room.

"Stop her! Stop the invisible girl!"

"She's aiming for the cube!"

Thankfully, she was still invisible, thus, the guards didn't manage to catch her. I would assume she is nearly close enough to the cube right now. I glanced up towards the room, where Alexander was situated in. He was holding a gun steadily in his hand, pointing towards a direction and my eyes followed it.

I squinted my eyes, he was aiming it at two people, a man and a woman. A familiar feeling welled up in me as I watched their figures from afar, unable to completely make out who they were.


"Kim!" I heard Thomas hollering her name, panicking. He moved instantly, sprinting ahead as he leaped into the air. A slide made out of ice formed beneath him rapidly, and he landed smoothly on it.

I quickly observed the cube, lifting my head up, only for my eyes to widen in disbelief. There was a huge, translucent, circular shape enshrouded the cube, but it was clearly a force field preventing anyone from entering or breaking out from it. It shimmered in the light for a few seconds, as if revealing to everyone

usting his hands as he eyed the man in disgust.

"Take this piece of scum away from my sight. And throw him in prison." He spat out, infuriated as he kicked an unconscious Alexander towards us. I eyed Solar with a hesitant look, rather curious as to what he did, to make him despise the man that he once revered. Thinking back about his attitude, it was a drastic change; an extremely drastic change.

It almost looked like he wanted to murder Alexander.

His contemptuous gaze lingered in Alexander a second longer. Not saying a word, he trudged away, disregarding us and I could sense a certain sadness enveloping him.


Boom! Boom!

The deafening crashes and explosions immediately silenced the anxious crowd. Everyone gazed on ahead, watching as the once revered and astounding facility was currently being exploded into pieces. The building broke apart, crumbling and falling to the ground. The impact of it causing the dust and any other particles to swirl around, along with causing a harsh breeze.

We were far away enough to be safe from the impact and the after effects. A strange silence hung in the air, and no one said a word, every single of us just observing the scene occurring in front of us. The explosions and crashes eventually halted, another moment of silence passed. The silence was abruptly interrupted when everyone behind us broke into victorious and relieved cheers, we could even hear some of them sobbing.

The intense feelings that hit me beforehand began to envelope me yet again. It was hard to explain the feelings I had at that moment, the myriad of emotions making me flop onto the grass, exhaling for a long breath. stopped...

We...all managed to stop it.

Another catastrophe, another Infiniteum.

I can't believe it.

"Is it...finally over?" I murmured to the others, glancing at the three of them. It was if the relief was finally affecting them, all of them falling to the ground one after another.

Kim was at my right, a genuine, wide smile on her face. "'s finally over." She was in the same position as me, laying in the grass.

"Yes, it's--it's really...over. Everyone, you did a great job..." Nathan was at my left, one of his knee propped up, while the other resting on the grass. He seemed too exhausted to even manage a smile.

"Hell yeahhhh! We did it!" Thomas cheered beside us, seating crossed-legged, throwing his fist into the air. He beamed at the sky, guffawing to himself.

My lips were shaky as I smiled, my arm hastily covering my eyes. I could feel the three of them looking at me when I did that, and I heard their movements, as if they were leaning in closer to me.

"Hey, genie. What's wrong with you?"


"Hey, the heck's wrong with you?"

"No-nothing." I sniffed pathetically, my arms feeling a little wet. I feel tears dripping down my face, not knowing why I had to urge to cry.

"Pfft, what's there to be crying over. You crybaby." Kim snickered, punching me lightly on the arm.

I felt a hand wrapping around my arm, pulling it away. "Hey now, there's no need to cry so happily."

"Who--who says I'm crying tears of joy?" I sniffled, rubbing at my eyes.

"It's alright, there's no need to cry." Nathan smiled down softly at me, offering me his hand. I blinked my eyes at him, sniffling twice.

"Geez, get up you lazybum. We still have work to do." Kim gave me another smack, this time, it was at my stomach instead.

"Ah! Holy crap, that hurts!"

"Wha...I-I didn't hit that hard, did I?"

"No...I think that you just hit my gunshot wound."


"Kim, I thought we already told you she got shot, but it's not exactly being shot by a gun, but more like a paintball, right?" Thomas scratched his head awkwardly.

"Ouch, gahhh...right...something like--ugh...that." I agreed with a wince and a groan.

"I know! I heard that clearly the first time! If it hurts so badly with a light tap, how were you so fine before?"

"Ow...I don't know..."

"Jean! Are you alright?"

"Kim...for real, how is a smack from you a light tap?"

"What? You telling me this isn't a light tap?"

"Ah! What the hell, Kim? Are you telling me you smacked that hard on Jean's wound?"

Nathan fussed over me, while Kim and Thomas were bickering, with me still wincing and moaning on the grass. Nevertheless, at that point, no one realised that Solar had disappeared long ago.

The facility staff members, along with Faviana, decided to bring Alexander to the police station with them. They would act as the witness to today's event, accompanied by the guards. In addition to Faviana's testimony, I think it would be safe to say that we won't be seeing Alexander Talbot anytime soon.

Nonetheless, something deep inside of me didn't feel at ease. It made me feel terribly uneasy, and I set off with the others in trepidation, casting a glance at the rubble gathered around the area.

"Is it really over?" I murmured to myself, staring at the gigantic pile of rubble.

When a door closes, another door opens, and whether it was for better or for worse, only the ones opening it would know.

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