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   Chapter 26 The Escape Plan

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For a forbidden building, I have to say, it's pristine and clean. The marbled flooring seemed recently polished, there are people strolling about, either dressed in laboratory coats or suits. Guards were stationed so meticulously, that I could hardly see any gap for anyone to sneak in or out. I could feel their wary eyes on us, and I didn't know whether to feel safe or not.

"Come on, get in." A gruff voice commanded beside me, and I grimaced, reluctant to step into the elevator.

The door remained open for us, none of us willing to take a step into the lift. Nevertheless, the guards assigned to us wasn't patient, and shoved me harshly into the lift.

I stumbled, flailing and almost tripping over empty air. I glared back, infuriated only to see them gently guiding Jessie into the lift.

"Miss Talbot, please. Mr Talbot only wants to ensure your safety."

I gaped openly at the difference in the treatment. In the end, Jessie was coaxed into entering the lift, and I had an impassive look on my face.

"Seriously? For real?" I muttered under my breath and Jessie snickered beside me.

"I'm his granddaughter." She shrugged, her nonchalant tone making me pout. It didn't help that all four of us were squeezing inside the lift, adding further to my annoyance.

"That's just unfair."

"Life is unfair, Jean."



We were eventually brought to a room, that is probably meant for visitors. The room was well furnished, with one part of the wall being glass panels while the rest of the wall was covered by plain, grey wallpapers.

Paintings of modern art were hung around the room, and furniture with simplistic design decorated the room. The two of us were immediately locked in once we entered the room, and we decided to settle down on the couch after hesitating for quite a while.

"For being hostages, I have to say, this is disconcerting."

"Disconcerting?" Jessie repeated in a questioning manner.

"It's like we are being treated like VIP guests. They even brought us books to read, some snacks and water." I pointed to the various materials that laid on the table, in front of us. Jessie just calmly took one of the books, flipping through it casually.

"My grandfather wants to ensure that I'll stay here like a good, obedient child. Just like you."

I reached forward, snatching the book from Jessie's hands. "This isn't the time to be looking at a book! We need to think of a way to get out!"

Jessie gripped tighter onto the book, nudging her head at the door. "How do we even escape with them here?"

I glanced over, seeing two men dressed in black and white suits, standing guard by the door. They even had the iconic earpieces on them.

"At least they aren't apeirons."

"They are twice of our size!" Jessie raised her voice, causing the guards to look our way. We smiled sheepishly at them as Jessie waved them off, not wanting to draw their attention to our conversation.

"Well, we can't just sit here and wait for help to fall at our feet." I lowered my voice, narrowing my eyes at Jessie.

"How about one of us distracts while the other escapes?" Jessie suggested and I frowned, shaking in disapproval.

"But what's the point? One or two hostages, it doesn't make a difference."

"Makes sense."

A moment of silence passed, Jessie flipping through the book from time to time. However, her eyes weren't focused on the book. that I realise it, the book was upside down all along.

"Jessie, your book is upside down." I said, breaking the tense silence and Jessie made a sound in response.

"You didn't have to say it out loud..." Jessie pouted, embarrassed at being exposed. I snickered at Jessie, not knowing why I still had the mood to laugh in this situation. She continued pouting until her eyes grew wide suddenly. She turned sharply, a devious glint in her eyes and I furrowed my eyebrows, apprehensive at the abrupt change in her.


"I have an idea, Jean."

"What is it?"

"Remember our movie marathon?" Jessie grinned cheekily, lifting the book up and waving it at me.

I gazed at the book in her hands for a period of time, before recoiling back in horror. I pointed accusingly at the book, my finger trembling slightly.

"No, no no no. No—anything, anything but that. No!"


It was during one of the weekend, where me

nning around hurriedly, I pressed the 'close' button frantically and my heart skipped a beat when I saw someone's foot near the lift door.

The door barely manages to close as I blindly pressed at a floor button. Collapsing down on the ground, I heaved a sigh of relief, noting how drained I currently was due to all the running.

"I wish...I had exercised regularly...god I'm dying so hard." I mumbled to myself, jolting violently when I heard a loud voice inside the lift.

"One of the hostages is in the lift, heading to third floor. I repeat, third floor."

"The hell!" I growled out, irked and I looked up, groaning to myself. I hit myself with my palm, shaking my head.

Of course!

There had to be a speaker and a goddamn surveillance camera in here.

Of course, Jean! Of course!

"Now what?" I grumbled to myself, not bothering to get up from the floor.

Though the ride was supposed to be short, it felt agonisingly long. The lift eventually reached the third floor and I was still on the floor, utterly fatigued from all the intense running. I could only sigh in resignation as the door slid open, the elevator announcing its arrival at the third floor.

My breath hitched when I noted a familiar baby blue spandex costume directly at the entrance of the lift. She was turned halfway around, her back facing me and her hair was completely drenched.

Holy mother of everything fishcakes.

Before I knew it, my finger was already repeatedly smashing the 'close' button after I, yet again, blindly pressed on another floor button. Aquarius' face was twisted with anger as she stormed towards the lift, almost making me scream in terror.

She looked like a possessed woman.

The doors were just inches away from closing fully and I managed to catch a brief flash of something tackling her to the floor. I exhaled shakily, clutching my chest, feeling my racing heart.

"I think...I just lost ten years of my life."

A second passed and the speakers crackled to life yet again. It didn't fail to startle me this time round either.

"The hostage is headed for the fifth floor in the lift. I repeat, the fifth floor."

My finger instantly clicked on the sixth floor button.

"Or the sixth floor, I repeat, the fifth or sixth floor."

I directed my eyes to the camera, extremely infuriated at the man announcing my location.

Couldn't he just give me a break?

I was scared half to death by what I saw moments ago.

It was as if the person behind the speaker could feel my wrath, since it was enough make the person emit a meek apology through the speakers.

"...I'm sorry."

His apology didn't quell the anger in me, and I could only continue glaring at the camera. It was only until the lift doors opened, I looked away from the camera, waiting anxiously as the doors slowly slid open.

"Level five. Level five."

Countdown to launch sequence: 2 hours 47 minutes.

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