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   Chapter 28 Finale, Part 2

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The basement level wasn't as ostentatious as compared to the other floors of the building that I've been to. Everything about the basement was dull and monotonous, it resembles an underground base for manufacturing machinery or storing prototypes of weapons or equipment.

However, the only objects occupying this floor were the guards and workers, and including us too. There doesn't seem to be any equipment or machinery laying around, this place seemed to be wiped entirely cleaned.

"With this amount of guards they are throwing at us, we won't be able to make to Alexander on time." Nathan stated as the guards charged at us, the menacing aura making take a few more steps backwards.

"Hey, you forgetting something?" Thomas retorted and Nathan looked at him, but his face was covered by his mask so I couldn't make out his expression.

"What is it?" Nathan's voice held a tiny hint of annoyance.

"We have powers and they don't, duh." Thomas rolled his eyes at Nathan. I listened to their conversation half-heartedly, still scouring the floor for anything that might prove advantageous to us. My eyes caught onto some suspicious movement when a small group of guards separated, heading to a different direction.

"So, you are suggesting we charge through them?"


"Like bulls?"


In the midst of their conversation, my eyes immediately noticed something and I felt like smacking myself in the face. It was lying in plain sight and yet I totally missed it. There was a large doorway to a corridor and another area right in front of my eyes, and the same small group of guards were heading in that direction.


"No, we can't."

Two feminine voices immediately cut off Nathan and Thomas, and I realised it was me and Kim speaking at the same time. I looked at Kim, noting how she was staring intently at the same conspicuous doorway.

"What do you mean no?"

"They definitely won't let us through." Kim said and several guards started to tackle Thomas and Nathan, since they were right at the front. Thomas avoided one of the guards deftly, while the other guards behind suddenly started to slip on something, stumbling and flailing. I glanced at the floor, realising the ground below him and his shoes were completely frozen, the ice making the floor in front of him slippery.

Whereas, the attempts on tackling Nathan proved to be futile. He easily held them two of them back with his strength, before giving them a rough shove and they flew, pushing others down with them.

"What do you mean they won't let us through?"

At that moment, a thunderous creak started to resound throughout the entire area and my eyes widened as the alarm fixed onto the doorway started to light up. Its red light spun around frantically as sirens started to echo all around us.

"That's what she meant." I muttered, watching on in horror. The guards slowly recovered, albeit still looking rather disorientated from earlier. Despite that, they didn't fail to close in on us, effectively trapping us in a huge circle.

"Shit, they are fast." Kim cursed, and the guards eventually focused on Kim, and again, instead of punching, kicking or shooting, they were just trying to tackle her. I frowned, wondering why they were trying not to hurt us.

Kim dodged a tackle from one of the guards, and avoiding another as she spun around and kicked him fiercely on the back. The door was slowly closing and the three of them were clearly struggling to fend off the relentless attacks from the guards.

"Omni, think you can make it in time with the three of us?" Kim asked and I glanced around nervously, watching as Thomas narrowly dodged a tackle.

"I can try, but I need some space." Nathan grunted, it was obvious that he couldn't take off flying with the amount of guards aiming for him. They probably knew about his powers and were hellbent on stopping him.

"Frost!" Kim shouted at Thomas hurriedly, and I immediately took it as a cue to hang onto Nathan. The guards were swift, hastily directing their attention to Thomas.

"Yes, yes. Just cover me." Thomas answered lazily, rubbing his hands together as he exhaled heavily. He knelt down quickly and pressed his palms on the floor. Just then, a guard took advantage of the opportunity, desperately trying to halt whatever Thomas was planning to do. My mouth opened automatically, wanting to warn Thomas of the impending danger.

"Piss off!"

Kim rushed in as she hissed those words out, she leaped, adjusting her position and aiming both of her legs at the guard. A second later, another guard followed behind the previous one and Kim skilfully flipped herself up from the ground, not faltering for even a single moment. She dashed forward, intercepting his path easily and I blinked in surprise, they were finally starting to attack as the guard threw a punch at Kim.

Kim blocked him with her arm and flung a fist back at him, successfully counterattacking. He stumbled back from her attack, clutching at his bloodied nose as he struggled to maintain his balance.

"Hold onto Omni!" Thomas suddenly yelled out a warning.

A wall of ice protruded out abruptly from the ground, knocking the surrounding guards into the air,


Thomas turned to Kim and I did the same, I saw Thomas opening his mouth to speak, but after he saw the expression on Kim's face, he immediately shut his mouth. He hurriedly glanced ahead, not daring to look at Kim and I could feel myself cowering slightly due to Kim's expression.

Her face was contorted with anger and the fury in her eyes almost made me jump in fright.

Why is she so angry?

"I swear, the next time I see that bastard, I'll kill him. Idiot, sacrificing yourself like that, what the hell is he thinking?! God, I wanna punch something right now." Kim muttered darkly to herself and we were close enough to hear her. Despite her murderous tone, I smiled softly to myself at her way of showing her concern to someone.

It was rare to see such an expression on her face and honestly, I felt a little encouraged and looked up. Right on cue, we reached the end of corridor with an identical doorway and it was guarded by two men at the door. Upon seeing us, their mouths started to move as their hand went their ear and they began to approach us.

...then I felt something whoosh past me.

My eyes widened in shock as I saw Kim surging forward, when she was within range, she threw a swift punch at the guard. The guard barely managed to duck from her punch, and before he could recover, Kim slammed her knee into his crotch and speedily drew out his gun from his holster.

"Ki-" I tried to warn her of the other guard, who was preparing to draw his gun out too. He was slightly startled by Kim's speed and the intimidating aura hanging around her. Nevertheless, she obviously noticed the gun and without even looking, she pointed the gun at him as his partner in front of her was undoubtedly in excruciating pain from being slammed into the crotch like that.

She wasn't merciful either.

"Open the goddamn door, now." She growled lowly, the rage swirling in her eyes not appeased at all, in fact, it seemed even worse than before.

"Wh-whoa there, we didn't get paid to get killed..." The guard raised his hands up in surrender, his hand no longer lingering near his gun holster.

"Shut up and just open the damn doors." Kim barked at him.

"Okay! Okay!" The guard answered nervously, holding up his hand and pressing his thumb against the scanner at the side of the doors.

"So that's how she is when she's angry?" I whispered to Thomas who laughed nervously and nodded at my words.

"She's furious, not just angry. And it's my third time seeing her like this. But don't worry, she won't kill anyone."


"The second time I saw her like this, she beaten me half to death." Thomas grinned at me and the guard finally opened the door.

" that something to be smiling about?"

"Ah, don't worry. I got in a couple of punches in too!"

I was too baffled to even continue the conversation with Thomas any longer. Fortunately, the sirens blaring and the red flashing lights distracted me from the ridiculous conversation with Thomas, but it made me grimace.

The doors eventually opened and just like the area before us, dozens of guards greeted our sight and I sighed, closing my eyes and clutching at my forehead.

"Not again..."

Although, there was something different to the area and I opened my eyes, lifting my head up. It was something I've never seen before, yet something that is all too familiar with me.

It was also something that brought this entire devastation upon all of us.

Infiniteum, the cube.

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