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   Chapter 29 Finale, Part 3.1

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Countdown to launch sequence: 2 hours 47 minutes, 1 hour 33 minutes, 0 hour...minutes

Surprisingly, the cube wasn't sitting on top of a humongous or grand machine. The cube was simply floating above a pedestal, which was utterly black. The pedestal wasn't designed too complex either, it was just rectangular in shape, with no intricate carvings on it.

The cube, on the other hand, was a contrast to the pedestal. It was teal-coloured, and it was hovering above the pedestal, and the brightness was almost glaring. The sides of the cube were encased with a material, which was dark purple in colour, seemingly close to black.

I could clearly see the intricate flowery patterns carved onto the faces of the cube, except the top and the bottom. On the top of the cube, there was a plain flower-shaped design on it, unlike the other faces of the cube.

It was my very first time seeing such a mystical object, I was rather charmed by it.

"Is that it? The damn cube? It...doesn't seem to be powered by anything." Thomas said and I broke out from my dazed state.

"This isn't the time to be admiring the goddamn cube." Kim barked at the two of us, and I gasped, realising that the guards had completely surrounded us.

"We gotta look for the control room first." Kim stated, disregarding the guards that were currently storming towards us. She scanned her surroundings, unfortunately, her view was partially obscured by the guards.

"The control room, it has to be hidden somewhere in this area. It should be inconspicuous, since knowing Alexander, he's meticulous in whatever he does." Kim mused, narrowing her eyes and Thomas, who was taller than us, managed to get a better view.

He coughed awkwardly, scratching his head as he pointed towards a direction. "Uh...isn't that it? It sure isn't inconspicuous, I can tell you that."

"What?" Kim hissed, turning to the right as she smacked his hand away. Disbelief was written all over her face, and I knew what Thomas said was true.

I curiously glanced to the same direction, only to be completely obstructed by dozens of guards that towered over me. A pained look flitted across my face, and I knew tiptoeing in this situation help me.

I hate being short.

"What the heck am I supposed be looking at?" I sighed helplessly and without a word, Kim grabbed onto my wrist, along with Thomas.

"Fine, whatever. It's the only choice we have and if it's a trap, I'll just kick my way through!" Kim growled and before I knew it, Kim already made us invisible. It was a strange thing, not being able to see yourself being invisible while others could.

"Shit! Where did they go?"

"Damn it, the boss did tell us about her invisibility!"

"Stick close together, they wouldn't be able to sneak so easily."

The guards started to coordinate together. Tightening their defenses as they began to swarm around the place we were standing at moments ago.

"Frost, make a way for us. I'll go ahead and steal one of the access passes from them." Kim lowered her voice, it was almost like a whisper.

"Roger." Thomas nodded his head, responding softly to her.

"Remember, you only have...two minutes to do it."

Two minutes?

Did she train herself to last longer without physical contact?

I gazed, astounded at Kim's rapid improvement as she dashed off into the crowd of guards. Despite their impenetrable defenses, Kim managed to spot out their flaws quickly, slipping past them with ease.

"Two minutes of invisibility is more than enough." Thomas smirked confidently, taking a few steps forward.

With every step that he took, enormous circular blocks of ice protruded out from the ground. The guards were yelling and screaming in horror, the ice mercilessly struck them, tossing them into the air. Its assaults were relentless, and soon enough, an obvious pathway was made and my eyes followed it.

...that truly isn't hidden at all.

At the end of the path, which was to the far right of the area, a room made out of metal that was clearly reinforced stood out. It was a small rectangular room, perhaps big enough to only fit less than fifteen people in there.

The guards were scampering about, trying to avoid circular-shaped icicles while desperately searching for us. The situation escalated into such chaos and clamour that it allowed us a relaxing jog to the control room.

The tumultuous crowd was immediately subdued when the speakers boomed with a commanding voice. "Don't allow them near the control room!"

"Whoops, come on, genie. We gotta run."

"Seriously? Is that going to be my alias from now on?"

"No time to talk, look around you." Thomas nudged his head to the guards.

Miraculously, the guards regained their sanity and became more composed in their movements. Observing the change in their demeanor, I blinked in surprise.

Just a few words from that man influenced them this way?

We picked up our pace, rushing to the control room. Thomas grew more incessant in his attacks, and at this moment, I began to hear a mechanical whirring sound. Instinctively, my eyes trailed towards the source of the sound. I could see the panels of the upper wall retreating backwards, revealing a room that was half the size of the area.

In the middle of the room stood an elderly man. Even from afar, behind the glass panels, I could clearly feel his domineering aura and his wrinkly face was scrunched up in annoyance.

He held himself in a prideful manner, staring down at us, his hands crossed behind his back.

"That's...that's Alex-"

"Alexander Talbot." Kim interrupted me, appearing beside us, nearly scaring me to death.

"It doesn't matter if they are invisible or not! Block the way to the control room!" Alexander demanded harshly and the guards moved in a uniform manner.

The control room was just a straight path ahead, and it wasn't too far from us either. I made a small sound, exasperated at how close we were to getting to the control room, only to be blocked yet again.


"Frost, make a wall around us, leading straight to the control room."

"It wouldn't work, there'll still be guards blocking us even if I make a wall around us. Unless we somehow push them out of the way, it won't work."

"Just leave them to me, and get on with it." Kim gritted the words out through her teeth, it seems like the anger from before was coming back again.

Thomas opened his mouth to retort, glancing towards Kim with a concerned frown. However, the moment his eyes landed on her, he retracted his words and gulped nervously.

"Alright, fine. You said it yourself."

Without hesitation, Thomas crouched down and conjured a wall almost instantaneously like before. The panic began to rise yet again and this time, Alexander started to speak vehemently, ordering the guards to stop us no matter the cost.

