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   Chapter 27 Finale, Part 1

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I glanced up, just to confirm that I was actually on the fifth floor of the building. The number five illuminated brightly on the panel, and I huffed in frustration, blowing my hair away from my face. The doors were still sliding open, like they were relishing in my fear.

"You know what, I don't care anymore." I grimaced, reaching forward and taking out my shoes. I couldn't even find the strength in me to get up from the floor anymore.

The doors finally slid open as I raised my hands, aiming my shoes in front of me. In a second, I flung it out the door, and I could feel my anger dying down a little from that.


Thomas suddenly appeared in front of the door, throwing his hands out to add flair to his presence. At the same time, I threw my other shoe at him by accident.

"Woah!" He ducked down, narrowly avoiding my shoes which was headed straight for his face. It hit the wall behind him, landing with a faint thud on the carpeted floor.

I blinked rapidly in shock, before recovering and speaking numbly. "...oh, it's you."

"Really? 'oh, it's you, ' that's all you have to say? After you almost threw your shoe at my face-woah hey, hey, hey!" Thomas said, apparently very offended by my offhanded response, until the elevator doors started to close again. He hastily stepped forward, causing the elevator doors to open again due to the censors.

"Sorry, I'm just--a little out of it..." I said softly, heaving a long sigh.

"Yeah, okay. I can see that, since you look like shit."

"Wow, thanks." I replied sarcastically and he snorted.

"Now, can you hurry up and get out of the lift?" He added, sounding annoyed as he frowned at me. I glanced at him silently, unable to feel any strength in my legs and I just proceeded to crawl out of the lift. I didn't care if my hands were dirty at this point, I was too exhausted to even care.

"...what the hell are you doing?"


"Do you think I'm blind? What are you crawling for?"

"Well, I just spent the last ten or fifteen minutes running away from a dozen security guards. Saw something that scared the heck out of me, and I still feel like dying." I answered, continuing my slow crawl out of the lift before collapsing to the floor.

Thomas walked towards me, with my shoes in his hands, standing beside my head as he smirked in amusement. He reached his hand out to me and I gladly took his hand, pulling me up to my feet.

"You are...heavier than what I thought."

"Seriously, Thomas?" I glared at him, my mood still wasn't the best either.

He seemed a little afraid of my scary expression, faltering slightly. "...don't worry, if you are skinny, it wouldn't feel nice to hug you."

"And now you are offending skinny people too?"

"But it's true."

I sighed, shaking my head and we started to walk out of the area. "Anyway, where are the others?"

"We split up after hearing the announcement being broadcasted throughout the whole building, Kim would handle the fourth, and me along with that guy will handle the fifth. But we split up again after hearing you were heading for the fifth or sixth floor."

"Did you guys know it was Alexander that kidnapped me?"

"I mean, he was the only suspect that came to mind after you disappeared and...your father came bursting into the house, shouting your name."


"Yeah, actually, when you disappeared, we became a mess."

"A mess?"

"A big mess, especially Nathan."

My heart fluttered at his words, probably because I was touched to hear that they were worried about me. Also, probably because Nathan was extremely worried about me.

"We can't afford to chit chat anymore now. We have to get to Alexander before he reactivates that damn cube."

Thomas picked up his pace and I tried to keep up with him, my legs feeling rather wobbly.

"By the way, sorry about the whole argument before..."

"You don't need to apologise, I should be the one apologising instead. I was...really immature about it. I'm really sorry about my dumb behaviour."

"It was partially my fault too, so I should apologise."

Shock was apparent on my features and Thomas smiled wryly at me. "What, you think a guy like me doesn't know how to say sorry for his own wrongdoings?"

"...I can't lie about that."

Thomas chuckled, waving it off. "It's fair, I almost killed you once anyway, like you said."

At that moment, I stumbled due to how weak my legs were and I felt myself falling, until I felt air whooshing by me.

"Jean." A familiar voice greeted me with concern, and I gazed straight into a pair of gorgeous, mismatched eyes. He caught me in his arms, helping me balance.

Man, I could stare at those eyes the whole day.

"Nathan." I smiled up at him and Thomas made a disgruntled noise at his appearance.

"Are you alright?"

"I'm fine, just t

ckly enough.

"Well, guess we have to burst our way through then." Nathan sighed, gently releasing me and marched towards the doors, that are most probably made of steel.

"Besides, we already alerted them of our presence. So, we can go all out." Thomas shrugged, stepping aside and letting Nathan do his work.

"Wait, what about Kim?" I said, rather concerned for her. After all, she's only one person, unlike the three of us. Even if I'm still rather mad at her for the comments in the argument, I couldn't bear to desert her like that.

"She's a smart woman, she'll figure it out on her own." Thomas grinned widely at me and I furrowed my eyebrows at his confidence in her.

"Here goes nothing." Nathan murmured, throwing a fierce punch at the door, followed by a harsh kick and another punch. Soon enough, the doors weakened and crumbled under his strength, creaking noisily as it crashed to the ground in front of us.

Its deafening sound made me cover my ears immediately and I could hear Thomas whistling, impressed by Nathan's strength. The guards all around the area turned simultaneously, getting into a fighting stance, tensing up.


The elevator opposite us revealed someone standing inside as the person walked out swiftly. The lights shone down on her and I recognised her familiar face and figure, chuckling to myself.

"Seriously, guys? Damn it, couldn't you think of a more better way to enter?"

"You entered via the lift too!" Thomas retorted and Kim brought her arm up, showing us an identification card in her hand.

"I didn't bash the door down, like you guys. Hey, Genie, I see that you are still hanging on."

"Christ, Kim. You are making it hard for me to forgive you for what you said to me."

Kim blinked at me, closing her eyes for a second. Her eyes gradually fluttered open and she seemed guilt-ridden, struggling her words out. "Yeah, I'm sorry. My words were really harsh...but that's just me, I can't put everything in nice words, I'm too direct. I didn't mean to hurt you anyway, really."

"I'm sorry too, and I forgive you." I smiled at Kim and she managed a tiny smile at me. It surprised me quite a little, since I hardly see Kim smiling at anything or anyone.

"I'm glad you are okay." She added softly and if I wasn't near her, I couldn't have caught it.

"Actually, she got shot." Thomas commented nervously.


"Sorry to spoil the touching mood guys, but we should do something about this!" Nathan exclaimed anxiously, and I observed the enormous amount of guards storming towards us.

"Intruders alert. Intruders alert. They have breached the basement level. I repeat, they have breached the basement level. All personnel, please head for the basement level."

God, I hate that announcement guy.

"What do you mean do something? We just have to fight our way through." Thomas stated like it was an obvious fact.

Which reminds me...Jessie...


"Oh crap! I forgot, anyone seen Jessie around?"

"Don't worry, I managed to get her out of this place safely. Which explains why I took a longer time to reach here." Kim explained to me and I sighed in relief.

"Here they come!" Nathan warned us and I took a step back.

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