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"Chicken rice."

"Prawn noodles."


"Char Kway Teow."



"Hey, Jean! Jean! What the heck are you speaking?" I heard someone hissing disapprovingly at me.

I laid on a bed, turning to face the person with a blank expression.

"Food that I miss from Singapore or Malaysia."

"What makes you think this is the right time to think about food?!" Jessie practically screamed in my face.

"Well, what do you expect me to do? Now that I'm stuck here, with you?"

"Think of a way to escape?"

"With those guys here? Yeah, there's no chance."

"Oh come on, you are gonna give up, just like that?"

"Yes, besides, you've been here longer than me and you've never escaped. How do you expect me to escape then?" I grumbled my words out, grimacing as I turned away from here, going back to my rambling of foods.

"Why are you so angry?"

"I'm not."

"Yes, you are."

"No, I'm not!"

"Why are you raising your voice?"

"Ugh!" I sat up, narrowing my eyes at Jessie, her eyes widening in shock.

"Whoa there. What's the matter with you?" Jessie threw her hands up in surrender and I softened my look, sighing in frustration.

"How did you even end up here anyway?" Jessie added and I sighed yet again, summarising the events that led me to here.

I stared at Nathan, too hurt to even formulate a reply.

"I have to agree with Nate, bringing you along will be a burden to all of us." Kim concurred.


...yeah, I guess I am...

I'm not like them...

"No, no! I'm not saying that! You aren't a burden! I'm just...concerned that we won't be able to protect you the entire time." Nathan hurriedly cleared up, glancing at me a nervous look.

"That's just a nicer way of saying 'you are a burden'." Kim scoffed and I opened my mouth to finally respond. I was completely hurt by their words, but at the same time, deep down in me, I understood their reason for not bringing me along.

"I agree too, I don't have to restrain myself anymore." Thomas nodded, a satisfied smirk on his face. His words and expression triggered me, making me flare up instantly.

"Restrain? What does that mean, huh?"

"What's with that accusing tone? You trying to imply something?"

"Oh, I dunno. You almost killed me once, who knows what you are capable of?"

"I'm not a murderer. I'm not capable of killing either. Didn't Kim tell you, I've had my reasons for doing that?"

"Oh, really? I don't see how any reason can make me forgive you for that."

"Stop fighting, you idiots! This isn't helping with the situation!"

Thomas directed his eyes to Kim, narrowing his eyes at her. "Let me explain to them, right now."

"Not right now, we don't have the time!"

"So you are just gonna let them think I'm a murderer?!"

"No, this just isn't the right time, Thomas."

"Stop with the lame excuses! You just can't bring yourself to accept it, like me!"

"Guys...seriously, please stop fighting. It really isn't helping."

"You are the one that started this!" I retorted at Nathan, rage swirling in my eyes. My anger was getting the better of me, and hurt flitted across Nathan's eyes.

"I...I'm sorry, I'm just worried that I'm not strong enough to protect you."

"Oh, please, Nate. Just admit it, she's not like us, she can't protect herself and that's why, she's a freaking burden."

"I can protect myself, thank you very much!"

Thomas raised his eyebrows at my claim and he folded his arms across his chest, his tone mocking. "Really now?"

All of a sudden, we heard a loud crash from upstairs, making all of us pause. We glanced up simultaneously, only for the door to the basement room to burst open and an object was instantly thrown in.

"Grenade!" Kim yelled and I was surprised she would even know what it was by just looking at the object.

Alas, we were all a little too late in reacting, the grenade exploding right in front of us. A blinding light flooded across my eyes, accompanied by a piercing ringing in my ears.

I was utterly disoriented, the loss of my hearing causing me to lose my balance. Smoke filled my lungs and my eyes were watering, my vision completely gone. I gasped and coughed, stumbling forward before tripping and falling.

My vision eventually came back, however, I could only see blurry silhouettes amidst the smoke. The next thing I knew, a hard force hit my head, my consciousness fading away.

"...and then I woke up, and you were here. By the way, I'm so glad you are safe, Jessie."

Jessie embraced me, patting me comfortingly. "I know that, I've heard it a million times from you ever since you came here."

"And don't worry, my grandfather doesn't have the heart to kill me. I used to be his favourite granddaughter after all, despite how he is."

"I'm kinda glad to hear that." I smiled in relief, hugging her back and she tightened her arms around me.

"By the way, you were at fault, you know right?" Jessie said, releasing me from her hug, a soft grin on her lips.

"My fault? I was hurt! After all the time we did these missions together, they don't treat me like a comrade, but a burden!"

"Doesn't give you the right to accuse and blame them like that. They may be partially wrong in how they came across, but your response was uncalled for."

"They called me a burden!"

"It's true, because they are sli

el miserable for them.

After all, I already about all of them, because of the information collected about them by Alexander Talbot.

"Do you understand now?" Aquarius said softly, very unlike her mean demeanour that I was used to seeing. She seems like a pitiful little girl, who seems utterly lost in life with no one to rely on, her soul itself looks broken.

I breathed in deeply, fluttering my eyes open. "It's fine, you are only doing what you think it's right, and what you want for yourself. And like you, I'm doing what I think it's right, and what I want for myself."

I patted Jessie on her back, giving her a small, encouraging smile.

"Just like how you'll try your best to stop us, I'll do my best in trying to stop Alexander. I just want to tell you, those innocent lives that will be harmed, it includes your family, your friends, your loved ones. So think hard about it."

At my words, everyone remained silent throughout the entire journey to the location of the cube.


I exited car along with Jessie, halfway through our journey, we were blindfolded. The blindfold was still on us as we alighted the car, immediately getting dragged along after that. It feels like we travelled for an eternity, before finally arriving to a stop.

I heard someone commanding them to take away our blindfolds, which I couldn't be more eager for them to do so.

Sunlight immediately assaulted my eyes, causing me to go blind for a moment. I squeezed my eyes close, blinking rapidly while I squinted at the building right in front of me.

A gargantuan oval-shaped building with an outer layer of reflective glass loomed over me. I could see my surroundings filled with quarantine symbols and signs, along with a barricade that has been broken through.

A few metres away from me was a black and white sign with large words imprinted on it.


Of course, everyone knew about its name. After all, its name was a taboo in the city, just mentioning it made people scorn at you.

The Research and Development in Scientific Advancement Laboratory, also known as the people who agreed to allow the cube to be launched. The entire city loathed them, and this place, with a passion.

It was utterly desolated and I could see vandalism on the signs and any other object I could lay my eyes on. The vandalism contained profanities and every kind of insult I could name in my dictionary. Miraculously, the building was the only untouched part and I could feel chills creeping up my spine.

The concrete ground seemed to add to the bleak atmosphere, the people around the two of us urging us to move forward. I was starting to feel apprehensive as I approached the building, glancing around cautiously.

I felt a familiar warmth around my hand, someone squeezing it gently.

"I believe in them, Jean. They will stop him, definitely." Jessie whispered to me and I felt slightly better, the alertness dying down in me.

"Me too."

I stepped closer to Jessie, scouting the area a little more. "We have to find a way to escape ourselves, so that we won't be burdens to them."

"You finally admitted you are one?"

"Oh, be quiet."

Jessie giggled at my huffy response, leaning in closer to me. "How do you plan to escape at this point?"

"We'll have to figure it out, somehow."


Reaching the entrance of the building, the doors, that were made of reflective glass too, slid open. At that moment, we took our very first step into the forbidden building.

Countdown to launch sequence: 3 hours.

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