A group for guards were ahead of us, sealing our path towards the control room, just like Thomas said. I furrowed my eyebrows, not reassured that Kim could truly take on all of them.

"Well, they are all yours." Thomas gestured his hand towards them and Kim took off silently.

"There they are!" Someone suddenly hollered, pointing at us and I realised our invisibility finally wore off.

"Are you sure she can do it alone?"

"I would love to help, but maintaining the wall and fighting at the same time is risky. Besides..."

"Hm? What?"

"She's still really angry, she hasn't calmed down at all. And also, remember how I mentioned about the fight?"


"Well, we fought with our powers, and only because my powers, I managed to get a few hits on her."

Listening to his words, I caught onto the implied meaning quickly enough. My eyes widening in incredulity, watching as Kim landed a punch on one of the guards. They were undeniably unprepared for such an attack, being thrown into a disarray.

Even without her powers, she could handle them and only suffer from minor injuries. Nevertheless, with the addition of her powers, she could handle them

to myself, crying even harder now, my entire body losing its strength. Hence, the moment I was within their distance, I clumsily slumped to the floor, beside Nathan.

"...if you had really disappeared...Nathan, I have no idea what I would do with these feelings of mine." I spoke, choking in between my sobs and sniffling in a disgusting manner.

Right then, a clicking sound was heard near us and I inhaled sharply, identifying the sound instantly.

A gun.

"Don't think we'll let you get away that easily." A guard said, since they realised they couldn't go past the spikes without getting impaled, they raised their guns at us.

Thomas glanced coldly at them, a chilling look in his eyes. He raised his palm towards the guard, opening his mouth. "You were the guy that shot at my friend, weren't you?"

"So what? He was clearly asking for his death. Sacrificing himself like that, what an idiot." He sneered at Nathan and Thomas eyed him murderously, casting a blast of frosty wind to the guard. It could around the guard, causing the others around him to instinctively retreat backwards.

"Be glad I didn't kill you for that."

The guard howled in pain, his arms were totally frozen. "My arms! My arms! Help me!"

My mind was in such a befuddled state, I didn't have the heart to bother about such a ghastly scene. "Nathan? Nathan? Oh god, is he okay? It doesn't look like there is any serious injuries on his body, isn't there?"

"Let's help him up first, Kim must be holding them back from closing the doors."

"Alright, alright." I nodded eagerly, rubbing at my eyes furiously, drying whatever remaining tears I had left. Each of us supported him by wrapping his arm around our shoulders.

"Come on, invulnerable man, wake up and fly. Kim is risking her life now to ensure you can get across safely."

My hand was trembling a little as I reached for Nathan, stroking his face. "Nathan? Can you hear me?"

He was breathing softly, which was a clear sign he was alive. Nevertheless, his unconscious state worried us, as well as the predicament Kim was in.

"Umm, ughhh." Nathan gradually stirred, his small groans and moans made us heaved a sigh of relief.

"Hmm? What happened? I swear I was--Jean? Why are you crying? Oh crap, I'm supposed to use Genie, aren't I?"

"Questions later, Omni. Can you fly?"

"Only a short distance, I don't think I have enough strength to fly far now."

"Good, fly past those doors, Kim is risking her life to keep the doors open for us now." Thomas gestured to the doors and the look in Nathan's eyes darkened when he heard those words.

"Kim? Christ, I better hurry. Hold on tight and don't fall off."

A few seconds later, we were soaring through the air. It was silent for a moment, each of us having our own thoughts when Nathan broke the silence.

"...Jea-Genie. Uhm, were you talking to me just now?"

"Just now?"

"I can vaguely remember you calling my name, and telling me that you haven't told me about things? Especially your...uh...feelings?"

I stiffened at his words and Thomas cleared his throat, coughing twice. I glanced warningly at him, and Thomas just grinned at me, turning away but the look in his eyes twisted horrifyingly a second later.


I turned sharply, from the distance, I could see an obstacle in front of the entrance room. The obstacle was none other than Kim, the state she was in resembling Nathan's. Although, she was panting heavily and her shirt was cut in some places, revealing grazes and a crimson-coloured liquid was dripping from them.

Nathan wasted no time, landing right on top of the control room. He hastily carried Kim up after which, all four of us currently standing on top of the control room.

"You'" Kim had difficulty uttering those few words. I couldn't imagine the amount of guards that she has to fight off.

"Kim, are you okay?"

"Are you alright, Kim?"

"Kim! Damn it, I've had enough of recklessness for the day, alright?"

Kim gradually recovered from her exhausted state, gazing at us with at unreadable look.


Surprisingly, Kim snickered at us, before breaking into a full-blown hearty laughter. We were all naturally surprised, since it was our very first time seeing her this way, well maybe except Thomas. However, he himself looked astonished too.

"Just asking once is enough, do you three have to ask all at once?" Kim smiled in amusement. This time, her smile was actually from bottom of her heart.

....and she looked pretty.

Like really pretty.

"Unfortunately, as much as I would like to laugh a little longer, we can't afford to. Alexander, that bastard..." Kim trailed off, biting on her lower lip as a rare hint of anxiety flashed past her face.

"He reactivated the cube, and the launching sequence is in twenty minutes."

"Launching sequence will begin in twenty minutes. Please head towards the nearest safety shelter and await further instructions. Launching sequence will begin in twenty minutes."

A robotic female voice blasted from the speakers, the words coursing via my body, striking me in the chest. I breathed in sharply, gazing at the cube in the middle of the area.

Twenty minutes?! What the heck?!

Our surroundings being filled with guards, directing their guns to our faces didn't help much either.

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