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   Chapter 24 Faviana Sanchez

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"So, this is the place?" I questioned, staring straight ahead at a three-storey building, clearly made out of bricks. The windows of the buildings were opened, but most of them had the curtains down, which felt a little depressing. There was a gravel path from the entrance, leading out into the open field, however, other than that, the entire place seemed somewhat...desolate.

We didn't travel in our disguises this time, coming here in our outfits is redundant and ridiculous anyway. Strutting into the hospital with a man that has a mask resembling a skull, and two women wearing a masquerade masks isn't really apt. Moreover, we landed quite a distance away from the hospital to stay out of anyone's sight.

Being tackled to the ground by Nathan's fangirls—or should I say, Omni's fangirls, just terrifies me to the core.

"Well, there's a damn sign over there that clearly states it." Kim answered me, pointing to the sign that reads "Serenity Mental Hospital", a single lone willow tree was planted close to the sign, which is created by bricks too. The shadow casting over the sign gave me an ominous feeling, but it could probably be me overthinking and stereotyping about mental hospitals.

At least the sun was bright, smoothing my nerves.

"It's a rhetorical question, you know." I pouted at Kim.

"Yeah? Well, I couldn't tell." I rolled my eyes at her response, not bothering to argue with her now, not when we were in front of a hospital.

"So, who are we going to send in?" Nathan asked, looking at all of us and we did the same to each other.

"Kim? What about you?" Nathan suggested, giving Kim a small, encouraging smile.

"You are kidding, right? Look at my face, do you think I should be the one interrogating her?" Kim scoffed and we glanced at her, before making sounds of agreement.

"Yeah, you always have a permanent frown on your face."

"Right, like you're going to kill someone."

"Or going to beat them to a pulp."

We started to chuckle at each other, until we caught Kim's glare that looked like she really wanted to kill us and we sobered up.

"Nate?" Kim spat his name out, obviously unhappy at our comments about her face.

"I can try, but honestly, I think Jean is a much more better choice."

"Me?" I pointed to myself, my eyes wide in horror.

"What about me?" Thomas hurriedly cut into the conversation and he was immediately shot down by all of us.

"No, definitely not, I can't trust you."

"No! You almost killed me!"

"No, Thomas. I'll be an idiot to send you in there."

After that, Thomas seemed exactly like a dejected puppy, moping in a corner by himself.

"So, Genie it is."

"Stop calling me—ugh, why do I even bother." I started to point angrily at Kim before I sighed in resignation, closing my eyes in frustration. She never fails to infuriate me, and I don't even know how she does pushes my buttons so quickly. I'm normally patient with people, but with Kim, my patience easily wears out.

"Call me or Kim with your phone if you need us. You can do it, Jean." Nathan patted my back, reassuring me and I feel encouraged for a few seconds, until Kim spoke up again.

"We'll be waiting, so you better hurry. We have no time to waste."

" I go." I suspired, walking hesitantly towards the entrance of the mental hospital. At least the glass doors were sparkly and spotless, adding some positive atmosphere. Ever since the Infiniteum incident, I avoided hospitals like it was the plague.

"...Thomas, how long do you plan to stand there by yourself? You look dumb doing that." I heard Kim say as I went off.


I finally managed to get to her designated ward after quite a while, and I took in a deep breath, standing in front of a stark white door. Knocking on it gently, I heard some shuffling from behind the door and a muffled voice questioning my identity.

"Who is it?"

"Uhm, I'm not sure if you know me, my name's Jean Saunders."

A few moments of silence passed, making me fidgety and my hands felt clammy.

"Alright, come on in."

I exhaled nervously, turning the doorknob as I pushed the door softly, entering the room. I was immediately greeted by a sight of a chubby woman, her familiar hazel eyes gazing softly at me as her wavy, auburn-coloured hair cascaded down her back. She laid back against the bed frame, using the pillow as a support and the way she shimmered in the sunlight, that trickled into the room via the curtains, caught me off guard.

She seemed so serene, which was completely unexpected.

"I'm Faviana Sanchez, though you may already know." She smiled gently at me and I could hear her Spanish accent faintly.

"Come here, have a sit, your father said you might be coming

t pettily; multiple times.

"How did you even trip over that freaking rock?" Kim continued laughing, clutching her stomach.

"Jean Saunders, the professional tripper." Thomas mocked, giving me thumbs-up.

"Hey! It takes skill to be as clumsy as me!" I remarked, irked at their mocking.

"I'm...not sure if you should be proud about that." Nathan commented, amused by me.

The misery that I felt when standing outside the door completely disappeared, and that day, I think they had no idea how thankful I was for their presence. It comforted me, in ways they didn't even know.


After my lengthy explanation of what occurred inside the ward, the silent response was stifling and I cleared my throat. The tension was killing me, and I glanced nervously at the three of them, waiting for someone to say something or do anything.

"...sounds like you really had it rough back there, are you the two of you alright?" Nathan was the first to speak up and I forced a smile on my face.

"I'm totally fine, and hopefully, so is Faviana."

I saw Kim approaching me from the corner of my eyes, giving me a single, comforting pat on the shoulder. "Good work, Jean, I'm sure everything is fine."

"Hey, take it easy, okay? Don't be so hard on yourself." Thomas said, bumping me with his fist and I found it absurd that the man who almost killed me is now comforting me like a friend.

"It's funny how you are comforting me like a friend when a two or three months ago, you almost killed me."

It seems like I just made the atmosphere awkward again as silence ensued. Sometimes, I really wish I could zip up these lips of mine.

Kim suddenly raised her palms and clapped twice. "Alright, no time for chit-chat. Now, that we have settled everything, let's formulate a plan to stop Alexander from doing something stupid."

"Before we do that, Kim, I'm afraid I have to interrupt you with something else." Nathan stepped in and she glanced at him, observing him for a moment.

"What is it, Nate?"

"This mission may prove to be more dangerous than the rest, and if we aren't careful, the consequences will be severe. I have learnt it through the hard way, where my carelessness resulted in dire consequences."

That's when Nathan turned to look at me and I recognised the look on his face.

"Nathan, like I said, it wasn't your fault, I am at-"

"I'm partially at fault too, no matter what anyone says. There were so many things I could have done and shouldn't have done at that time. Like what Kim said, I was going in blind and not thinking things through."

"Of course." Kim agreed along with Nathan, which didn't sit well with me as I grimaced at her.

"That's why, from now on, can't participate in any of these missions with us anymore."


I was rendered speechless, nonplussed at Nathan's words and I opened my mouth, only to close it when I couldn't even make a sound.

"This is where we part ways."

My heart plummeted and shattered into tiny pieces at his heart-wrenching words, my lips trembling as I struggled to get my words out.

"Wh-what?" I whispered in disbelief, gazing at Nathan, devastated.

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